VOTING TO GET REAL BREXIT? Some sobering thoughts….


Overconfidence is here again. Not only is real, Sovereign Brexit slipping yet again from our grasp: there are many disastrous trends voting cannot reverse.


Another daily dose of reality for those in the ‘bring it on’ camps of Labour and the Brexit Party:


I’m all for accepting that TBP levels are underclaimed (most people “feel bad” about admitting an intention to vote either Leave or for Farage) but at these levels, it is clear that the Brexiteers need a serious rethink.

Here’s why.

At these levels of support, the Tories will wind up with a majority of around 85-90 seats. So BoJo isn’t going to “need” Nigel. Although Labour is on a low number, it looks reasonably solid. Such leakage as TBP was going to get from the Party of Corbychev and Abacus has already happened. The same is probably true of leakage to the LibDems.

Somehow, Johnson is in turn keeping (and gaining) loyal supporters because they see him as having ‘won’ Brexit. The only way to reverse that trend is to make it brutally clear that WA2 is a fiscal, economic and sovereign disaster…..which, of course, it is.

It seems that Farage was in the US in search of a strong endorsement from Trump. The Donald gave him an exclusive LBC interview, urging the TBP leader and the PM to form an electoral pact. The next poll might give some indication as to whether that has had any effect on the electorate: peronally, I doubt it….and anyway, BoJo isn’t going to offer it.

It’s bad enough that people vote tribally and with their wallets rather than their brains. But it occurs to me that if the only way we can get rid of mad, corrupt, mediocre and anti-democratic legislators is by voting tactically to get round the system, then we need a new system.

Hold that thought.


From depressing reality to surreal ideas of zero relevance that have become the norm in the Septic Isle. Sheffield University has banned the use of Sombreros by students (Mexico was the theme for Halloween charity fund-raising) because they represent ‘cultural appropriation’.

Just for fun this morning, I rang six people of both genders aged 35-73 and asked what they thought about it. Most of them were at first lost for words. Four out of six laughed, one just shook his head, and one woman answered, “Dear God help us”.

This is one thing that voting will never change, because University authorities are – like pc idiots – by and large unaccountable.

I suppose my response is to write, let’s go around harrassing people of African and Asian ethnicity, ripping off their trousers, shirts and baseball caps while yelling “Begone, cultural appropriators!”

We used to have a set of 18th century hunting prints, because I’ve always had a bit of a thing about primitive art expositions of animal life. My second wife took them down one day, saying she was concerned they might offend the anti-hunt lobby. I don’t know what happened to them. It was one of those tide-turning moments when you realise you may well be in the wrong marriage.

But it gets worse.


UK motorists now face a £200 fine even if they only touch their mobile phones while driving. New HD cameras are being installed by the Department for Transport to catch every finger on every button…including drivers who use mobile phone apps for satnav  even if the device is in a holder. Thus, answering calls on a hands-free car phone is now illegal….and the law already punishes motorists for distracted driving if they aren’t looking at the road when checking a sat nav that is secured in a holster.

I really don’t care how many lives this might save in a year….all two of them, and even if it’s a hundred and two. The surveillance State has now abandoned even the pretence of any privacy for the citizen. A hundred or so lives is a small price to pay for the liberty and privacy of the individual in a country where the Home Office is so profoundly incompetent, it has let in 15 million illegal immigrants, and is thus 22% light in its estimate of the population.

But this is another thing that voting is never going to change. There will be grumbling, but politicians and bureacrats will ignore that, and simply pass the necessary statutory instruments, because they know that the average Jane and Joe hasn’t the wit to see the appalling trade-off being caused by our obsession with ending all accidents.


I really am making a very simple point: not only are we now highly unlikely to get anything other than a washed-out Brexit by voting in December; even if we went the extra mile and voted sensibly for that goal, we would still have 99 miles to go (most of it uphill) in the struggle to sort out Britain’s malaise.

But we must keep on keeping on.