THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Why the key to Britain’s divided and neurotic domestic politics lies in its lily-livered foreign policy

methink2 The United Kingdom is suffering from severe disunity because the usual 3% of suspects promote greedy domestic policies completely influenced by their equally cowardly foreign relationships. The best way out of this self-feeding cannibalism is to dump alliances, and trade (like Switzerland) on high-margin craftsmanship alongside sophisticated financial services.


As the Buddhists say, everything is connected. Neoliberal social policies at home are hugely influenced by the thinking of those with whom we choose to ally ourselves abroad. It is just one more feature of a country being guided by the lunatics running neocon (and fundamentalist religious) terrorism.

If asked, how many Brits (I wonder) would enthusiastically support selling arms to Saudi Arabia, selling our Sovereignty to Brussels, or selling our military independence to NATO – aka Washington?

There is a growing feeling among UK voters that our Parliament, bureaucracy, businesses and security forces would do anything to stay in the good books of those with whom we trade on privileged terms, and who offer us ‘Special’ ho-ho relationships.

“Reform” among our US and European partners, for example, is really just a euphemism for Friedmanite privatisation and employment deregulation. Ponder some emerging realities in relation to all that.

New research by The Nuffield Trust reveals that the NHS is seeing a sustained drop in GP numbers. It’s been going on in excess of five years. Thus, the average doctor in general practice now has 125 more patients to look after than they did in 2014.

Se we The People have to wait longer. But at the same time, Health charity Mind 
has found that 40% of all GP appointments concerned mental health problems….and that two-thirds of GPs said that the proportion of patients needing help with their mental health has increased dramatically since 2017. (The rapid Macronisation of France, by the way, has had the exact same effect).

In line with far too many of our trading partners (including France) we are now using police in increasingly repressive roles….be they concerned with grass roots demonstrations, Islamist demands,  chasing shadows of various ‘phobias’ or organisations aping the Gilets Jaunes in France. In that context, the University of Cambridge has found that 20% of police officers are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The privatisation drive in pensions (led by a desire to be seen by our trading partners and allies to be cutting State costs) has led to huge increases in stress among British women over sixty. While Conservative ministers laugh at Waspi and 2020’s efforts to correct this injustice, we must also be clear that the Labour Party – heavily implicated in a scam dating back to 1995 – has as yet done nothing to suggest they might alleviate the anxiety.

Early deaths have resulted – and some suicides. Joy Worrall, 81, stepped off a cliff face at the Rhes y Cae quarry when she was down to her last £5 . Her pension had been stopped by the DWP, leaving Mrs Worrall with no income whatsoever. Belatedly, the Department for Work and Pensions “apologises unreservedly” for cutting the pension of an elderly woman who went on to kill herself. But there is no sign of a change of policy: only this truly disgusting piece of lachrymose BS from a DWP spokesman: “Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Mrs Worrall. We apologise unreservedly to Mrs Worrall’s family for her pension payments being stopped, and pledge to learn the lessons.”

Here we go again….’lessons will be learned’, ‘a thorough enquiry has been conducted’, ‘no stone will be left unturned’.

But nothing at all will be done to change the direction of policy. No worms revealed by looking under stones will be turned. You see, British socio-economic policy these days must conform to the views of arrogant outsiders….whether they be mad Germans still obsessed with hyperinflation from a century ago, or US practitioners of what is risibly termed modern monetary theory.

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party says it “wants our independent country back”. But Mr Farage is a huge fan of United States neocon foreign policy, and our Special Relationship. Our Nigel seems utterly disinterested in the fate of 3.65 million women deprived illegally of what they were promised. He’s a born privatiser with a passionate hatred of the Left.

For myself, I’m a mutualiser, and deeply suspicious of violent Leftist ideologues who peddle policies found wanting by countries around the globe. But in what way do those intolerant neo-fascists differ from the US Democratic Party groomed by the Clintons to despise freedom of speech? And on the other side of that debased coinage, I may detest the likes of Jess Phillips and John McDonnell….but I do believe in a just society where everyone gets an even break.

The majority of American opinion leaders do not share my liberalism: they believe that everyone competing with the US should be demonised, isolated, surrounded and – if necessary – destroyed. And a good 90 per cent of the European Commission’s senior officers do not share my absolute support for democracy: they believe in federalist blocism, and the unceremonious crushing of anyone who gets in the way of that.

Er….and so does over 90 per cent of the Labour Party.

It is not just the narrow fact that we have a Parliament, Civil Service, media set and paranoid military intelligence community ruthlessly determined to Remain in the EU: they are compulsively obsessed with Britain being thoroughly connected and plugged in to the disaster that is mercantile globalism.

The Huawei scandal’s real nature has now, in the last few days, become clearer. On the one hand, Secretary of State Pompeo has pitched up in London to moan about the security threat of a telecoms outfit under the thumb of Beijing’s wicked ways with cyber war. On the other, American mercantilism is I suspect more of a factor in the US bid to stop Huawei’s involvement in UK G5 development as mere security concerns.

On the one hand, the disturbingly Emperor-like Mark Sedwill threw a hypocritical hissy fit over alleged leaking from the National Security Council….suggesting at the time that a real threat to national security had been involved.

In fact, it seems likely that Gavin Williamson was batting for the US, but Sedwill wants a foot in both the American and Chinese hegemony camps.

The development that makes this a near certainty is the visit of “Sir” Mark Sedwill to China, along with with a massive regiment of equally unelected Whitehall bigwigs.

To me, this ‘Global Power’ Britain is an obscene fantasy, and another dimension along which our commerce, hearts and souls are being sold at a discount to the Bog Blocists.

I don’t want anything to do with this. I think – nay, I know – that as long as the Alt State from big business to spooks via the apparatchik class is trying to be a player in this game, then our political class will do the bidding of those upon whom we become utterly reliant…..and there will be no justice for the individual citizen keen to retain control of his or her own Personal Destiny.

As I have written many times before, we should get out of ALL alliances, and trade like Swtizerland on high margin artisanship alongside financial service skills…with the accent in the medium term heavily upon restraining AI, mechanisation and volume production in favour of higher employment on man-made items. It is no good being a small player in process-driven mass sectors: our independence in the future will rest solely on our uniqueness of output and self-sufficient ability to say f**k off to anyone who wants to interfere in anything we do domestically.

A classic example of being enmeshed via trade with despicable régimes arose twelve years ago, when Saudi Arabian attempts to corrupt UK businessmen and civil servants came to the attention of British police. Tony Blair casually intervened and – without a care in the world for the Rule of Law or constitutional etiquette – ordered the cops to stop their inquiries.

A decade or more on, things are far worse. An American President threatens us with the ‘back of the queue’ if we vote to leave the EU. The appalling Guy Verhofstadt openly campaigns with the Liberal Democrats for a Second Vote on leaving the EU. Secretary Pompeo dares to set foot on British soil and tell us what’s what on who we can do business with. Islamic terrorists get a soft touch from the police because we mustn’t offend the Saudis. Jean-Claude Juncker arrives for talks at Downing Street, insults the Prime Minister to her face, and then leaks confidential information to put British interests across the world at risk.

A documentary programme on BBC4 shows EU officials openly poking fun at British negotiators, and refers to the UK as “somewhere we shall reduce to a colony”.

In an interview with Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, Donald Tusk says, “Today the chance that Brexit will not happen is, in my opinion, 20-30 per cent… From month to month, it is becoming increasingly clear that the UK’s exit from the EU will look completely different to the Brexit that was promoted. I see no reason to capitulate.”

There is no way that this kind of blasé lack of respect for our country – a country which, had it not stood steadfast and alone against German imperialism in 1940, would’ve forced the Allies to fight another five years, and possibly gifted Hitler the Atom Bomb – won’t be reflected in enforced domestic policies that are detrimental to the wellbeing of most citizens of the United Kingdom.

Above all, dealing with the rest of the world via cynical alliances that go well beyond trade is helping to destroy the political structures that made Britain one of the most stable countries in the world.


Let’s look at how Theresa May’s craven Quislingism in working for the EU has thrown her Party into utter disarray.

A survey by the Conservative Home website suggests that three out of five party members are planning to vote for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party in the elections on May 23. In the last 24 hours, Tory grandee Sir Graham Brady has revealed that in fact, Theresa May is refusing to set any resignation date. She insists on her work for the blocheads being ireversibly done and dusted before she will go.

She has been reduced to negotiating with a hard-Left Labour Party whose senior members have shown such a level of disrespect for MP independence and free speech, one begins to see what attracts British Leftlibs to the Brussels way of doing things. These cross-Party talks, which were “definitely going” to finish yesterday, are now going to continue. Whether that’s ad nauseam or ad infinitum, nobody knows.

Yet that Labour Party’s own strongholds are crumbling because of the behaviour of the intellectually anti-British and undemocratic attempts of its leaders in undermining the People’s vote to leave in June 2016.

In the 2019 local elections just gone, turnout across Wakefield, for instance, was down from an average 55% to percentages (depending on the Ward) between 19% and 30%. Local Labour activists and many ordinary voters declare loudly that they don’t want to vote for anyone cheating the electorate out of its decision for independence. The combined independent votes against them in most wards ‘either exceeded or came very close to the winning percentage of votes achieved’ wrote Asa Bennett in today’s Times – an opinion that suuports The Slog’s persistent pleas for Brexit unity.

But the controlling desires of the shady characters in charge of ‘foreign’ policy are directly affecting the stability of social support for our ‘traditional’ Parties. To be sure, these Westminster behemoths have long needed a kick up the backside; but it must be obvious to many people that we are heading for dangerous waters.

For example, the Yorkshire constituency currently represented by Labour’s Yvette Cooper normally gives any Labour candidate from Miss Piggy upwards roughly 60% of the overall vote. But Cooper has been the architect of a number of not just Commons procedures but also a full-on act of Parliament whose only purpose was to stop people like her constituents – who voted 70-30 to leave – from realising that ambition.

I am all for clearing out her sort completely from British politics. But even assuming voters do that at the next General Election, this will not be the end of the issue.


Our alliances with America, NATO and the EU have led us into every kind of mire over the seven decades since the Second World War.

We have fought wars, and been visited by Jihadism on a scale Americans don’t understand – terrorists whom no British Government will prosecute because we sell enormous amounts of arms to the Saudi Royal family.

We have illegally invaded Iraq based on false US intelligence, bombed Syria based on false US/EU intelligence, allowed China to advise on our nuclear power development as a quid pro quo for trade with Beijing, chosen dangerous, lame-duck reactors because of our dependence on French non-thorium design, defended outrageous Saudi war crimes to favour neocon energy objectives, imported millions too many immigrants to please EC insanity, put an entire English town at risk from nerve agents in order to link our spurious anti-Russian narrative to that of the US and EU, and – worst of all – allowed the promotion of EU and blocist friendly bureaucrats and spymasters to positions wherein they could (with the right excuse, backed up by biased mass media) suspend our civil rights overnight.

Our Establishments have created this nightmare of fear, reprisal, weakly justified illegality and increasing dependence on the goodwill of those beyond our borders. No ordinary, representative British voter, parent, family or community did this.

We have failed in but one respect: we have done nothing to stop it. And the question I pose this weekend is as follows: much as I now feel that as a first step it would be a smart move to elect as many Brexit Party MEPs as possible, this is only a first step. In no way will it mark the beginning of the end.

Nigel Farage is concerned primarily with national independence for our financial sector and overseas trade deals. This is a laudable aim for Britain, and if I get my eurovoting rights back, I shall support him on May 23rd.

But I do not discern any sign of Farage the politically cooperative healer. I do not see Farage as the man for social justice. He is yet to display any hankering for a genuinely deglobalised world, and devolved power given back at local level. I find nothing in his speeches and previous utterances to suggest that he cares much about underdogs like Greece and Hungary. I cannot find anything in his character that suggests a desire for radical reform of our political insitutions. I have yet to hear him cry for an end to lobbying and political donations. Finally, it is ridiculous to suggest that he wants to break up the media concentration, or get us out of the disastrous transatlantic alliance it so slavishly supports.

Britain is being systematically prepared for a future existence as the technocratically ruled region of a larger hegemony. Whether that be American, European or Chinese makes, frankly, little or no difference in the long term.

The safest, most prosperous and most fulfilling Britain for the greatest number of UK citizens in the future is that of an independent, creative State with which everyone wants to trade. That, I submit, is what makes me a far more radical thinker than any senior politician or bureaucrat in Britain today.

Thanks for persevering with this post. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.