RBS: Whitehall, the banks & the Judiciary in sub-carpet sweeping deal with the MSM


In the absence of the late Anna Raccoon, The Slog launches SAM – Send A Message



It’s over two years now since the pseudonymous Anna Raccoon died. She was the most meticulous of bloggers when it came to fact over fancy, and a fearless hounder of the mainstream media set’s pathetic lapdog idleness in the face of legal, fiscal, financial and political conspiracy to mislead and defraud. She was, in summary, a one-woman DIY gal filling a communications gap with waterproof facts that produced indelible Truths.

I miss her waspish accuracy, hysterical sense of humour and indomitable courage still. You do too, but you probably don’t know why. She taught me more about online skills and dirt-digging than all others put together. Also, her widower Graham is a terrific cook who stood by her through thick and thin, giving way to her passion for facts rather than the quiet life.

Today, I would rather have one Anna working on the ever-rising swamp stink that is RBS than the Xerox copier machine that is “Fleet Street”, the BBC, Channel Four and Sky. But now the case against Royal Bank of Scotland – and allegations against Whitehall sociopaths who ‘used blatant criminality’ – is back in the hands of the British Judiciary.

Oh dear. I fear all may be lost. I cannot comment on the case, which involves a determined (and, I’d imagine, uniquely brave) Mancunian called Oliver Morley – who alleges that  the RBS Global Restructuring Group [GRG] placed him under “economic duress”, which resulted in the acquisition of some of his assets by that very same bank’s property division, in 2010.

I can do two things, however: first, point out this piece at The Times today reporting that a retired and very senior RBS whistleblower has dragged the Treasury “asset recuperation” team screaming into the spotlight. (The piece is in the business section, but should be front-page news).

Second, I can point you at the Search page at The Slog affording access to the many blogs I wrote about this quite bizarre private and public sector “cooperation” from 2010 until earlier this year. There you will find, on occasions, a younger and more wide-eyed Slog convinced that the guilt must come to light in the end. It didn’t.

Will it now? Does the Pope shit in the woods?

Since kicking off with Not Born Yesterday in 2005 (a site crushed by the might of Lord Mandelson’s lies in 2009 and deliberate obfuscation by Andrew Marr) I have supported causes for and against various things: Gordon Brown, ECB illegality in Greece and Cyprus, the smearing of Viktor Orban, the embezzlement of SPA State pension funds, illegal Whitehall pension increases, the Hackgate scandal, Leave campaign bungling, the Elm House cover-up, deadly multivariate debt, the Brexit betrayal, and – pretty well continuously – the corruption of the City, banks, the Metropolitan Police, all wings of the media and the majority of politicians.

This last has been achieved by a motley crew ranging from Boris Johnson, Rupert Murdoch, Jon Snow, hypocritical ideologues in all the sizes and colours, David Cameron, Rebekah Wade, George Osborne, Nick Cohn and many others of the munneeeed classes….but most of all with the help of slush-funds denominated in Dollars and Euros.

The medical profession may have made giant leaps in slowing down, curing and detecting physical cancer in recent times. By contrast, social anthropologists, economists, politicians, Judges, media owners, cops et al have not done terribly well on the cultural cancer front.

Ideology in politics is a cancer. Money in politics is a cancer. Oil in geopolitics is a cancer. The various Alt States are cancers. ‘Not my problem’ is a cancer. Voting with your wallet is a cancer. Apathy is a cancer. Cynicism is a cancer. Globalist mercantilism is a cancer. Media truth-bending is a cancer. Politicised police are a cancer. Corrupt bureaucrats with commercial revolving-doors interests are a cancer. Uncontrolled censorship and surveillance is a cancer.

As a fin de l’Empire society, the West is riddled with cancer. Is the December general election going to change any of that?


No, I very much doubt that it will. The choices are an old Etonian who has gathered more clouds in his life than a CIA weather-control op; a bourgeois Marxist stuck in 1926 who has deserted the working class and serially lied about his inner beliefs in an incorrigible bid for power; a Yellow submarine who wears her anti-democratic illiberalism with pride; and a former City-trader gaffe-magnet whose campaigns in the past have been largely underwritten by media moguls and dodgy millionaires, and wholly unsuccessful.

Is there a point to the election, then? Yes, I think there could be. Not a giant leap for mankind, but a first step for grounded, compassionate, governance without political ideology.

A lot of guilty Remainers in the Tory and Labour Parties have quit politics – or taken deadend opportunities with Westminster groups going nowhere. There shall not be a vale of tears shed at their departure for pastures more green than the colour of honest money.

But nowhere near enough of those who should be in tumbrils heading for falling blades will have been purged once the votes are counted…..unless the tribalists finally make an effort to grasp one thing: although the FPTP 18th century election system we use is a trap to help keep us under the State’s thumb, it is wide open to constructive abuse by those true liberal democrats prepared to Send a Message – or SAM.

Churchill called Montgomery’s defeat of Rommel in North Africa “not the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany, but the end of the beginning”. I have now come to see this general election in the same light.

And so, I am today launching the SAM campaign. Most of my abbreviations tend to sink with all hands, but I am unbowed by history so far. IABATO* for example (I am told by those who should know) is now one of the leading Anglophone online acronyms that surfers understand in 2019.

Every day from now until December 11th, there will be a post or a reference at The Slog to how you can Send A Message to the Establishment by punishing the blocists, the corporate Stateists and the other forms of whore currently plying their trade at Westminster.

It will be a thesaurus of punishment whose SAM will be, “At the sharp end we not you have the power”. It will name names, identify constituencies, and encourage the involvement of other groups with the same idea.

Yes, I realise that this is a form of nihilism. But we need to warn these gargoyles before they drag us to Hell with them.

As the ancient Roman Slogus Juventutem was wont to remark, “Nihil desperandum”.

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*IABATO – It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official