At the End of the Day


Wake Up



Today the Daily Mail is offering you Gordon Ramsay’s best-ever Christmas recipes. His restaurants lost £3.8m last year. This trend comes amid hard times for restaurateurs long predicted in these columns. Fellow celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s restaurant business fell into administration this year – closing all but three of its 25 outlets – while chains including Carluccio’s have been forced to close outlets.

This is the beginning of a retail “froth” cull that is going to leave High street rents at rock bottom, and create huge migrant worker unemployment levels. I wish the government of the day luck in dealing with it.

And now, a commercial break during which Remainer fluffies can make a cup of tea….

Over in the banking sector, a brand new Bank of International Settlements (BIS) report has just pointed out that the “US repo markets currently rely heavily on four banks as marginal lenders.” The BIS is pretty much the top of the tree when it comes to globalist financial matters.

These columns have opined for some time now that the Guilty Six here are JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs Group, and Morgan Stanley. These chaps hold almost exactly half of all lending exposures

Going forward, the New York Fed is coughing up $25 billion a day in an effort to cap off this magma.

Waydergo Chrissy Lagarde….good luck with this one when it comes to eurodebt.


I choose these two seemingly unrelated realities as symptoms of ‘Neither Brexit Nor this General Election is Relevant to What Lies Ahead’…..beyond dumping any and all liabilities we face in the Withdrawal Agreement to the European Investment Bank.

Fear not: I do not harbour delusions of grandeur. I know perfectly well that 99.5% of humanity isn’t tuned into this channel. But face it: ‘Get Brexit Done’ is like saying, in 1938, ‘Get Hitler’s signature on the Munich Agreement’.

It isn’t going to solve anything.

Thank you and goodnight.