At the End of the Day

DSCN0275 Traditionally in the blogosphere, Friday is not a good day for stating a culture-changing point, unless one does so well before lunchtime. After that, all manner of thinking, red-blooded wage-slaves are variously heading for weekend retreats, long lunches and secret liaisons elsewhere beyond the grasping reach of London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Chicago.

So generally speaking, I regard Friday evenings as my chance for a bit of R&R from the more serious business of laughable human failure.

One thing I’m sure we’ve all spotted of late is the resurgence of Blame it on the Jews. Personally, I blame the Titanic disaster on the Jews.

Consider: the ship had a nice goyim, bigged-up self important name: The Titanic.

Now think on this: the swine that sunk it rejoiced under the surname Iceberg. Following extensive research during the last few minutes, I can now exclusively reveal that his full name was Heimy Iceberg….widely recognised by his mum as a Mossad agent dedicated to the destruction of all Christian billionaires and the future establishment of a pernicious Jewish state following the principles of the soon-to-be-published Elders of Zion stuff.

Now we’ve settled that irksome historical question, time to move on to this afternoon’s London Bridge drama involving a bloke waving enormous kitchen knives about in an attempt to stab all infidels at random while yelling words of an indistinct nature. In an attempt to stem the outburst, armed police shot the man dead in extremely short order.

Witness at the scene Mr Keir Starmer ruled out the idea of it being an Islamist attack, saying he suspected the incident might well be an extreme expression of grief about the death of celebrity chef Gary Rhodes.

BBC interviewer Andrew Neill is being mooted as a potential Führer by media aclaim after having allegedly destroyed the chances of Jeremy Corbyn, Nigel Farage, Jo Swinson and Adolf Hitler in recent interviews of a car-crash nature.

Corporation bosses have told Tory PRs that Prime Minister Borisconi Johnson will not be given any airtime until such time as he has been grilled by the Brillo Pad. Chairman of the BBC governors Awesome Belles told The Slog earlier this evening that “it is the policy of the BBC to shit on everyone in exactly equal amounts, the better to give a reasonable chance to no-hopers like that Anne of the Thousand Hours bint in Broxtowe, upon whom Andrew would not piss even if she were on fire”.

Surely proof at last that the BBC has no scruples at all about being scrupulously neutral in its political coverage.