At the End of the Day

DSCN0256 Since the publication last night of my determination not to use the B*e*i* word any more, I have been swamped with internet surfers keen to know the history of my chosen vicarious canine B description, ‘Betty the Chihuahua Bitch’.

Herewith a pointer – in the ‘clue’ rather than doggy-breed context.

Dogverhof.PNGMissing front teeth. Here we see EU Betty negotiator and allround attack dog Guy Verhofstadt minus his customary heavy makeup. Putting his father Rott Weiller to Betty was an enormous success in terms of producing Guy (who has made Hitler impressions once more acceptable) but unfortunately for Brussels Lebensborn Kennels GmbH, every bark from Verhofstadt adds 300,000 Leaver converts in the UK.

Others have asked me for pictures of dear old Betty herself.

chihuashua1.PNGThis is she. Although a fine specimen, unfortunately the willingness of 17.4 million people to vote her vastly preferable to the Verhofstadt cross appears to have gone to her head. She now thinks that UK Bettyness is a cinch. But as her Prime Minister Bulldog Johnson has discovered, the ruthless forces of the Globalist neocon Dog Pound are everywhere.



Meanwhile, the meltdown of the Windsor dynasty continues. Relations between the households of the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex were tested again after Prince Harry’s camp was reported to have said that he and Meghan had “single-handedly modernised the monarchy”. In turn, elder brother Prince William is quoted as saying he is “worried” about his brother. In fact, Wills is worried about Harry’s wife.

Aren’t we all?

Harry and Meghan Sparkle may see themselves as ‘modernisers’ of the Royal Family. But I found this reader comment at The Times today more profound:

“The Duke of Sussex is a much loved member of the Royal Family. He has literally earned his spurs on operations with the British army and he has done much to support military and civilian charities. The Duchess of Sussex is equally notable as a successful actress but I understand little else so far. IN her capacity as a member of the British Royal family she has an opportunity to change that for the better, or not as she sees fit. However, if there really is anyone in the Household team who believes they have modernised the Royal Family they are clearly misunderstandinfg the raison d’être of that Royal Family; this misunderstanding is probably in the belief that ‘woke’ activities and statements being undertaken and made by the Sussexes might be positively received by the more youthful members of British and indeed international society. This I believe is an incorrect reading of the truth and the true picture and story is much less positive as seen in the world press; as such it is the Duke and Duchess and their advisers who must take the blame.”