At the End of the Day


A severe illness in the Body Politic: The Slog reports on useful idiots like Hilary Benn, and a useless idiot in the Speaker’s Chair.



I write tonight with something of a sense of terror.

I have come to the conclusion over the last 5-10 years that the US Democrats and UK Labour suffer from one illness producing two sets of symptoms:

1. An inability to discern the difference between shit and sugar.

2. An inability to think about consequences.

Neoliberals and bankers do know the difference and do recognise the consequences, but gated communities help them sleep at night. As always (given my views on the well-intentioned) I fear Leftlibs considerably more than Neolibs.

I’ll tell you why: without a mass market of Useful Idiots, Neoliberalism would never get off the ground.

For example, in the UK at the moment, Liberals & Labour are leading the charge for a Government of National Unity, but can’t see the funny side of Swinson saying she must be PM, and Corbyn saying he must be. The idiot Hilary Benn’s Act has forced Johnson not to leave the European Union with no deal, forced him to ask the EU for an extension, and forbidden him to call an Election. He does not, however, have any plan to deal with the impasse beyond holding an election. So who is going to call it if Johnson has been removed, and Swinson and Corbyn are going 10 rounds for the leadership?

Their partners in this charge are former May Cabinet Red Carpeteers, Supreme Court Justices whose incomes depend on continued EU membership, and MSM owners who long for the day when they can push out one message to their privileged idea of the Global Village.

All of this is exactly what the NWO neocon nutters want: as many divided and dysfunctional nation States as possible. Greece, Italy….and now the UK.

Once again, the shit v sugar judgement is severely lacking. I can see what an unutterable shit BoJo is. But the Leftlibs simpy cannot absorb facts, and thus do not see Revoker and Black Widow spider Gina Miller for the dissembling hypocrite and glorified prostitute she so patently is.

The question remains, what illness produces a closed mind, zero sense of humour or irony, diving headlong into bear traps and denial of reality?

Some would lay the blame at the door of reading The Guardian and the New York Times, but I think this is to confuse the headless chicken with the rotten egg: the outbreak of this illness began with the hacks who work at such titles.

Is there something in the print ink they use that destroys journalistic thought, and ever since has infected every regular reader?

Don’t be daft: it’s a silly idea. But here’s the rub: if the Revoke & Remain mob were told that this is what had happened at the Telegraph and the Express, a sizeable proportion of them – especially if either Jon Snow or Alastair Campbell was the source of the story – would believe it. 


Meanwhile,  let us not forget the saintly beatitudes of Speaker John the Berk of Cow, a Parliamentarian surely beyond reproach whose bias is exceeded only by the boundless generosity with which he accepts gifts of a sporting nature. 

Such is the depth of SB’s devotion to football and cricket, one wonders how he finds the time to pervert the Constitution and pretend to be-even handed as opposed to two-faced.

I commend the site They work for You to all those wondering what this tireless worker for EU values does in those exceedingly rare, spare moments the poor little chap has.

The Sun headline is that all such benefits in kind are listed as “donations” – that is, not liable to tax…unlike those of us ordinary folks who must treat them as taxable Benefits in Kind. For example:

‘Amount of donation, or nature and value of donation in kind: Two tickets for a football match on 18 August 2018, with associated hospitality; total estimated value £330’

A very valuable donation, no doubt.

Don’t despair. In the end, they will all be gone….in one way or another.