Good morning. In the wee small hours of yesterday, I invested some time cruising a couple of dozen news sites trying to piece together some kind of overall feedback on the ‘New EU Boris Deal’ that has alienated the DUP (a Party I don’t like much at the best of times) but produced a generally positive – and thus, promising – reaction from some of the most unlikely quarters.

The piece I eventually posted was kind of, “Look, it’s far from perfect – but this has gone on long enough…wait for the full text, and then decide”.

I caught up with that text around 13.45 CET yesterday (Friday 18th) and realised after a couple of hours of study that, even by today’s limbo-low standards, the Withdrawal Agreement going to the House of Commons tomorrow is in reality an example of commendable recycling. That is to say, it would be if the substance involved wasn’t pure excrement. That sort of bodily waste doesn’t require recycling, it requires extended treatment to turn it into something else….or, the more amoral solution, which is to redirect the pipework onto your neighbour’s land

I can find nothing in this “Deal” that – in the WA itself – is in any way better than the one handed to Theresa May last October on a base-metal salver with the notice ‘BUY ME OR DIE’.

So hopefully with a much-needed degree of brevity, I wish this morning to offer two possibilities in relation to What Boris is at, Man. Curiously, whichever one is correct, the course of action for MPs remains the same: reject the deal*.

*These three words represent the Big Change from yesterday’s Slogpost. Also the Category heading which asked ‘Take the Deal and Run?’


The best summary I’ve seen so far is at FactsforEU. I urge you to read it, look for anything in it that you like, and then vomit. These are my Megabig issues:

  • The EIB Hammond Deal remains hidden and undiscussed. We are talking in the region of a €150 billion medium-term cost to the UK which is completely unjustifiable. Worse still, we are on the line for a half trillion euros liability for any lending cockups this quite extraordinarily stupid bank might hatch with no power over its actions.
  • The €39 billion divorce fee is not only extant, it is open-ended – “and may climb over time”. We have also already “agreed” to a €1 billion a month “fee” for being patronised by Team Barnier, and insulted by Guy Carpetbagger.
  • Independent UK foreign policy including military action is restricted, with the final say going to the ECJ. So the Falklands War (and the ejection of the fascist Galtieri régime in Argentina) would not be possible going forward without Brussels permission.
  • The UK will continue to be governed by existing and new laws of the ECJ, with no say over these laws.

There are many others, but that’s enough detail – Ed.

If the Deal were to be approved by the Commons tomorrow – and by one circuitous means or another then subjected to a referendum – I would vote Remain. The reason why is as simple as ever: better to be a powerful EU Member State than a vassal connected by barely visible apron strings.

Look: I promised one overall conclusion, and here it is: the lack of sovereignty and size of cost makes this ‘Deal’ truly awful.

However, there are two possible interpretations about what’s really going on here. So let’s cut swiftly to that Chase.


These are the two possibilities:

1. Boris the Spider is the sociopathic megalo we always thought he was, and this is his attempt to gain five years of legally elected power during which he can complete his project of turning Britain into a glorified western Singapore. 

2. Team Boris the Spider is saying to the Brussels fly, “Come into my parlour, the better for me to trap you in an unexpected No Deal”.

The first of these needs no further elucidation: the Prime Minister has an unequalled track record of double-dealing to the advantage of his media mogul, globalist and bourse capitalism mates. If this is what he’s at, then the remaining few MPs with any morals must vote the Deal down.

The second likelihood has some intriguing behaviours in its favour.

Brexit weather-vane MP Steven Baker is in favour of the Deal. Allegedly. In fact – if you look at all those likely to be in the Team Boris loop – their loyalty to the PM’s strategy is near universal. Baker is locked in discussions with the ERGers right now.

But what exactly are they discussing – the pros and cons of the Deal, or a conspiratorial plan to trap Brussels in a spider’s web?

Johnson has asked for and obtained an assurance from Juncker that no request for an extension, should the Deal fail to be approved, will be granted.

In short, the Team Boris ploy is to put a Deal to the Commons they know will be rejected….and then the Prime Minister can say, “I’m not going to ask for an extension under the Benn Act, because (a) EU Law trumps that Act, and (b) the EC President has vowed that such an extension will not be granted”.

We then stumble into an apparently anarchic (but actually planned) Leave with No Deal. Which was what Dominic Cummings wanted all along.

This is clearly what Philip Hammond suspects.

And so the conclusion remains the same: persuade every MP you can to vote the Deal down.


I can’t leave this Slogpost without reiterating what I was told – within two weeks of the 2016 Referendum – by sources in New York, Washington and Brussels: “you will not be allowed to leave”.

Last night, I had sight of Tory email fundraising based on ‘full support for the Boris initiative’. It did suggest to me that Boris is, as ever, on the same side as the Black Hats.

If the EU27 decide to overrule Juncker (which they have every right to do, and the ghastly Donald Tusk has already disowned J-CJ’s edict) then we will, after today, still be moored to the rapidly sinking SS Eutanic.

Equally however – and at the risk of boring the arse off regular readers – for me, Brexit is nothing more than one symptom of a global phenomenon. That is, the rise and rise of the human desire to have Personal Destiny Control (PDC) – what, in historian circles, has always been called Self-Determination.

I wrote to the SDP’s UK leadership last Thursday with the suggestion that ‘SDP’ as a mnemonic should in future stand for the Self Determination Party.

I have to say, their response was swift, civilised and equivocal. In the 21st century, it is hard to ask for much more.

Have a good Saturday. I shall be glued to the telly for much of it. One could say that such represents the triumph of expectation over experience.