THE SATURDAY ESSAY: This election has a syllabus to match that of our education system


Never in the field of British General Elections was so much offered to so many by so few…..and so few things debated of concern to so many



The Islamic religious fanatic Usman Khan killed two innocent people yesterday, having been released early from jail and while wearing a tag.

Thus we see two more items not on the Brexit election syllabus: a failing justice/prison system, and the undesirable activities that seem to come with Islamic immigration: constant demands for censorship, dodgey ballot-box dealings, raping of under-age women and Jihadist violence.

The 2019 Election offers long-suffering citizens lots of largesse to salve problems they don’t have, but very little in the way of genuine reform that stands a chance of giving back our liberal civil democracy and police force.

There are some ‘rules’ I have learned after fifteen years of blogging, and one of them is this: if you publish a post that gets average-to-OK hits – but abnormally high levels of approval and commentary – then very probably, if it was granted a much wider audience it would prove to be of enormous influence.

That it more true of last Wednesday’s Slog column (‘What of life after December 12th?’) than any other I can remember writing. I think this is because its central point – an election about the wood being invisible because of the trees – struck a chord with people about the deliberately obtuse and narrow myopia displayed by the main players. One excerpt in particular seems to have been especially effective, when it asked where are the politicians ready to do the following:


It is seven years now since I coined the phrase Radical Reality, and I have seen little since then to suggest I was wrong to make it a central factor in Britain’s ability to reverse a steady drift into totalitarian thought control.

On the Right of what one might call media-social-chatterati acceptance of arrant nonsense, UK politicians simply will not stand up and be counted – fearing that (being men of straw) they will be broken: much better, they appear to think, to bend with the wind, go with the flow and thus survive. Ready for the combine harvester, perhaps.

On the ‘Liberal” Left – having been largely the metropolitan creators of such chattering in the first place – MPs and other media-mouths flatly refuse to accept their set of unrealities as anything other than agreed science, along with a flat Earth constructed entirely of phlogiston and surrounded by stars which are, as everyone knows, merely small holes in Heaven’s roof.

The iron rigidity of both sides is the very quintessence of extremism: the tenets of monetary theory and globalist trade aggression on the one hand, and collective socialist internationalism on the other, have been discredited failures in myriad environments on several occasions over many decades. But still the high priests who stand to gain give each holy rood the straight-arm salute, and head out to the hustings to receive the public approval of seals.

As regards this election, we have reached the point where throwing more and more fish to the seals hasn’t worked. As I wrote earlier this week, ‘UK politics and democracy are not in a good place when the only meaningful unit of measurement is the turd’. And so yesterday morning, we saw the LibLefts suddenly taking a more cuddly stance on the bloodsport of Brexit-strangling, and Team Boris making a last desperate attempt to steal Faragista clothes with their mindless ‘Get Brexit Done’ slogan. The pollsters have given their pronouncements, and told the Party bigwigs: get back to The Point. Now the media owners have been told by the bigwigs to appeal to the Not Sures.

Predictably, they have of course missed the point. The point being (if I may make so bold) that this election should really have been a tug-of-think, as in:

Independent, pragmatic, citizen fulfilment philosophy


World Order rigid élite systemic Ideology 

The surreal, unexciting banality of the contest stems from the obvious fact that Westminster’s players are all on the latter team. Lots of squabbling morons tugging on a slack rope is not the stuff of great spectator sports: it evokes the clichéd response, “They’re all the bloody same”. Just because something’s a cliché, that doesn’t make it untrue.


Truth was, as ever, an early casualty in this phoney tug-of-war we’re all yawning through. I don’t believe Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite any more than I believe the drivel about Jewish Brits keeping the engine running during election night, just in case they need to make a quick getaway. The Hard Left in England has always been rabidly anti-Jew because of the “boss-class-financier” connection, but with Corbyn it’s more part of his IS (International Socialism) heritage from the 1960s, where the game was to insist the Arabs are right about everything, and the Israelis just a bunch of slavering beasts hell bent on taking their revenge for the Bullrushes Years.

Equally – as I predicted – the attempt by Labour to peddle the ridiculous idea of BoJo selling the NHS to Trump has been made to look silly by a largely unredacted version suggesting little more than an attempt to screw a better deal out of the pharmcos.

Nor do I believe that Johnson will deliver a clean Brexit, that John McDonnell cares a frelon-infested fig about liberal democracy, that one can trust a word Michael Gove the Newscorp Candidate says, that Diane Abbott is fit to be a minister let alone Home Secretary, or that Grenfell Tower and Windrush are bigger stains on our social record than the ruthless attack upon the living standards of 1950s-born women by the Establishment as a whole.

But all these points really play to my developing narrative, as I watch what politicians do, and largely ignore what they say: Labour v Tory and Leave v Remain are nothing more than symptoms of a failing culture rapidly ditching any pretence that they ‘Work For Us’. Returning to the earlier list of Things They Won’t Address, we can conclude the following:

No existing political group is going to defend gender reality, depoliticise the police, return to the broadest possible definition of Free Speech, take the filthy lucre out of politics, develop a genuinely Swiss approach to neutrality or scatter the unelected surveillance  > bureaucrat > fat cat axis to the four winds.

They will neither recognise the need, nor commence the actions towards fulfilment, because they are bought by the depraved 3% of sufferers from varietal sociopathy, frontal lobe syndrome, dysfunctional Aspergers or megalomania.

Were this tiny minority a breakfast cereal, it might be described as ‘High in Greedyness, Low in Niceyness’. Or to put into words something that Alastair Campbellend once said, ‘Tough on those in our Way, Tough on the Causes that get in our Way’. Indeed, anyone who serves the 3% might be described as ‘Our Prince of Tarts’.

For some reason, the terms Lord Mandelson and Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone spring to mind. But then, as one ages, the mind wanders inexplicably.


The time really has come to think about what exactly is going to change in the way that Britain, the European Union and the neoliberal Globalist Debt Dunkers operate after December 12th.

The most likely one-word answer is nothing. Which – quite obviously – isn’t anywhere near good enough. Because the Big Business to whom the Macrons, Barniers, Blairs, Verhofstadts, Merkels, Bloombergs, BoJos, Hunts, Swinsons, Starmers and Goves are all committed don’t GAF about what we think.

So please bear with me now as I describe one old bloke’s attempt to get anything other than IABATO* out of those who answer to nobody.

This was the response of multinational French company Butagaz to my complaint last Wednesday about the utterly risible, disorganised and generally Je m’en fou service I had received at their hands – a customer of 19 years standing:


The email was devoid of swearing and false accusation, but replete with frustration at the arrogance of a company demanding payment in advance, but then being unable to get their act together to send the bank coordinates to me by email. This had involved my making seven separate phone calls and writing five emails over a period of twelve days. Over the final four of these days, Butagaz and their distributeur Proxigaz told me, in turn, they didn’t have a client reference for me, they did, and I didn’t exist. When I took the reference given and put it into my online “client space”, it wasn’t recognised.

Note the explanation for the block on my email: “access denied”. This is a mirror reflection of what every  communication I get from them orders: “do not reply”. We mustn’t have any bad karma down in our silos, thank you very much: we are perfect, and we never make mistakes. Solzhenytsin, eat your heart out.

The last of my “what MPs won’t do” observations applies: ‘take on and defeat the unelected corporacratic State’. The cowardly truth that refuses to speak its name: not so much the elephant as the dragon in the room.

‘Corporacratic’ as a term means, really, ‘fascist dictatorship’ – Mussolini’s definition, not mine: a State where there is an unhealthy exchange of bodily fluids between those senior bureaucrats and big businesses who are unaccountable, and thus dictate to the People what they shall do and receive. At least old baldy Benito had the good grace to stop all elections and admit he was a fascist. Not so 21st century Britain….or, for that matter, France, Spain, Brussels, Germany or the US.

Ask yourselves this in the UK context: if BoJo is a People’s hero working for us, why is multi-talented secret policeman and Europhile Cabinet Secretary Mark Sedwill still in position? He masterminded a coup to take Brexit sabotage out of political hands. But he still has the same job.

Or another question: whatever happened to investigative journalism without a political agenda? It simply isn’t there: votes are one way to keep MPs answerable, media exposures another. This election proves beyond doubt that we have lost the second, and are losing the first. What’s the point of voting if none of the change you want is up for even discussion let alone a policy commitment? What’s the point of reading the MSM if they simply toe a State line?

If you think there is no line-toeing, scan the press front pages from last Thursday, the almost robotic gist of which screamed, ‘Corbyn refuses to apologise for anti-Semitism’. He denies he is anti-Semitic, and repeatedly told Andrew Neill that fact. Every paper called his interview ‘a car crash’.

Sound familiar? Uh-huh: ‘crashing out’. The universal global media phrase for a No Deal Brexit that every grown-up economist and professional exporter on the planet knows is total IABATO*.

One dimension of FPTP is that it discourages new Parties and rewards the status quo, while the constituency system itself is ridiculously out of wack: based on 3% of the votes, the appalling Ian Blackford will bellicose his way through yet another Parliament after December 12th with 43 seats behind him. The Brexit Party will, on the same tally, get none. The Greens will get 1. This isn’t democracy, it’s an obscene perversion of suffrage liberties.

The media are controlled. Free speech is controlled. The political agenda is controlled. The means of representation are controlled. We have, as ever, an Establishment that refuses to feel the pulse of the electorate, preferring to peddle instead the collectivist claptrap of Unions and educationalists on the one hand, and the pauperised populace strategy of global mercantilist monopolism on the other.

First they disenfranchise us, then they ask us why we don’t vote. Those whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

  • IABATO – It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official

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