BREXIT: If you want to be an EU region run by President Robbins, keep it up….


…’re all doing terribly well.



It takes a lot for me to lose patience with my fellow-Brits. But I have now lost it.

The Sky News feature All Out Politics ought to be renamed Traitor’s Gate. First up, two Remainer MPs lying through their teeth about how “the Brexit people voted for was always a fantasy and the failure of UK negotiators to get anywhere near that proves it”. Then Oliver Letwin purring quietly about how indicative votes “can help us see what sort of Brexit MPs can agree upon, and then go for that rather than leaving without a deal which I’m sure all your viewers would agree would be a bad thing”. Then finally, a former EU Commissioner (British) whose job was to oversee the expansion of the European Union ie, a dyed in the wool federalist, giving forth on how the negotiation process on the British side “ought to have been collaborative from Day One”.

Ironically, this morning’s Brexit feature on Sly News was called, ‘Could this Brexit crisis have been avoided?’ and indeed, had the questioning of the guests been less benign, we might have seen the answer to that question in their supposed responses. That is to say, had the negotiators been Leavers (and not led in Whitehall by a rabid federalist) no, we would not have a Brexit crisis; had MPs kept their promise (by 455 votes to 53) to honour the sovereign decision of the Referendum up to and including No Deal – an outcome Theresa May originally promised herself – no, we would not have a Brexit crisis; and had the 2017 election produced a coup against May in favour of a Leave Prime Minister with collaborative help (rather than hindrance) from Whitehall then no, we would not now have a Brexit crisis. We would, this Friday, be getting Brexit.

But contemporary news ‘coverage’ never does this, except in a pointless burst of aggression against hapless interviewees now and again. The stock question is always, “So then, Lord Fondlemoney, what do you think is going to happen now/next/tonight/tomorrow?” This is theatre-news telly, but it isn’t journalism.

Oh how one longs for the days of a medium close-up lopped-off camera on a profound deconstruction of narratives – offered by a respected newshound like Alistair Burnet, Robin Day, Richard Dimbleby, Jeremy Paxman or even Marje Proops. The one person doing it well – only in the press, sadly – is Ambrose Evans-Pritchard at the Daily Telegraph….and he is always clear about the untrustworthiness of a Remainer bureaucracy, a Remainer Parliament, and a ruthless Brussels Commission.


In the Commons Chamber, all is now chaos. Among the opposition and resistance to this blatant treason, all is division. Throughout the British MSM and social media, unaccountable censorship is rife. Nobody is clear about either the order of play this week, or the consequences of voting against WA3 from the EU viewpoint.

Nobody in the MSM, for example, has picked up yesterday’s piece at Brexit Centra leaked by a senior Civil Servant – who is absolutely clear about the conspiracy against democracy taking place in both Whitehall and Brussels. Every other retweet I make on twitter tells me something went wrong, that tweet had been deleted or I may not be allowed to fulfil that function. Fatty Bolt-On’s daily sessions with Lobby Fodder continue to involve gobby Corbynistas scoring cheap political points, diehard Tory/Remainers squabbling, or all three of those tedious repeats.

I confess in turn to being bitterly disappointed (although not particularly surprised) by  the social media and comment threads following yesterday’s Slogpost on the subject of a United Ignored Front working at constituency level to unseat all MPs ignoring Brexit and SPA voices. They were crammed with three separate SPA groups telling me they were united (but sounding anything but) and seven (count them) anti-Remain groups all claiming to be the ‘real definitive’ voice of democracy. Every other comment found fault with the idea, but nobody had a better one beyond the usual claptrap about “there will be blood on the streets”.

The sole exception to that rule with Brexit Direct Action. Let’s see whether they at least have any balls to go with the mouth and trousers.

I am not in any way looking forward to this week, and thereafter, on this infnite con being brought about by 553 MPs to strangle the voice of Sovereign Brexit. And I am entirely fed up of people putting brand before country, free speech and democracy. Olly Robbins is sitting somewhere right now laughing to the point of spontaneous micturation at the apathy, empty threats, blindness and bickering going on in the Cabinet, the Commons and among the 17.4m majority who voted to Leave.

We are playing into the Fat Controller’s hands. And we deserve everything we get in consequence of that.


You see, He Who Dares, wins.