The Commons has grabbed power from the Executive. Time for The People to grow some power against the Commons


“Never in the field of human discourse have so many owed so little to so few” 


Inbetween battering my spine on a sit-on mower mulching, lurching, jumping and jerking its way through resistant grass grown long in this, the mild Spring of our heated discontent, I took breaks to watch yesterday’s Commons debate leading up to the most definitively Meaningless Vote of my lifetime.

I didn’t bother watching Speaker Bercow yelling that “the noes have it”, because it was obvious from 11 pm the night before that the Prime Minister’s cynical Best of Three con would fail. But out of interest (and thoroughly vindictive satire) I did record what each of the main hypocrites and virtues signallers had to say in the Lower Chamber….a Chamber limboing ever lower beneath the yardstick of contempt.

My overriding view of proceedings is that – with notable exceptions here and there – almost every MP posited an assertion that perfectly and obviously ignored several Elephants of relevance in the Room. Without naming names, I present them for your delectation:

It is time to put the country first”

Not really. The time to put the citizen majority of this country first was three years ago: but instead, an unelected Remainer Tory Leader formed a Remainer-dominated Cabinet, and appointed a federalist Civil Servant to partake in (and then treasonously take over) the process of negotiating The Brexit That Never Was.

“Our abiding concern is to avoid a No Deal Brexit”

No it isn’t, Labour Party: your sole desire is to reverse Brexit. Your aversion to a No Deal Brexit is based entirely on the multiply disproven scare stories driven and coordinated by the Blairites you claim to hate.

“If the Prime Minister had adopted an inclusive cross-Party approach at the outset, we would not be in this dilemma now”

Demonstrably untrue. When given seven options last Thursday, the Commons demonstrated that there simply isn’t a consensus in the House for any approach to the resolution of an impasse between what they want, and what The People want.

“We cannot exit with No Deal on April 12th because we are not ready”

A ridiculous excuse, akin to saying in 1940, “We cannot get our BEF troops in Dunkirk back to England because we have not made preparations”.

WHY is Whitehall not ready? Brussels claims that it has been preparing for No Deal Brexit since October 2017. I don’t believe that for a minute, but even so there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for the UK bureaucracy’s signal and serial inability to prepare for sunrise tomorrow.

“This vote today is not very important if it passes, but will be disastrous if it fails to command a majority in the House”

Oh alright then, we all know which gargoyle this refers to – the Attorney General Geoffrey Cox. Given his reasoned unwillingness to support May’s outrageous assertion that her last grovelling plea to Juncker was a game changer, it was profoundly sad to watch this bloke yesterday rising to argue for half a concept, but failing utterly to rise to the occasion.

He came across as an unpleasant, overfed spider inviting ambitious Tories and Blair-leaning Labour MPs into his ethically tangled web. Not only did he confuse even the most well-informed of MPs, he most assuredly baffled every exhausted viewer hearing his claim that something which might pass would be unimportant, but the end of Brexit if it didn’t.

Er, right.


The loss of her dreadful “deal” by another thumping 58 majority seemed to cause Theresa May little or no reconsideration of her goal, her position, her strategy, or indeed anything very much. The result of the vote having been announced, the Prime Minister reverted immediately to her disastrous speech of yore: she blamed the House for “refusing to vote for the Brexit that British people voted for”.

Throughout yesterday’s proceedings, the single most ignored factor was the 17.4 million electoral majority who voted to leave the European Union. The research we have to hand shows conclusively that neither Leaver nor Remain voters want her preferred deal. In continuing to push for it, in fact, she is (by constituency) in a 0.5% minority.

Given we all struggle under this FPTP voting farce, I make no apology at all for quoting just how isolated she is electorally.

In that context, the idea that she is “honouring” the 2016 Referendum is an obscenity.

Equally four-lettered, however, is the virtue signalling of Hillary Benn…a man who loathes the whole idea of Brexit, and yet continues to insist he is voting against the May/Robbins deal out of some form of holy objectivity. This is utter tosh: he opposes any deal that delivers even a pale shadow of Sovereign Brexit, because he is and always has been the sort of enthusiastic idiot the European federalists depend upon in order to bring their totalitarian nightmare to reality.


I continue to insist that we need to gain height and get a helicopter view of history in the making.

Sky news tonight revealed research suggesting that at least two fifths of all euro Parliament seats up for grabs this May will fall to those candidates who oppose full-on EU federalism – and indeed question the German idea of FiskalUnion.

The response of the robotic global MSM will predictably be to condemn real people who vote in this way as Hard-something-or-other Populists. But what these genuinely free elections will confirm is that Brexiteers are not a swivel-eyed English phenomenom.

As citizens given the right 190 years ago to vote for change if we want it, we have to take on board the War we’re involved in….and not merely obsess about Brexit as one battle.

In turn, we need to embrace the kind of electorally coordinated technology available to those of us who are genuinely serious about giving direct democratic power back to The People.

The élites will never give us this responsibility, for they are too busy brown-nosing the globalist businesses, central bankers, media moguls, energy cliques, spooks and military psychos behind whom citizen interests always come a very poor last.

But there is a rapidly growing Resistance that is organised, and can deliver “ground game” solutions to give the disenfranchised a defining say in where humanity goes from here.

All we require going forward is some spectacular demonstrations of what user-friendly software can do….and the willingness of angry frustrated citizens to embrace it.

In the meantime, the word from Downing Street is that Theresa May bring her “deal” back for a fourth go….this time (I suspect) Speaker Bercow will have to disallow it. Those whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad.

There is but one conundrum, and everyone knows what it is, but our elected reprehensibles refuse to admit it: we are a Leave electorate imprisoned by indirectly elected Remainers.

That, dear reader, is what must change.