BLAST FROM THE PAST: How The Slog saw Brexit betrayal coming long before the 2016 referendum

me1511172 Long before a single vote had been cast in the 2016 Brexit Referendum, David Cameron had done a deal with the key German, French, NATO and MI6 players to ensure that Britain would “decide” to be a loyal member of the anti-nationalist Super-bloc narrative being transmitted by Washington, Texas, Brussels and Whitehall. When Cameron screwed up, nastier people took up the task.


I make no apology for re-running this piece from January 2016. It’s here to show up everyone now busy saying “the Brexit you were promised was never available” as calculated liars. Of course it was available: the problem was, our élite of whores didn’t want to even ask for it, let alone push for it.

Brussels always knew that. And this is why today – whatever doubts you or I have about him – the only politician in the UK feared by the Brussels technocratic Nazis is Nigel Farage.


More teeth in the Brexit threat by the British Establishment would force a European Union already awash with problems and crises to dramatically reform its institutions and structure in favour of more direct liberal democracy. In particular, aligning the UK with the rebellions in ClubMed and Eastern Europe would give us a position with enormous potential leverage. David Cameron and the other main British élites have no intention of doing any of those things: the June Referendum is a facade behind which a much bigger revolution can be effected. The Slog explains.

The ‘deal’ already agreed in outline between David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk and others to “keep” Britain in the European Union is rapidly turning, on the EU Commission circuit, into one of the worst-kept secrets of all time. For me, it is one of the great scandals of the moment that not one of the UK mainstream media titles or broadcasters have picked it up. Scandal or not, however, the reason why they’re turning a blind eye to it is not hard to see.

None of the combatants who will engage in June’s Stay-Leave referendum on membership stand to benefit from the nature of this carve-up becoming known. UKIP would in some ways, but Farage’s fear (and I think he’s right) is, if it becomes common knowledge that the Brussels-am-Berlin élite will move the odd smaller mountain to keep Britain in, then a great many potential UKIP voters would simply sit out the vote as a waste of their time.

The LabourTory ‘Vote Leave’ group would be disastrously affected, because some of the senior figures within its ranks – on learning that CallMeDave is coming back with a pretty saleable package – would suddenly rediscover their Greasy Pole instincts and start to distance themselves from a movement they think highly likely to wind up looking “wrong”.

As for the Conservatives, the current anti-sceptic Tories are happy to be pro-EU, but unlikely to get activist about it: a majority of them sit in constituencies where UKIP has a sizeable following, and in a some cases is rapidly turning into the main Opposition. Suffice to say that the average anti-sceptic backbencher’s main desire in all this is to remain antiseptic. If there is going to be a media infection doing the rounds about Brussels fatheads and Camerlot toffs quietly killing English independence, they will stay indoors well wrapped-up against the cold.

As for the most extraordinarily convoluted anthology of political history in the Referendum landscape – the Labour Party – well, if Labour is united about one thing above any other at the minute, it is that it is a pro “European” Party. Be you a Corbynista or a pro-Brussels Burnhamite, the one thing you want is More Europe. Labour has always had a weakness for Big Benevolent State, and an even more marked inability to see how quickly than can turn into Big Brother.

Sadly, what the British Left in general cannot grasp is that the EU is many things, but benevolent isn’t one of them. And the evidence for that assertion is there in abundance.


The United Europe ideal feeds like intravenous heroin into the traditional UK Left’s long history of getting a pronounced warmth out of singing The Red Flag, and supporting International Socialism (IS) from Cuba to Venezuela. And yet, the problem for this essentially bourgeois seam in the Labour Party has always been that it approaches all such situations with an open mouth, little or no eye for detail, plugged ears….and – through much arch holding of the nose – zero ability to smell a rat.

It may amaze most of us with sympathy for many social democratic aims that this is the case, but it shouldn’t: I spent seven years in Brixton dealing with and living among these often likeable, well-meaning folks….but their total sensory deprivation in the face of empirical reality was a deeply-stamped hallmark they all bore with pride.
This explains their contemporary inability to understand what’s happening between the Eunatics in Brussels, and the reassuringly sane politicians of some Eastern member States.

In Hungary and Poland, of late the two styles of Government in power have coalesced. In turn, there are also close political parallels in the countries’ recent histories since the EU began filling the vacuum left by the USSR’s collapse.
Hungarian leader Viktor Orban is now well into his second term, and ever-more popular. His government is well to the Right, and Nationalist in a very specific way: that is, Orban is the leading voice in Europe arguing against economic globalist colonialism in general, taking the euro on board, and the US leaving a trail of refugee problems behind it thanks to eternal geopolitical meddling in the Middle East.

The Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo is very much in the same mould, but by comparison a new kid on the block. Her Law and Justice Party won the Presidency with  Andrzej Duda in May 2015, and then the General Election against ruling Party Civic Platform in October.

The key parallel between the two neighbours is that the Parties now struggling in Opposition have exactly the same genetic line: both were stuffed with former Soviet apparatchiks, and both did what Angela Merkel did after the Berlin Wall disappeared: overnight, they became enthusiastic collaborators with the European Commission. Given that the differences between the EC and the USSR Party grandees are minimal (both unelected, both fanatical in their ideology, both fascist in the face of opposition, and both fitted with permanent earplugs) this was an easy transition. It was clear to Poles and Hungarians pretty soon after the arrival of the EU that they had merely swapped one foreign master for another.

Britain’s widely loathed EU Commissioner Peter (now Lord) Mandelson cooperated very closely with the former ex-Soviet ruling Party in Hungary, with whom he felt a commonality probably based on sociopathy. He also, allegedly, indulged his own personal recreational tastes to the point where the joke in Britain’s Foreign Office was that he was “hungary for boys”. The arrival of Viktor Orban marginalised all Mandelson’s friends, so not surprisingly – while himself a spent force anyway – the British Peer began badmouthing Orban as “a Nazi” from Day One. Given he once falsely accused me of having the same disease, this instantly raised Viktor Orban in my estimations.

Mandelson’s smear of choice, in fact, has always been to dub opponents “Far Right” and his example has been eagerly taken up by two other prominent players in the region: George Soros and the CIA. The great majority of UK press titles from the Guardian to the Telegraph happily trot behind the Washington-dictated Special Relationship line… of course they did when the EU and Russia got into a bunfight over Ukraine. Just how well-toed the line is can be seen in the way that – despite overwhelming evidence to show Flight MH17 was shot down by Ukranian nationalists – most liberal investigative journalists in the UK still refuse to budge from their chosen position: Putin did it, end of. This despite both Dutch and Australian flight investigators attempting to show this is incorrect, and being told to shut TF up when they do so.

The EC, Berlin and their Washington controllers desperately want Orban and Szydlo out. They and Soros plot continually to accuse both leaders of racism and ‘stamping out democracy’. They fund most of the demonstrations in both countries to this end, but here too the actions are completely in parallel: both leaders are purging the monopoly control enjoyed by the ex-Soviet robots among the many media and quango-style institutions hostile to the New Right. Both know in turn what kind of destabilisation process is going on, and both are determined to keep globalist control out….and not have the euro as another millstone to carry.

The euro issue is what will, probably, bring things to a head. In another act of ironic cruelty, Jean-Claude Juncker gave the job of forced euro adoption and member-State discipline maintenance to former Civic Platform leader Donald Tusk; this is why the UK now finds itself presenting its EU reform proposals to a man rejected by the Polish electorate, and whose nickname there is Mr Zero.

Now of course, if David Cameron had the slightest intention of truly democratising the EU and EC, he would have natural allies in the Hungarians and Poles: Britain has (more by luck than judgement) resisted the euro, and the British Prime Minister could very easily champion the right to have side-by-side currencies in the EU – thus attracting immediate support from people much closer to his apparent political credo than Brussels is. He could also, I might add, have done this in relation to Greece after the first 2015 election.
But Cameron didn’t do any of these things, and nor will he do anything in the future to hack off the Americans. As far as Berlin-am-Brussels is concerned, they have already established that this Old Etonian is involved in the world’s oldest profession: all they’re doing now is haggling about the price.

Greece has shown us very clearly the direction in which the European Union is headed: centralised, corporacratic priorities, the neutering of States’ Rights, and then a selloff of the assets to the same tiny minority who always want more and more and more. The idea that David Cameron wants to (or ever could) democratise the EU is so silly as to be beyond parody: his domestic performance in the areas of equality, the rule of law and draconian Home Office legislation tells you what he’s about. He would love to ‘liberalise’ the European economy, but the last thing he wants is to offer a scintilla of liberty to the citizenry. Mr Cameron has morphed into the Decency Spectrum’s greatest enemy after Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson: to have such a spineless, procrastinating defender of privilege in charge of the ‘renegotiation’ process guarantees his return after mid February with a set of proposals that will not ‘give’ a single important State power back to Britain.

If one wanted a behavioural example of just how determined the clowns running the EU are not to give any power out beyond a tight circle – and how unaccountably arrogant they become once they’re in the  inner sanctum – you could do little better than watch Jeroan Dijesslebloem being interviewed at the Davos forum yesterday.

Dijesslebleom is yet another failed domestic politician who somehow got himself made Chairman of the Eurogroup, a Schäuble-controlled body doing its best to seize power from Juncker’s European Commission (EC). The body has no legal standing whatsoever and yet reports to nobody. But it does have immense power: effectively, it single-handedly pummelled Greece into submission. While it was focused on an experiment to see how 3% of the EU economy could be destroyed and its citizens half-starved, the Eurogroup missed the biggest refugee invasion since the Second World War.

Anyway, this is how the Davos interview went:

Interviewer: So then Mr Dijesslebleom, do you think more EU individual State control over borders is now inevitable.
JD: No, I won’t allow that.
Int: OK, but do you think Angela Merkel made a mistake in saying she welcomed refugees with open arms?
JD: She didn’t say that
Int: I think you’ll find she did…
JD: No she didn’t
Int: Well, either way,the situation is that that’s what happened.
JD: Yes but it will not be a problem to absorb these people, and so we will not let States control their own borders. I don’t want that.
Int: Why is that?
JD: Because I don’t want it.


Since the debate on Brexit hotted up just before Christmas, several key developments have taken place to ensure that on all levels – commercial, financial, economic, ethical, libertarian and fiscal – staying in the EU is about as sensible as taking a radioactive isotope home and giving it the kids for their unbridled amusement.
The most obvious dysfunctional developments have been infighting, rebellion, anti-terrorist legislation, centralisation, fiscal/banking issues, and totally ineffective strategies from the Central Bank, the Commission, and the self-appointed Eurogroup.

INFIGHTING is in full swing at almost every level. The German and French governments are completely at odds on future economic direction, Brussels via the EC is at war with Berlin via the Eurogroup, and the Bundesbank is implacably opposed to the stimulation policies of Mario Draghi at the ECB.

REBELLION is in play on two levels – anti-austerity in ClubMed, and anti-centralisation in Poland, Hungary and the UK. Spain also has its own internal secession issues.

ANTI-TERRORIST sentiment in France is being exploited by EC military Fuhrerin Federica Mogherini, a woman so insanely pro-Erdogan and obviously in NATO’s pocket that she represents a bigger threat to State and personal liberty in Europe than Wolfgang Schäuble. What, I still ask myself, was this Italian doing leading the charge at the Iran nuclear deal press conference? She is now fast-tracking the creation of a European Standing Army, and drafting powers to allow this army entry onto any member’s territory without their permission. If you’d suggested that development to me a year ago, I’d have dismissed it as way too far down the rabbit-hole.

CENTRALISATION continues apace – largely unnoticed as economic and geopolitical concerns once again take centre stage. The Fiskal Union to be headed by ball of bile Wolfgang Schäuble hasn’t gone away… is merely growing out of the unaccountable Eurogroup. One is left wondering how on Earth a Britain choosing to stay in the EU will have the power to influence (let alone stop) German ambitions to impose centralised control of taxation and spending.

BANKING problems too have slipped out of the limelight, but they are still there and getting ever worse. By far the most damaged are those in Spain, where the liabilities picked up in the housing crash remain sizzling away in dark, lead-lined back rooms here and there; but Italy obviously has systemic problems too, only last week being forced to stop trading in two large banks as a run began. And it isn’t just Greece where the fear of bailin keeps large amounts of money under mattresses.

THE EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK feels these pressures more than any similar institution in the world apart from the Bank of Japan. Unlike the People’s Bank of China (which does at least still have huge reserves, albeit diminishing, it can fall back on) Draghi’s ECB is on the one hand phenomenally powerful – yet another institution answerable to no one – but on the other, clearly an overpromised and ineffective stimulator of either reform or liquidity. Mario came out of his coffin briefly last week to calm down the markets, but once again he left the stage having promised something he can’t deliver. Powerful Bulls dived in after his speech to drive a rally from which they can later profit, but the vast majority of observers have now accepted that central banks don’t have the answer – and Signor Draghi is something of a talker but not much of a walker. Doubts linger about the real future of the euro, an unwieldy and inflexible idea based on emotional hubris rather than genuine efficacity: it remains for me the single biggest thing holding back recovery, because it suits only Germany (which is slowing but still not in trouble) and creates a rod for every ClubMed back.


To call the European Union a basket case is thus almost too kind….but the majority of British political and corporate élites remain overwhelmingly in favour of staying in – and they have far more access to media power already than the Vote Leave/UKIP camp.
The reasons aren’t a mystery: most of them are globalist in outlook and engaged in a campaign of ethnic cleansing against small local businesses; many of them are answerable to multinational head offices; and both élites would rather do anything than disobey Washington – where the EU is still seen as an important power bulwark against the hated Russia………and a convenient creation enabling rapid action to stop any threat to US global hegemony.

At Davos this week, Bloomberg hacks were unable to find a single banking, business or political leader in favour of Brexit: all used powerful emotive language like ‘insane’, ‘destructive’, ‘a disaster’ about plans which, in reality, will change very little beyond the UK’s running costs.

EU basket case or not, nobody in the 3% wants Brexit: it is too useful and too big a privilege to give away. David Cameron and the Dark Knights of Camerlot know the Union and its institutions are corrupt, overstaffed, chaotic and controlling….and its currency doomed. But they will stay in for two overriding reasons: it’s what America wants, and it is all part of the long term plan the PM keeps telling us is working.

What the great majority of the British population doesn’t get is precisely what the Long Term Plan (LTP) is. They should, but they’re variously distracted, tired, uninterested, busy and naive. The LTP is to sell Britain off – in exactly the same way that Greece is being parcelled up and delivered to globalist greed. I had my doubts about this during the opening, shambolic years of the Camerlot Coalition, but now it seems to me undeniable.

The British need to look more closely at the almost quixotic way foreign competitors are preferred to British suppliers, industries sold off one by one to French, Indian, Australian, US and German companies, the Chinese welcomed into the nuclear industry with open arms, the City of London marketed as a playground cum tax haven for the megarich to enjoy, and overdependence on its services left completely unaddressed. They should in turn ask themselves why hugely expanded surveillance, political corruption, lawless corporate behaviour, inequality before the Law and the lost Rule of that Law doesn’t seem to bother those in power.

The answer is stark but unavoidable: they do not see any future for the independent Nation State. They see only regiono-continental blocs. They see material growth as the only future. They see governments being first run and then replaced by corporate technocracy. They see no future for elected politicians answerable to the populace; rather, they envisage a world where the globalist captains are in charge, and the pauperised citizenry must cling on to their coat tails as best they can.

So dense are even the more intelligent ‘opinion leaders’ in contemporary Britain when it comes to dangers to individual liberty and mutual community, they display zero comprehension of almost any misuse of power. On the BBC’s news breakfast programme yesterday, a scheme was featured about eradicating the nuisance of dog mess in public parks. Without displaying a blink of awareness about how daft she was being, some silly tart from the Keep Britain Tidy movement gushed about the success of cameras in tackling the problem, enthusing as she did so about how “dog owners are seeing huge posters with big dayglo eyes above the line ‘You are being watched’”. George Orwell, eat your heart out.

Just as profoundly depressing was the complete absence of any comment about Big Brother from the news anchors. But then these days, the BBC is running scared….or being run for the convenience of HSBC, depending on who you read.

The Stay Campaign is going to carry the day in June – or whenever it is when we’ll be asked to go through the pointless ritual of having a referendum. They’re going to win because most business and politically ‘liberal’ people want it, because other people are scared about the world economy, because the media (with money from Brussels) will pile on the fear-mongering, because young people lack the discernment to spot what a tartan paint salesman Cameron is, because narrow education has left them ignorant of how bondage happens, and above all because if necessary the entire event will be stage-managed to produce The Right Answer.

Sadly, it’s become another of those Etonian level playing fields upon which it’s all going well until the last two minutes, at which point the winners score three offside goals and they all count. As it was with the hacking saga, the Brooks verdict, the Leveson enquiry, the Elm House investigation, the delayed Chilcot Report and the second Coulson trial, so shall it also come to pass that, come what may, the Stay camp will win.

As the cliché has it, they will – literally – do Whatever it Takes to win.


This article first appeared at The Slog on January 23rd 2016. My assumption at the time was that a combination of vote rigging and propaganda would secure a Remain vote. I was wrong: having failed in that endeavour, the Bloc-head Establishment decided to do Whatever It Takes to declare the result null and void….even if that meant a coup d’état by the Treasury, the FCO and MI6. (See also Olly Robbins & Sir Mark Sedwill)