BREXIT: can you tell your coup from your elbow?

DSCN0256 Can you tell your farce from your dildo? Your curved ball from your slimeball? Your back entrance from your Brexit? Your constitution from your prostitution? Your stopper from your chopper? Your headwinds from your arse farts? The Slog offers another easy-to-follow guide for the open-minded in Britain.


With Brexit events surrounding (albeit not at) Westminster suddenly moving yesterday (Wednesday 28th August) at a frenetic pace in multivariate directions, I find myself in a mood to sit quietly, type and inject some kind of cool, balanced reality into the unfolding – quite possibly unravelling – saga of Deal or no Deal.

We are watching the complete spectrum of British national politics quote the Constitution up, down, left, sideways, centre and right in a bid to persuade an increasingly bored and/or irritated public that “we” are being subjected to a wicked plot by “them” to pervert “our” Constitution.

Citizens who are undecided might want to ponder for a moment how little we ever hear about our Constitution until the politico-bureaucratic class wants to use it in order benefit their particular interest group. They might recall how Theresa May broke clear convention after established usage in her attempt to allow political votes to punch above the weight of law in the lead-up to the March 31st fiasco. They might even recall how her predecessor promised in 2010 to deliver a Constitution properly written down for the first time in one place, but then chose instead to pervert the one we had by presiding over an enormous breach of civil liberties involving clear conspiracy between the Murdoch empire and the Metropolitan police.

And who knows, perhaps some memories stretch back to how the then Mayor of London – now our by turns heroic and vilified Prime Minister – was instrumental in trying to bully the police into dropping the investigation into that surveillance conspiracy…and, when that failed, the Establishment judiciary and their political masters pitched in to save the worthless necks of everyone from Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson to Jeremy Hunt and David Cameron.

Where, we ask, was the Constitution then? What happened to the one we were going to get?

Today’s events are, in and of themselves, nothing more than Parliamentary business, Royal protocol and a cheeky (but perfectly legal) attempt to achieve at least some form of the Brexit decision taken by the British People three years ago, and signed off by the issuance of Article 50 with massive Parliamentary support just over two years ago.

This has now been, hilariously, turned into yet another cause: STOP THE COUP.


It is a genetic feature of the libLeft in general and Remainers in particular that their sole aim in life is to stop or reverse stuff that is constitutionally legal. Stop Brexit, Revoke Article 50, Stop No Deal, Ban Tommy Robinson, Stop CO2 emissions, Stop the Brexit Party, Stop Privatisation, Stop the Cuts, Stop Redundancies, Stop Cruise: half a century of non-stop stopping that never stops anything, and still no sign that it might ever stop. How odd it is that a frozen-rigid conservative ideology spends its entire existence trying the stop the Conservative Party in particular, and change in general. How fitting that the other thing it tries persistently to stop is any criticism of that institution most like it in our culture: Islam.

On this latest occasion, the 48% have excelled themselves. They now want to stop something that doesn’t exist. It might be a coup in their oddly arranged minds – perhaps in the same way as crashing out to face starvation and disaster is an outcome they genuinely do think not just remotely likely, but an absolute certainty. They are a tendency that uses the suffix ‘phobia’ to make the real sound unreal….and display every sign of clinical phobia themselves about any kind of change.

But more telling still is the thing we all politely call cognitive dissonance, when what we really mean is cynical, infantile hypocrisy.

When Theresa May limped back to Downing Street in 2017 – having received a drubbing from the UK Electorate, and needlessly given Jeremy Corbyn a Winner image he in no way deserved – a decision was made at the very epicentre of power in Britain to grasp the initiative and stop something they seriously didn’t want. Not by marching about in silly hats carrying nonsensical placards, but by pretending they were going legally about the business of making the thing they wanted to stop “happen”.

In carrying out (and very nearly completing) that process of two-faced stealth, they were without question engaged in a coup d’état….and this site was one of the few to come out audibly and say that. It was a coup on a number of levels:

  • The direct orders of elected officials were being ignored and undermined
  • This was being done with the thinly-diguised connivance of senior Cabinet ministers, most notably Philip Hammond
  • The power bases of Cabinet ministers were being undermined by a combination of parallel organisations being set up to operate outside the law, keeping said Ministers completely out of that loop, and the approval of a Prime Minister collaborating with the coup
  • One senior Whitehall Mandarin (Ollie Robbins – a lifelong Federalist since his Oxbridge days) was allowed unaccompanied and unfettered access to negotiators in Brussels and Berlin. 

So ridiculous was the situation by October 2018, when a Withdrawal “Agreement” miraculously incarnated and was given to Theresa May, not one single member of the Department for Brexit had even seen it, let alone had anything to do with it.

That, ladies and gentlemen of the Undecided twelve percent, is a coup.

Do tell me pray do, where were all the current Stop the Coup crew while this was going on? The answer is, “Sitting smugly on their consciences with their blind eye to the wrong end of the telescope”. Because, quite simply, this was a coup of which they approved.


Six days ago, I headed a post critical of Boris’s behaviour with the EU’s big beasts ‘THE BORIS BREXIT: Quadrophonic hypocrisy and sick-making cynicism’.

There is not a wafer’s thickness of difference between that farrago of dishonesty and the howls of protest that have greeted use of the Constitution to do something of which they don’t approve. Ergo sum, their case is not founded on the high-ground of constitutional observance, but rather in the hollows of boxed-in minds.

The decision you of the 12% will be asked at some point to make is this: would you prefer a slimeball who – merely as part of a happy side-effect – delivers at least in part the Sovereign Brexit favoured by 52% of the People in June 2016… a cabal of slimeballs who have connived, played dirty games and licked geopolitical backsides in a bid to first stop and then gradually reverse the potential emergence of an independent and revitalised Britain?

It seems likely that at some point – dependent on events I defy anyone to predict with certainty – you will be asked either to approve the outline and main points of a Leave Deal, or vote in an election shortly after we’ve left the EU…..quite possibly without a deal. In a General Election, my advice would be, unequivocally, to vote Conservative. As for approving (or not) the “deal”, vote for its closeness to the deal you want: even if the deal is rejected, we will still leave anyway.

But honestly – and I’ve written this so often you must be fed up of reading it by now – don’t expect the achievement of a form of Brexit to make any difference to (a) the economic Tsunami heading our way, (b) the survival of constitutional liberal democracy in Britain or (c) the attitude of the Remainers. They will not go away.


This morning, gold has broken through to $1549. The Italian situation is worsening. Verhofstadt is mouthing off about “sinister” developments in the UK about which he knows nothing. The vast majority of silver price experts expect that commodity to break out bigtime over the next month. Israel is bombing Iran, Iran is fiddling in Syria, Trump is at War with his unelected State over what to do about it, Erdogan is becoming the Nazi we always knew he was, while Japan and South Korea are at each others throats. With every safe haven disappearing, investors are after such as are left.

Volumes are low in the markets because holidays are still The Thing throughout the West, but next Monday a full complement will be back. The Fed’s “normalisation” programme is in tatters, US slow-down is everywhere to be seen….and from Anaheim to Zanzibar, everyone’s credit is maxed out.

As always, it depends on how “news” is managed. But push and shove are closer than they’ve ever been since 1929.

Nobody but nobody is more at risk than Britain in this situation. But even if Boris “wins”, bad Parliamentary precedents are being set, we wll have a Speaker who should be locked up, and the KKK Wing of the United Ideologues against Liberty will continue their evil work of trying to block or destabilise everything Britain does or tries. We’ll continue in turn to have no Constitution, and a police force we can no longer trust to do anything except protect the sclerotic organs of the State.

I’m off for a bit of R&R until September 9th. My posts may well reflect that mood. Bon courage.