Overwhelming evidence of EU perfidy evokes this daft question from Remoanoids: did Boris lie to the Queen?



Mario Draghi, the European Central Bank’s president, announced a significant stimulus programme to pump more cheap credit into the economy and encourage lending. The deposit rate was cut by 0.1 per cent to minus 0.5 per cent and the ECB will begin a €20 billion-a-month bond-buying programme in November. We are back in the lunatic asylum of using consumer’s money to help them consume, and asking people to pay €500 a year to lodge €100,000 with a bank.


First up, a little reprehensible but entirely understandable gloating vengeance on my part: to all you disbelief-suspending EU fans on Facebook, hahahahahahahaaaa: I was right, and you were wrong.

More specifically, this recent Slogpost is entirely apposite: monetarist economics and financialised capitalism do not deliver for the many, only the few. So to all you socialists out there who love the EU and lack the intellect to wonder whyTF Brussels’ bankers follow the line of the few, I put the same question again: why do you continue your slavish devotion to just another rich man’s globalist bloc? 

Signor Draghi told the media that risks to the outlook “remain tilted to the downside” – a globalist banker’s way of saying, ‘F**k the women and children, every man for himself”. Interpreting his words via the use of artificially stimulated ESP, The Times added that ‘Trade wars, political tensions and the prospect of a hard Brexit are all weighing on growth’ – further proof that Murdoch’s motley crew still fail to grasp that Brexit didn’t even happen yet. It is very odd, I’m sure you’ll agree, that on the one hand Brussels holds the stronger poker hand and we cannot possibly expect a better deal than the joke presented by ‘Sir’ Oliver Robbins; but on the other, Brexit – even before it happens – is a major factor tilting the eurozone’s outlook to the downside. Only a devilishly fashioned dysfunctional brain could square those two. (See also, Remainers)

With Britain on board, the Eutanic will sink slowly and painfully, dragging the UK economy down with it. Without Britain on board, it will be vapourised by hedge funds, Italian debt and Christine Lagarde before it even has the chance to hit a deadly iceberg. Things for Britain “off-board” will be dire, because we have allowed our economy to morph into the provision of charity shops, overpriced coffee shops and City slicker derivatives nonsense and, like the US, blocked all serious attempts to reform the stock market Cock Fight masquerading as a way of raising money for entrepreneurial capitalism.

Today’s bourses are twice-removed at least from customer-focused capitalists, being hellbent instead on supporting the sort of globalist mercantile colonialism that will end up one day in a war John Bolton can only wet-dream about.

The whole thing is an existential con. Or more exactly stated, a neocon-con.


Boris Johnson insists he did not lie to the Queen when asking her to prorogue Parliament. I can well believe this, and would imagine the tete-à-tete went something like this:

BoJo: Well mum, it’s like this: a rabble of power-mad Communists not dissimilar to those who wiped out your Romanov great-cousins have formed an unholy alliance with bought federalist sympathisers determined to ensure that your head disappears from the currency, and we become the Angleland multicultural Alcatraz gulag for those who dare to oppose the will of Franco-German Brit haters.

QE2: Oh dear. So what exactly do you want to do about it Prime Minister?

B: Much as it pains me mum, I should like to stop these power and money corrupted Trojans by a little perfectly legal constitutional subterfuge, and prorogue this Parliament, whose long sitting demands it. This will, as a happy by-product, enable me to ensure that the wishes of your subjects to remain independent shall be carried through by a Parliament whose MPs promised so to do.

Q: Sounds like a no-brainer to me. Carry on Prime Minister….

If you can see something misleading in that approach to Her Maj, do tell.


No doubt many of you have seen the myriad excerpts on Twitter from the BBC series recording the malfeasance and disgustingly triumphalist mendacity of the assorted Gauleiters who surround Head Rogue Guy Verhofstadt in the Brussels Brexit Steering Committee.

This is no conspiranoid TBP nutjob broadcast devoid of reality or evidence. It is a BBC documentary (no less) offering substantial, recorded evidence of attempts to keep Great Britain in the EU on the ‘Jewish Question’ Eichmann Wannsee basis of whatever it takes. These are people without feelings, ethics, or one iota of vision. These are people bought by an anti-social ideal. These are people who have not made a single complaint against the Beeb’s documentary.

Why? Because they know they are above the Law, and they have millions of Fifth Columnists in the UK to ensure blanket dismissal of the evidence.

But as usual tonight, this Slogpost is aimed at neither the converted nor the surreally inverted anongst us: it is targeted at the 12% of open-minded and impatient voters who wish only to do the best for their progeny.

I hope you found this helpful. I am off now to eat a duck casserole by the light of an African-style camp fire.