There are now too many unanswered questions and camps in this election. The Slog reveals a Britain drifting into chaotic information dictatorship


There has been some very, very odd feedback coming out of five camps during the last 36 hours. The pentangle is (as with everything in our public culture today) not mutually exclusive: it consists of Arron Banks, Leave, Alt State Remain, the Conservative Party and Team Farage. And the more one delves into it, the more the whole thing plays into a continuing Slog mantra: the 2019 General Election is about far more than Brexit.

The initial post about a weird unilateral Farage ‘deal’ appeared in these columns yesterday. As with every first stab in the gathering murk, it caught some of the motives involved, but is being broadened by events. Here’s a brief excerpt:

‘Again – perhaps controversially – I think the very ‘deal’ TBP has done today might well turn many of its enthusiasts off.’

This is, without doubt, what has happened. Yesterday afternoon and evening, the UK media were splattered with the vituperative foam of axed TBP candidates fuming at the Farage ‘betrayal’. And this morning – in the first poll conducted since the news – a YouGov poll in the Times shows the Conservative Party on 42%, it’s highest score yet:


More than ever, I am now convinced that this is the biggest genuine ‘story’ to emerge so far from what had hitherto looked like the most boring British election in history. For it is beginning to look like Arron Banks has been ‘got at’….and decided that Boris really will deliver a clean Brexit in the end. There’s now no doubt (unless every source I have left in the Leave camp is telling porkies) that Banks is leading the charge to reduce TBP’s presence to no-hope Tory seats.

The question to address now is ‘cui bono’ – who benefits? It has become a case of, “None of this keyhole surgery, let’s make a bigger incision and get to the heart”.


Why, for instance, do we suddenly find arch neocon Devil’s Daughter Killary Clinton in town to tell we poor feeble-minded Brits that “Every person who votes in this country deserves to see that [Russian interference] report before your election happens”?

We do not know what’s in the report. It seems that the Tories have, allegedly, accepted donations from Russians. The only Russians up for doing that are those who stand to gain from continuing manipulation of London financial markets for their own personal enrichment. Anyone with even a basic grasp of RF politics would know that they’re very unlikely to be Putin supporters.

But let’s not forget BoJo’s track record of Russian fear-mongering. Is he, as always, keeping a foot in both camps?

Clinton is here to promote the agenda of the US Alt State and its globalist allies in ensuring a fear campaign about Russia, about the vital necessity of EU blocism, and about providing a raison d’etre for Mogherini’s mad EU army….which was, in 2016 lest we forget, a figment of Nigel Farage’s vivid imagination.

Who brought her here? Probably the same CIA/FCO/Sidwell/Cameron Tory/Berlin/Frankfurt caligulan dregs who shipped in Uncle Tom Obama to talk about the back of the ‘queue’ (nice American word, right?) three years ago. All of whom bar Scameron were heavily implicated in the Skripal nonsense.

Another election. Quick – the People are about to speak – new avalanche of BS required: impeaching Trump or demonising Leavers – what’s the difference? Get behind the project here guys, stay on message.

I have Tory canvasser contacts telling me that Remain Tory MPs are not always – in some cases “hardly at all” – being replaced by Leavers. Team Boris clearly still lacks the confidence (at Westminster for certain) to purge the EU gravy trainers in the Party…and they plus Labour and LibDem dupes are piling in to help: slush funded by Soros, Verhofstadt and Bloomberg, they continue assiduously at their work, like so many anti-elves in a Satanic grotto making Christmas guns with which infantile recipients can commit unwitting suicide.


Here’s the gist of developments so far.

Team Boris accepted Nigel’s one-sided desire to protect Tory seats. This tells you a lot about Our Nigel. But the gobetween was definitely Banks.

Now, Farage’s money man is pressing the Brexit Party leader to contest only safe Labour seats. 

Team Boris, I undertand, is keeping a close eye on TBP voter defections – allegedly worried that Brexit Party chaos could see a dramatic fall in support for Farage that would, if it went too far, benefit Labour.

The Poll above shows a halving of the TBP vote, with 2% going to Labour as well as 3% going to the Tories. Statistically, the LibDems, Greens and SNP are unaffected.

Thus, the jury is out as to whether the pressure to reduce Farage to a Labour-bashing minor role is psephologically sound.

My problem as of now is, I am far from convinced that such was the idea in the first place.


Join up the dots. Hillary in town spreading Eurodefence warmongering bollocks. The Tories feigning “fear of letting Corbyn in” when they have opened up a 14-point lead over a Labour Party rapidly losing any credibility on the soft Left, and even the LibDems themselves admitting in private the most they stand to gain is around nine seats. The Alt State desperate to reduce Farage’s dissection of the WA2 crock to a minimum.

This a geopolitical offensive designed to ensure that the Brexiteers elected on December 12th are in the blocist tent pissing out….not outside pissing on NATO and Mogherini.

Let’s stop pretending, should we? Let’s stop being silly little Stalinettes like Owen Jones: Labour is not going to win this election: it is going to end up with fewer seats, the liberals gaining some of them, and the SNP pretty much the same going-nowhere brand as it has been under Blackford. Team Boris almost certainly realises this, and the US > NATO > State Dept > Texas constituency is of the same view – if nothing else because of their never-ending paranoia about Marxists like Corbyn and McDonnell.

But still there remains the intriguing question: is Banks the one that has been given the inside track on Clean Brexit by Team Boris? And if so, what assurances has he been given? It would make sense to have roped in Banks rather than Farage – who is and always has been a loose-cannon motor-mouth. But Arron Banks is no fool: whatever he’s been told must have been highly convincing.

And finally we ask, whereTF is Dominic Cummings in all this?


This election is turning into a geopolymediaspin farce of distraction, distortion, mystery, intrigue and misinformation. All is uncertainty: to say the electorate is uninformed and thus confused would be the understatement to make a Trump speech understated by comparison.

This isn’t democracy, it’s élite hoodwinking worthy of a Le Carré Smiley novel. And the demi monde depicted in Smiley novels is the quintessential antithesis of an open society.

I cannot remember when I last wrote a post with so many question marks in it. I cannot recall when the unknowns were so disturbing. Nothing in my experience has ever felt more like watching a tournament being staged to find the world’s best illusionist.

Britain is drifting into a dictatorship of chaotic information.