Writing out loud

DSCN0260 First fire of the Autumn today. Very cosy, and bringing out all those hibernatory instincts developed a few million years before Homo sapiens, and after the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs.

I’ve just been to my local minimart to buy a few peasants for addition to the fire, and some nice blue cheese that isn’t vacheand is therefore allegedly better for me. This morning, I mowed some grass. Later I might go all Corbyn and make some jam. Making jam from frozen soft fruit makes it far easier to get the stones out. If you like making fresh tomato pasta sauce, freeze the toms as well: then plunge them in boiling water, and the skins peel themselves.

Following on from today’s earlier Slogpost, you will perhaps detect in those opening paragraphs my now overwhelming desire to stop blogging about Brexit. These are my final and irrevocable conclusions about Brexit:

  1. Sovereign Brexit is beyond our grasp
  2. ‘Getting out on any terms’ is no good if we remain on the line for half a trillion quid’s worth of EIB insanity.
  3. As for effective ballot box revenge upon the bought legislators, frankly I’ll believe it when I see it: people are not paying attention. TBP Faragista people in particular are not paying attention.
  4. IABATO – It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official.

From here onwards going forward in the blogging space at The Slog platform, Brexit will be referred to en passant as Betty the Chihuahua Bitch.

Sky News also has Sky 523, a dedicated Brexit-free channel; but that will be bollocks, whereas The Slog isn’t. Hurrah!


This decision will not, of course, make The Slog any more pleasant a form of reading for those unable to tell male from female, honesty from spin, fact from assertion, shit from sugar, or even Guy Verhofstadt from Saint Christopher.

It will not give succour to those who like Justin Trudeau, Harriet Harman, other pc lunatics, or sexuality/ethnic/gender narcissism.

It will not be an oasis for the globalists, bankers, bourse fanatics, feather-bedded functionaries, monetarist financialisers, or media conglomerates that present agendered propaganda as news.

It will not be Left, Right or Centrist.

It will instead be a blog devoted to maximum responsible citizen fufilment, the human being and other species as the starting point for all philosophy, the rejection of braindead ideology, the interrogation of all data provenance, and the promotion of Small Creativity as opposed to Big Process.

Above all, it will be radical – and often contrarian. Because decades of political fudge, petrified belief systems, can-kicking, corrupt personal enrichment and unelected interference have left the thinking citizen with no alternative beyond bottom-up radicalism.

We have arrived at a 21st century Peterloo. And if you don’t know what Peterloo was, then FFS look it up. I was not put on Earth to wipe your bottom.


Memo to the Extinction Rebellion Sorosite victims:


Might be a good idea to wrap up well, lads.

Memo to Prince Harry and his missus:

If you feel haunted by the memory of your mother’s “hounding by the Press”, you might be relieved of this burden by remembering that (a) her fate was largely sealed by the family of which you are a hugely privileged member and (b) she was in the vanguard of Royals prepared to use the media for her own muddled ends.

It’s also possible that you have married unwisely. It seems to me that Meghan knows nothing about the role of British royalty, but far too much about how to mouth off on subjects she barely understands…the way most celebs do these days. From the moment she arrived on the scene, I said she was trouble. She is.

Royalty is doomed.

Memo to the Irish People:

The Irish Mirror is reporting that the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is very keen to get Betty the Chihuahua Bitch done by 31 October because he has tickets to see Cher on 1 November.

“He has tickets for the pop legend in Dublin’s 3Arena on November 1 and wants to enjoy it properly,” says the Mirror, “Mr Varadkar is a self-confessed Kylie Minogue fan who sent her a personal letter and got a selfie with the Aussie when she performed here last December. But he is also believed to love Cher and has been looking forward to the concert for months.”

Allegedly, this report is true.

We are all doomed.


Tonight, the Revoker Commons has defeated the Government’s express-train passage of the WA2 Betty the Chihuahua Bitch Bill on the grounds of restricted time to discuss it….which they created in the first place.

Nothing like the odd self-fulfilling prophecy of clock-ticks running out to piss off the electorate.

These clowns will never learn. Or rather, they will never learn until the electorate belatedly gets its act together.

Will it ever?