Desperate for some reality? Don’t look to media editorial or politics for help:

Watch the commercial breaks. 

A divided country, a divided Parliament, a divided Cabinet, a disloyal Civil Service and a mendacious media set. If you were trying to find a resolution to the Brexit impasse, you wouldn’t start from here.


These are all the things you wouldn’t have done:

  • Traipse around the EU in a wide-eyed manner looking for reformers in 2015
  • Dismiss the bloke traipsing round the EU with an air of engorged arrogance
  • Abrogate responsibility for pressuring the EU to reform by holding a plebiscite
  • Use spin, lies, US Presidents and daft NHS headlines to hide reality from both sides of voters
  • Refuse to accept the plebiscite result and engage in non-stop media warefare to kill a democratically taken decision
  • Wave your arms about in the EU Parliament and spit insults at Greece, Hungary and the British without engaging the services of a dentist
  • Let dark forces push out the plebiscite-caller, and then put a Remainer replacement into his office without election
  • Delay issuing Article 50
  • Elect an Opposition Leader keen to keep his Leave desires secret
  • Accept Brussels’ bizarre negotiating rules without demur
  • Stonewall on every formula presented by Britain during negotiations
  • Appoint a Brexit chief in the Civil Service whose sole claim to fame is that he was a notorious EU federalist while at Cambridge
  • Capitulate to every EU demand and call it Brexit
  • Freeze out every Cabinet member who called it Brino
  • Keep introducing it to a Parliament unwilling to go anywhere near it
  • Keep pretending you want a Brexit deal when your real goal is to revoke Article 50
  • Fail utterly to make any preparation for No Deal WTO Brexit
  • Besmirch the Office of the Speaker by conniving with anti-Brexit saboteurs
  • Introduce indicative votes chosen by that Speaker
  • Sit in Brussels once rumbled and flatly refuse to change a single word of Brino
  • Suggest that the thrice defeated Brino should be put to a Second Referendum.

Thus, David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, Jean-Claude Juncker, Referendum campaigners, Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell, Guy Verhofstadt, MI6/NATO dirty tricks, Theresa May, David Davies, Boris Johnson, Michel Barnier, Oliver Robbins, Dominic Grieve, Whitehall, John Bercow, a hopelessly vague British Constitution, Oliver Letwin, Donald Tusk, Emannuel Macron and now Philip Hammond have all played their part in delivering us into a Babel of hermetically sealed unreality, playing out in Whiteminster at the speed of a tranquilised snail.

Four more “indicative” votes last night failed to indicate a single thing, and thus followed a third “meaningful” vote defeat for May that repesented a meaningless waste of time. And the People v Parliament tussle has finally reached two extremes of attitude – viz: 46% of the People would happily leave with No Deal, but only 9% of MPs would….despite in 2016 having accepted No Deal as the default option to negotiated Brexit by an 80:20 margin.

If you want a genuine reflection of reality (and you have a television set) then the only place you will find it in Britain is during the commercial breaks.


Laugh if you like. But pay heed to the evidence.

The reality of the contemporary United Kingdom is of a Conservative Government (in Coalition and on its own) and two sets of ineffective Labour Opposition that have failed to live up to any realistic vision of effective, fair, democratic Rule of Law applied to the treatment of well-meaning contrarians, clear majorities, personal liberty, free speech and the provision of a decent standard of education, health, safety and living to all our demographics and cultures.

Economic and welfare policies have spectacularly failed to get within light years of their targets, and are opposed by a Party whose tired old ideas have failed before. Both major Parties are strangulated by archaic, disproven ideologies, and use a positively prehistoric method of indirect representative election to the legislature. They do this purely because they know that any well-constructed alternative would be their death-knell.

But go to the commercial breaks, and there you will find products and services developed to deal (albeit inappropriately) with the real world that these two behemoths have produced. A world in which planned governance has been evaded in return for power: financial regulation, planned retirement welfare, real job creation, reversing the slide in manufacturing, being honest about currency values, media law-breaking, corporate tax evasion, employment life-balance, multicultural problems, blatant ballot rigging, contempt for free speech, misogyny, racist narcissism, lawless litigation and all the other features of globalist corporatism that make it the worst possible system to tackle the myriad problems facing all the inhabitants of Planet Earth.

You will see, endlessly to the point of bored nausea and beyond:

  • Loan sharks offering usury lending to get people through to payday.
  • Dozens of 3rd World charities begging for “just £5 a month”.
  • Equity Release from properties older citizens can’t sell and can’t afford.
  • Direct response ads for gold by post and online.
  • Lotteries and every other form of desperation gambling.
  • Hard-sell campaigns by lawyers offering to screw everyone on your behalf.

No level of genius is required to see what abject failure by the politico-corporacratic class all this reflects. ‘Jobs’ that are trumpeted, but don’t support families. A chronic lack of investment and broadscale corruption in 3rd world government that our well-meaning ‘aid’ budgets only encourage. The embezzlement of 3.43 million State pensions without due notice or fairness. Lies about the solvency and spending power of currencies, when smart people of every age and both genders can see with their own eyes levels of inflation that make a mockery of official statistics. The sort of social alienation which, when confronted with media that seem to recognise only greed as a form of achievement, turns to gambling and drink. And a culture that increasingly refuses, on an individual level, to accept any responsibility at all when something bad happens.

To bring it all back to Brexit (and God knows, I wish with every sinew and brain synapse we didn’t have to) the final obscenity of the farce explodes all over the audience when Theresa May tells victims of austerity “there is no such thing as a money tree” – and then blithely hands over £39 billion to an unscrupulous bunch of demagogues in Brussels….quite needlessly, and for nothing in return.


As I write, there is yet another Cabinet shouting match in progress. I have just watched as Adam Bolt-on-another-kilo told his audience “if there is one thing this Cabinet agrees on, it is that Theresa May’s deal is the best thing on offer”.

That remains and always will be utter rubbish. The best thing on offer for our Sovereign independence as an economic trading entity is a No Deal WTO terms Brexit. Either Boulton is on another planet, or he has failed to notice that several Remainer Cabinet members (notably Jeremy Hunt) have now formed a de facto Inner Cabinet urging the Prime Minister to embrace No Deal, and that this clique is at war with the longer-standing one led by Philip Hammond.

We are told of life-threatening disaster over and over again by parrots squawking about cliff edges and out-crashing in relation to WTO, but the vehemence of their certainty is in reverse proportion to their true knowledge of such commercial realities. The 85% of MPs who signed up for WTO without thinking are become the nearly 90% who reject it without a proper, balanced investigation of the facts, preferring instead the assertions of “experts” with not only a negative agenda, but also a disturbing track record of being completely in error. It is beyond belief.

Now Hammond wants a Second Referendum….on May’s Robbins-Barnier-Merkel Withdrawal Agreement. At the last count (two months ago) just 18% of the UK population supported it. And no referendum is going to turn magically into a Commons majority. The entire idea is the invention of either a moron, or a man confident that we shall be taken back into the fold in chains by the Commission mafia. Well Hammond is not a moron, but he is wrong – and risibly out of touch.

win_20190127_120025The real, much bigger fight we now face in all EU member countries is how to use our electoral systems in a more savvy way as citizens to remove the main obstacle to healthy social development – that is, the controlling will of ambitious corporacrats to gradually remove even indirect democracy in favour of dictatorship.

Stay tuned, and please be patient for the moment.