BREXIT: The power of surrender

DSCN0256 It may be time for the Brexit debate to be dumped in favour of more important plans to stop the drift towards a technocratic European Reich. In this first of a Slog two-parter, we examine the real history of multidimensional Brexit sabotage, the slim chances of Sovereign Brexit being achieved, and how the Resistance could become unstoppable. Part 2 will appear later today. 


There is a sort of potted history of meetings between UK and Brussels Brexit negotiators:

UKPol: Right, let’s get down to talking about how tariffs will work after Brexit….

Sprout: No, first you must agree to pay us a €39b divorce fee.

UKPol: There’s nothing in the Article 50 procedures about a divorce fee. Now, looking at….

Sprout: The clock is ticking.

UKPol: Well, maybe we can talk about a penalty in the context of a deal about overall trading procedures….

Sprout: No, you don’t understand: first we must reach agreement about the general conditions under which you withdraw, then we agree to let you withdraw, and…

UKPol: Er, we’ve already invoked Article 50. We do not need your agreement to withdraw, these negotiations are about what happens after…

Sprout: Then there will be no trade deal. It is obvious: no trade deal without a Withdrawal Agreement.

UKPol: We have read Article 50 from cover to cover. A 24 month notice is all that’s required. We are leaving on March 31st 2019. All we want to talk about now is….

Sprout: The clock is ticking.

Cue 3,709 leaks from Brussels to the British press alleging “British truculence”. The Guardian, Independent and New York Times go into anger overdrive, and newly “elected” French President Macron vows to “get tough on Brexit”. Juncker visits May in Downing Street. They agree to no more leaks. Juncker then leaks the content of the meeting to the world and his mother.

Now that May has – after using a senior Mandarin to pervert the Constitution – been told to fuck off by both the electorate and the Conservative Party – the process starts again.

UKPol: Right, as you know, the WA was never agreed by Parliament….

Sprout: That is of no concern to us, we signed it in good faith and so did your Prime Minister. From the start we have shown nothing but good faith but you broke your word.

UKPol: The UK Sovereign Body rejected the WA three times by record majorities, and no elected official even saw the WA before you signed it. It has no validity, and it must be reopened. So, let’s…

Sprout: We made it clear a year ago that the WA would not be reopened. It remains closed.

UKPol: the German Chancellor told our Prime Minister that if the Irish Backstop alternative was good enough, the WA would be reopened.

Sprout: The clock is ticking.

UKPol: It’s ticking for you too, sonny Jim. We have a solution to the Irish backstop.

Sprout: We have seen it. It is impractical. You must come up with other ideas and present them to us.

UKPol: We have offered you a total of seven ideas to provide an alternative. Now it is your turn to come up with ideas.

Sprout: Your Prime Minister has already blown 20 of the 30 days Chancellor Merkel gave him. The clock is ticking.

Cue 1,543 more leaks from Brussels saying the talks are deadlocked. The Parliamentary losers in the 2016 UK referendum organise to make a No Deal departure illegal, and the Liberal Democrats assert that they do not accept the referendum result and want to Revoke Article 50. The entire Brussels negotiating team orgasms in its trousers, and Guy Verhofstadt tells the LibDems how proud he is that they are on board with the new Mission, which is to turn the EU into an Empire and annex Africa. Boris Johnson goes to see Juncker one to one. Juncker tells the press that Britain must come up with new ideas, and the British PM had nothing new to say. BoJo dodges the press conference as an obvious trap.

It does not take much more than a grain of common sense to reach the following conclusion on the last few years vis-a-vis Brexit:

  • Aided and abetted by backstairs Remainer forces in the UK, a combination of US Alt State, NATO, terrified eurozone bureaucrats, central bankers and bought globalist media have worked overtime to delay, block, filibuster and generally undermine the British People’s will for three and a quarter years.
  • The real Hard Neoliberal Right (that is to say, rich europhile Tories dependent on EU financial backing + tax-evading multinational robotisers) have manipulated Useful Idiots in show business and among the Metropolitan chatterati as a whole via the media they control – and Useful Idiots’ own media, who control themselves according to evidence-free wishful thinking – to help create a Britain more bitterly divided that at any time since 1642.
  • For those with an ability to apply geopolitical and commercial logic to the situation, it is blindingly obvious that both the blocist neocons and power megalomaniacs in Brussels will do anything rather than let the UK leave the European Union. Britain is a massive net contributor, a massive trade loser, and equivalent to 19 EU members put together. The idea that May’s WA was the best deal we could get is unhinged.
  • But no matter how much fiscal, economic and past behavioural evidence one compiles to demonstrate this, UK europhiles are not going to change their minds.

Trumpet-blowing to one side, I would stress that – whatever one might think about my reasoning here – I have been right pretty much every step of the way since a week after the June 2016 Referendum. Even before the Referendum, I posted this prescient piece: 

Within eight days of the poll, contacts in both Washington and Brussels told me emphatically, “You will not be allowed to leave: there is too much at stake”.

Today I have been watching news footage of Boris Johnson arriving for a meeting with the PM of Luxembourg. Somehow (imagine that?) a virulent anti-Brexit demo was there to shower the British PM with insults and rage.

The one emotion never awarded to Britain by the European Union’s gauleiters since 2016 is respect. The Brussels hierarchy is peopled entirely by vindictive shits. Without manners and respect, there can be no civilisation. This is why the UK’s struggle at the moment is about so much more than Brexit.

Enough of the past: I increasingly believe that what the Decent Majority in the United Kingdom must do is form a non-Party Front designed to rein in the Mad Folks. 

The title of this post is ‘The Power of Surrender’.

That header makes a simple point in the context of Brexit: if real, Sovereign freedom from the EU is not forthcoming, then we must be inside the tent and pissing on everyone until they can’t wait to get rid of us.

Later today (Tuesday 17th September 2019) I will discuss how to look beyond the day after tomorrow. Perhaps the Battle for Britain is over. If so, the Battle for Europe must continue, and be stepped up.

France’s Gilets Jaunes have much to teach us.

Stay tuned.