The 2020/WASPI judgement can snatch victory from the jaws of Brexit defeat


The British Ruling Class has made the fatal error of putting down too many just causes at once. The victims should now join together and teach the Establishment a life-lesson.



The decision by yet another Kangaroo Court yesterday to dismiss the case brought by the 2020 Pension rights pressure group may seem to some like a small event on an ever more complex global caravan on the road to Hell.

And yet….has a small, wind-borne straw imperceptibly landed on the lead camel, and broken its back?

That, my fellow citizens, depends on the determination of those who would block the road to perdition.

The Waspi/2020 and TBP + Leave voter spectrum of the electorate is a natural fit alongside the circa 12-15% of decent coves who can now both see and hear the shambolic caravan of fools and knaves heading towards us, with pillage in mind.

Yesterday’s judgement may well have been an arrogance too far for that decency segment.

The jiggerypokery of the Whitehall feather-bedded pensioners knows no shame, does not recognise the crime of lying, and is quite simply unacceptable. Three years ago, for instance, the Department of Work & Pensions – an appallingly run and corruption-riddled department of ‘State’ – said it would cost £77bn to reverse the SPA changes. Then 2020 hired a hotshot lawyer and sued them. By the time the case came to Court 15 months later, suddenly the figure has leapt to £181bn. Er, how did that happen?

The DWP claims it wrote to everyone. But millions of women deny this….and Whitehall is devoid of evidence to prove they’re wrong. The DWP said “the move was widely publicised”. It wasn’t…but it did include, for example, putting up A4 posters in Job Centres….just where you’d expect to find lots of traditional married women born in 1954. The judges yesterday ruled that “there was a widespread programme of consultation with various bodies”…none of whom agreed with the government’s strategy. The DWP says the move was done to make pension provision gender-neutral. That is a canard, and everyone knows it. The DWP says the timetable “did not change before 2010”. This also is not borne out by the facts, or indeed the contradictory content of the various leaflets issued between 1996 and 2008.

George Osborne accelerated the timetable in 2010….having two years earlier issued a solemn promise that “no person imminently expecting a pension will be affected”. So Osborne speeded up the process because he is passionate about gender equality, right? In 2012 he boasted, “It was the easiest saving I ever had to make”.

The simple Truth is this: for forty or more years, votecentric MPs of all Parties kicked the State pension can down the road until it was too late to do anything less than draconian. Their civil servants then obfuscated, covered-up, confused and sat on the process, until women began to get letters out of the blue about not getting the pension they had been promised by the State sixty years earlier.

“There was no alternative,” our glorious, virtue-signalling legislators simper. Rubbish. Had they set up a National Pension Fund in 1947, we would not have this problem today. Had they adjusted NI contributions annually in the budget, we would not have this problem today. Had they chosen to guarantee existing pension promises, but launch multi-media advertising and PR to make it clear in 1995 that State pensions would be frozen from 2025 but citizens could increase their NI payments as they wished, we would not have this problem today, people aged forty would’ve had twenty years to prepare, and many middle class voters would have taken out private top-ups….thus saving the State billions going forward.


But this is all in the past: the calumny was perpetrated, and “excused” with hypocritical claptrap about gender neutrality. Now we must – all of us – old, young, men, women, Left and Right – see the golden opportunity that the Judges (and the Brexit wreckers) have generously placed in our laps. Let’s start with this fact:

The annual cost of reversing the SPA embezzlement from here onwards would be £15 billion…reducing in real terms over twenty years, during which time many WASPI/2020 women will die.

Now let’s look at what Boris Johnson will have to pay should he get a “deal” from Brussels:

£39 billion upfront and then £15 billion per annum until 2025.

That’s a hundred and fourteen billion quid in total….not a penny of which we are obliged to pay under the terms of Article 50.

So what BoJo must do now is tell the Commission that they aren’t going to get it, because Parliament won’t approve it. And if we leave with No Deal, we won’t have to pay it anyway.

So for seven and a half years – until July 2027 – there will be no oncost for the State. The feather-bedded Sir Humphreys will have bags of time to plan ahead and (this time) make it clear to middle aged people what’s going on….which is six more years than most SPA victims got.

A brief note about exactly why I am so obnoxious on the subject of Whiteminster in the context of the SPA reforms scandal. Another Whitehall spin-line is “these pensions are unfunded”.

All Whiteminster pensions are unfunded. The UK’s future liabilities under unfunded pension schemes for the political and bureaucratic classes exceed £1.7 trillion….and rising. The average DWP employee will receive an unfunded pension seven times that of an SPA victim, the average MP eleven times and the average Sir Humphrey between fourteen and twenty times.

For the many not the few? Or is it vice versa?


So that’s where we’ve been, and this is where we are. Let’s keep it simple.

The Politico-bureaucratic-Judicial axis in this country is not a broken model. But it is bent. In a little under two weeks of blatant Estalishment arse-covering, this self-interested élite has undermined elected officials over the WA desired by 17.4 million voters, denied the political executive power of negotiation in Brussels on sums exceeding £100 billion, and summarily dismissed the civil right of a promised State pension to four million women.

These are pretty big numbers. So let me say again – to Waspi/2020, to Brexiters and the decent sector of our population – is this a level playing field? Is it really likely that these greedy red carpeteers are going to respond to lots of polite demos, legal niceties and appeals to ethics?

Of course they won’t. They will only respond to two things:

1. Actions that threaten to cut off their money supply

2. Votes that threaten to throw them off the caravan

Both Diane Abbott and Caroline Lucas have pledged their virtue-signalling support this morning. A fat lot of good that’s going to do.

Labour has yet to offer SPA victims a firm promise on restitution, and is increasingly upfront about revoking Article 50 to cancel Brexit.

The Liberal Democrats have done the same.

Boris Johnson has promised “to look vigorously” at the SPA case, and is negotiating a deal with Brussels that most Brexiteers won’t accept. Given the blond bomber’s history, I suggest we’d have more luck with the blood and stone thing than such a flimsy blur of woffle.

The SNP has always been a vigorous supporter of WASPI/2020 – but then, it’s not their money and they don’t have jurisdiction in England and Wales.

The Brexit Party has promised to leave the EU if elected without any strings – or if necessary, a deal. It has not as yet made any promises to concerning the SPA scandal.

I read this extract in today’s Guardian:


With the greatest of respect to Joanne (whom I have never met) they can and will knock you back, they can (and have) ignored the 215 MPs, and right now the country needs votes for Sovereign Brexit – not for a serial dissembler like BoJo.

So do you: with a No Deal, No fee Brexit, you stand a chance along with TBP of, at the very least, holding the balance of power in the next Parliament…and a huge majority of Brits – Leave or Remain – would rather you had the £39bn than a bunch of Hoods in Belgium.


I am calling on all Brexit Party members from here onwards to maximise their chances of winning seats in real numbers while at the same time correcting the greatest social injustice of the last thirty years. I ask you please to put every kind of strong pressure on your leadership to form a tactical voting alliance with the SPA victims.

I am calling on both Waspi and 2020 members to vote tactically for TBP as the best way to keep Britain strongly independent, and have the finances to restore your civil rights as State pensioners. I ask both organisations to put differences aside, swallow pride, and take this enormous opportunity to shock Westminster into action. I ask you please to put every kind of strong pressure on your leaderships to form a tactical voting alliance with the Brexit Party.

I know that tactical voting has become what some see as a wild obsession here at The Slog. I do wish that those who do would wake the f**k up and look at the obvious synergy here:

  1. Leavers and SPA victims have had their democratic will and rightful social expectations crushed by the same grubby, unfeeling privileged classes
  2. Both groups have seen over many years that playing the voting game the élite way gets you nowhere
  3. Both groups are fundamentally commonsense traditionalists who believe in a strong and just culture with compassion for the unjustly treated
  4. Both groups are now perilously close to being in the Last Chance Saloon. The window is limited. The window is now.

This is a pivotal moment in human history – culturally, politically, economically and fiscally. We are about to enter a less than happy epoch when unelected technocrats will press their sociopathic case as never before, where intolerant ideology tries to take over from open debate, and where too many politicians have forgotten who they work for.

I mentioned earlier above about cutting off their money supply, but for obvious reasons that is a form of civil disobedience that runs risks for the writer if dicussed in a public medium.

The moment is perfectly ripe, however, for cutting off the votes which they spuriously insist give them the right to do what they like and the Devil take the rest of us.

We can change their minds about that forever. But it has to be now. Or never.