At the End of the Day


Three days in (only 37 to go) the General Election has yet to produce something to surprise us. No doubt it will: but the dysfunctional nature of the politicians on offer is all too apparent.


I have noticed in the last 72 hours that, as ever, pointing out Nigel Farage’s inability to learn from his mistakes does attract the usual insults, hints of having “sold out” on Brexit, and accusations of bias. I admire Nige’s uncanny ability to evoke this level of blind faith; but far from walking on water, it’s all the Brexit Party leader can do to issue the offer of a pact without it turning into a threat “to split the Leave vote in every constituency in the UK”.

This isn’t the way to make friends, build alliances, create consensus and look like a statesman. On his return to UK politics last April, I predicted exactly what Mr Farage would do, and he has done it. So don’t blame me folks: shooting the piano player is usually less effective than buying a Steinway to replace the honky-tonk. And a bloke polling at 11% threatening a Prime Minister on 42% does have an empty-vessel sound to it.

In stating all that, the last thing I want is Boris ‘Singapore Girl’ Johnson unchained by a proper Opposition once his ridiculously feeble attempt at Brexit (not so much Brino as Albino) has been agreed, signed, stamped and condemned the UK to an obscenely unfair level of liability for the misguided megalomania of the Unholy Belgian Empire.

The latest set of YouGov data released shows that, while the Labour Party is generally still more popular with younger voters, the lifestage at which they finally realise what a crock of old doo-dah Socialism is has fallen dramatically: the age at which a voter is more likely to vote Conservative than Labour has dropped dramatically since the last election in 2017.

Ahead of the 2019 election, the tipping point is now age 40, compared to 47 at the last election. That’s a fall of 17.5% in two years. Not hard to grasp, then, why St Jeremy of Islington is dead keen to reduce the voting age.

Going forward into the future, Labour will be forced (having lost this election) to depend more and more on the whingeing views of the sexually aberrent (Blairites) and bizarre 19th century arcane ideas hatched 150 years before the internet (Momentum-driven Corbynites).

It is more and more obvious with every year that the regrettable advance of neoliberal globalist compassion-free economic greed needs a credible, practical, grounded Opposition in the West that isn’t obsessed with isms, correctness, middle class illiberal we-know-better supremacism and all the discredited multicultural diversity drivel.

Whatever wing of the tired old collectivist buzzard people support, it seems their awareness of its governmental shortcomings is causing scales to fall from the eyes at an earlier and earlier moment on the long road to God’s waiting room. Mind you, it’s hard not to find the likes of Jess Phillips, Diane Abbott, David Lammy and Jezzer himself implicated in this particular case.

Young Labour is finding out the hard way – just as Michael Foot, Arthur Scargill, Derek Hatton et al did in the Eighties – that Marxism is totally foreign to most Brits, and always was. It’s excesses, delusions and bonkers syntax sell papers, but not much else. For any HMO to be facing quite such an unpleasant and moronic Tory Party as this one and polling just 24% is, on any scale, an utter disaster.

I have said and written many times that Britain needs a balanced, anti-ideological, compassionate and grounded Opposition to a Conservative Party that has been hijacked by globalist neoliberal monetarism in exactly the same way that a dictatorship of mad pc feminist multicultural Marxists has captured Labour.

In December 2010, I had this to say about the innate problem of obtaining that ‘Reform Party’ – for want of a better term:


I think this still pertains today. But nine years on, I’d be happy to replace ‘radicalise’ with ‘fire up’…..and make user-friendly software the main weapon in that objective. Stalin infamously remarked that “history is made by those who turn up” – which is true, but wonks who turn up at every meeting tend to be the sort of committed ideologues who should be, um, committed.

Enjoy the weekend. Boris has decided that fracking is a bad idea. Big tick for his current squeeze on that one.