SAM: Now Watson runs from gunfire as push for tactical voting gets under way



Watsonquit.PNGIf political swamp-dwellers keep on resigning at this rate, The Slog may have to mothball its secret weapon SAM – Send a Message – and simply wait for all the chocolate soldiers to melt.

Regular Slog target Philip Hammond signed off sick with a note from his Mum last week: locals to the seat tell me the largely pro-Brexit Tory activists there weren’t about to break into a sweat to defend the bloke who may well have left us with a Trillion-euro liability at the EIB.

And now we see that Tom ‘Nazi-finder General’ Watson (left) has resigned as an MP in order to focus fulltime on his crusade against sugar. This had nothing, of course, to do with the fact that in West Bromwich, George Galloway is already outpolling him.

Looks like Tom has already got the message.However, after those leaving by the back door before being kicked up the back passage have gone, there’ll still be plenty of others to choose from.

For those of you who haven’t caught up yet, yesterday The Slog launched SAM, short for Send A Message. The primary rationale is to seek out all MPs who broke their promise to enact the People’s Will in 2016 and have turned back into Remainers. But this is a game anyone can play, and if other aspects of your MP’s behaviour (like rabid feminism, EU gravy-training or LGBT obsessions) get on your nerves, then go for it and vote for the person nearest to reflecting your own outlook.

Here are a few starters for ten. First up, now that Watson has gone, there are very few senior Labour scalps to be had. Yes – would you believe it – Starmer, McDonnell, Thornberry and Corbyn all have nice fat majorities in Loopy-Lou London seats.

There aren’t any serious opportunities until you get to Angela Rayner and Jess Phillips – two of the most ideologically stunted Wimmin in the Chamber.

Both of them won last time on lowish turnouts, and both sit for strong Leave Constituencies – Rayner in Ashton under Lyne, and Phillips in Birmingham Yardley. Phillips in particular has not held back from saying she “doesn’t give a fuck for” her constituents who voted Leave, which demonstrates a criminal ignorance on the subject of the constitutionally stated role of every MP. Rayner said six weeks ago that “Parliament have expressed their wish and that is that we are not going to leave without a deal; we want to find a deal” having conveniently forgotten that three years ago No Deal was Parliament’s default position. She doesn’t want a second referendum, because she is convinced Leave would win again.

To be fair, Angela is just misguided, whereas Phillips is an objectionable fascist. But they both qualify for SAM.

Angela Rayner

Rayner is quite popular in her constituency, and increased her vote in 2017….but only in line with the national trend. Turnout was particularly low:


Despite a high share of the vote, Rayner’s majority of 11,295 is not unassailable when you consider that 26,000 didn’t vote. They didn’t vote (probably) because this has always been a “safe” Labour seat. However, two thirds of voters opted to Leave in the referendum on a much bigger turnout, so the potential is obviously there.

This is an unwinnable seat for the Tories, but clearly has potential for the Brexit Party. It is ludicrous for BoJo to put up a candidate here, and it would be far better for the country if no Conservative stood.

Therefore, the SAM formula in Ashton-under-Lyne is:

Punish the Conservatives.

Vote Brexit Party.

Vote even if you didn’t in 2017, and vote Brexit if you still want to Leave.

(Needless to say, TBP’s sub-tactic has to be to get the abstainers from 2017 to SAM by voting Brexit)

Jess Phillips

This is a tougher nut to crack: Jess Phillips enjoyed a massive swing in her favour in 2017:


But that was very much an occasion for kicking Theresa May’s backside because many suspected she was a closet Remainer, and her talk of a One Nation Tory Party didn’t go down well in what is a fairly deprived area.

And here too, 40% didn’t vote in 2017, but the majority for Leave in 2016 was a clear 60:40. This seat is also unwinnable for the Conservatives.

Therefore, the SAM formula in Birmingham Yardley is:

Punish the Conservatives and Labour as a vote for Democratic values.

Vote Brexit Party for a genuinely Sovereign future for Britain.

Vote even if you didn’t in 2017, and vote Brexit if you still want to Leave.


A propos of not very much, I have always felt that Geordie Grieg is a slate short on the roof and a brainless Remainer, but I wonder how many of you have visited the Daily Braille of late.

Doing an audit of recent Mail “stories” this week so far, the accent on knives, violence, murder, sex, and murder during sex is at an eye-watering (or cock-titillating) 87%. This isn’t stuff about London violence and Islamist nutjobs; this is a global obsession with shark attacks, strangling, falling from windows, mutilated bodies, big tits and sticky ends, if you’ll pardon the expression.

What’s even dafter is, if you’re using an ad-blocker you can’t get into the site.

I wonder if Grieg’s Concerto for sadistic sex and necromania is planned – and if so, what commercial ‘insight’ it’s based on. Is there, I ask, a correlation between being sadly twisted, a bit of a Tinder-box, loving ads and reading his organ?

All very odd.