Until the EU Summit meets on 10th April, British voters will be powerless to stop the Parliamentary standoff. The best use of our time until that date is to climb the learning curve involved in a planned electoral purge of Remainer MPs via Ground Game software.

While our MPs continue their Black Mass of Onanism this week, they are as ever a mixture of cunning and deaf.


By the end of the continuing ‘Orrible Options process, it is highly likely that only Erasmus and Avril Wonknerd of 17 Chemtrail Close will know who voted for what and when. There are now some seventy Tory MPs, for example, who could be asked whether they voted for May’s deal and answer “Yes”, but also give the same answer when asked if they had opposed it. This will enable them to be both loyal Tories and a People’s Champion, depending on the audience.

Confirmed Remainers (around 75% of the Commons) can in turn use the whittling-down process to ensure that the run-off is between renaming Britain Merkelinium and May’s Deal.


The best deal for the EU is May’s Deal and its nine Anti-Brexit Brino clauses. Therefore, this is not just what they want, it is what they are determined to get past the House of Commons.

Nothing less will do, because they remain firmly convinced that Britain is too scared to leave the Union.

The Brussels Commission is not remotely interested in arse-covering MPs, and the Withdrawal Agreement beating all-comers in a run-off but still failing to pass in its own right.

They really do now see only two alternatives: the May Deal or No Deal.

Perhaps even more significant than that, however, is the deafness of MPs to a hardening mood in the 27….and the growing arrogance of demagogues like Macron and Verhofstadt. The argument among Brussels and Strasbourg hardliners runs like this:

  • May is an obfuscating and inflexible plonker who will never get the WA through Parliament
  • If we grant her a further extension on April 10th, we’ll have to accept more Populists than ever in the European Parliament after the May elections
  • Even if the WA passes, the problem won’t go away, and every future UK Government will be forced to take the Brexit electorate into account in its dealings with us….they will become even more truculent than they were under that cow Thatcher
  • Let’s just amputate the left hand and then move on.

If Theresa May turns up with another yes-and-no-with-reservations outcome in nine days time, there is a very real possibility that the Sprouts will not grant an extension.

If that happens, we will move by default into Sovereign Brexit. Result!

If, however (and Rees-Mogg is already leading the Retreat) the Tory Party buckles completely and we bung Northern Ireland ten zillion quid, the May Deal may just crawl over the line.

I’m convinced this won’t happen: the DUP will not accept the unchanged WA, and there are still 15-20 principled MPs throughout the House who will join Labour and the DUP to thwart the Remainoids.

Labour might just support the deal to avoid No Deal. But this would damn them forever among the 17.4 million.

Nevertheless, even if this miraculous outcome occurs, there is nothing We The People can do about it at this stage.

Most MPs are worried about threats to desert them at every election into eternity, but below the surface they don’t really believe it. The flaw in May’s somewhat obvious attempt to scare them into a General Election is that they don’t believe she wants one either. Only an orchestrated and united electoral Independence campaign of tactical voting will wake them up.

The odds are that the saboteurs have overplayed their hand, and that the EU will embrace No Deal.

Until April 12th, the best thing for determined Brexiteers to do is nothing…..beyond installing Ground Game sharing software to guide the punishment of Parliament as and when the Election materialises.

Sit tight, and prepare a cold collation of positive revenge.