Brexit saboteur Parties revel in social media killing spree as Daily Mail appeals to rubber-necking homicidal sex maniac demographic in joint psyop to block democracy

logoSAM I’m very grateful to the dozens of Sloggers who have pointed out to me just how overworked the whole ‘tactical voting’ thing already is in social media – most notably Facebook. There is no irony intended in this observation: if all four of the main competitors are already leading voters by the nose, I’ve no desire to put another ring through the elector’s hooter.

SAM still applies of course – but more as a mind concentrator than as a this-is-what-to-do in Warmington on Brie guide. That’s to say, this isn’t a General Election or even a Brexit Election: it’s a Car Boot Sale of political antiques. The SAM message to send is as simple as this:


Having risen early this morning and delved into social media I normally avoid like the plague, I have reached two conclusions. First, one of the great boons of running an unaligned and open-minded blog is that one’s readers provide tons of leads and are quick to point out if one is giving singing lessons to porkers. So thank you for the feedback, and keep it coming.

Second, however, is the fear that swamping the social media from all tactical sides is likely to cancel the whole thing out. Although naive comms clients think the internet walks on water as a direct response medium, it is now a hopelessly overcrowded advertising space; the analogy I draw is a 48-sheet poster on a high-traffic route featuring five points of view on a topic. It isn’t effective: a hit can just as easily be a miss if it fails to persuade. Hit levels as a measurement form are the greatest con in marketing’s long and fascinating history of use and abuse.

One final piece of specific advice I would offer before moving on to other persuasion strategies: if your sitting MP is a high-profile, serial-bombast and arrogant bastard who changes the measurement to suit his or her spurious “arguments” during Commons debates, then choose the candidate most likely to push them out. No matter where your natural loyalties may lie, the bigger the crown on the Royalty that is unhorsed, the greater the impact.

While you’re at it, persuade a few mates to do the same thing: every journey begins with the first step.

“Yeh burrit’s not gonno ‘appen is it?” comments Cassandra Paraderainer of 31c Aston Villas, Walsall.

Well Cassandra, not if everyone’s as daft, lazy and smart-arsed as you – no, it won’t.

This is what I want on my headstone:

What about anyone else?


This next section is a return visit, for which I make no apology. It may seem completely unrelated to voting in general and Brexit in particular, but in fact the topic is exactly the same: how the culture gets ruined by the munneeee antics and power-drives of the various self-described “élites”. The political class is one, the media are another….and the earlier demonstration above illustrates rather well how they are Siamese Twins of the Devil. As the Buddhists say, Everything is connected. The mistake too many people make is to turn that into a universal conspiracy theory demonising all Russians, Jews, capitalists, blacks, Poles, Londoners or people with glasses. But that’s not what we’re dealing with here.

A few days back, I mentioned in passing – with the use of vicious sarcasm – just how ghastly the Daily Mail as refashioned by Geordie Grieg has become. It’s all rather mysterious given that in the 2018-19 period, its owner Rothermere cut off all ownership ties to Euromoney – a rabidly anti-Brexit publication…and then gave the editorship to Grieg. Mr G then promised his staff there would be no backing off the pro-Brexit stance, and within just five days reversed the paper’s entire stance on Brexit. I italicise ‘stance’ there because it changed from being upright to cringing, fearful belly-crawling.

But here’s a clue.

The paper’s ownership vehicle Daily Mail Group Trust (DMGT) is in fact a massively diversified financial, consultancy and business-to-business Bourse-biased squid with an increasing focus on shedding US holdings in favour of Europe as a development market. You can find all the evidence you need for that conclusion from the Horse’s Mouth here. 

Returning now to the not unconnected job of every Mail editor – the boosting of sales at the cost of diluted civilisation in the best of élite corporate interests – I have begun – out of a desire to prove my point – to take daily alerts of their “news coverage”. Below are illustrated the last 48 hours-worth:

I promise I am not being selective here. The above is 100% of the culture-destroying shit that Grieg is churning out. He doesn’t have a Grand NWO Plan to to turn us all into lowest primeval sexmanic Homo erectus. He just wants to make a lot of money for himself and his ultimate bosses. He is not of the 3%, but rather the 7% of Court Pornographers who do the bidding of civilisation’s enemies, the neoliberal global blocists and the internationalist Collective dinosaurs.

The decent people of this world today face three different but equally deadly enemies: those who think Homo sapiens can be perfected, those who think Homo sapiens’ baser instincts should be exploited to the full, and those who insist that all Homo sapiens will one day worship a merciless God who hates women.

All of them are tiny minorities, all of them are divorced from reality, all of them are Nazis, and all of them want to Remain under the European Bunion.

Just fancy that.