DATA CENSORSHIP & FAKERY EXPLOSIVE: Be warned – nothing is sacred


Government, commercial, economic, financial and climate data are being routinely kept quiet, spun, and falsified by both the elected and unelected in our midst. In this initial look at how deep-rooted the problem is, The Slog presents damning evidence to suggest that everyone presenting data in 2020 is guilty until proved innocent.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has found that, out of 222 firms monitored, the number relocating staff and operations from the UK to the EU has risen by, um, one (1) since July 2019.

On the other hand, the FCA also discovered that a total of 1,441 EU firms have applied to open offices in the UK since mid 2018. And of these, 1,000 appeared to be seeking permission to set up an office in the UK for the first time. So, just 0.4% of companies feel better about being in the EU, whereas 80% see a greater opportunity in the UK.

Another soldier in the Fearbollocks Regiment gets one right between the eyes.

I’m not remotely surprised. The acceleration in applications for the UK coincided precisely with the move of Boris Johnson into Number Ten: in short, the minute Brexit looked more likely, companies clambered to get into the departee, not the host. Anyone who has tried setting up a company in the EU (especially France)  knows only too well what a nightmare the process is. Now that Britain will be outside the EU (not independent really, but enough to satisfy business planners) there’s a rush to be UK based.

Johnson’s reputation as a very ‘business friendly’ politician (nicey-nicey speak for crooked) will also have played a part.

However, since the figures showing more EU >>> UK traffic have been rising since June 2018 (and were always bigger than the other way round) it is, er, odd is it not that the media haven’t either been given (or chosen to write about it) until now.

If only the signals from the ‘real’ data elsewhere were a tad more encouraging. The flurry of signs from September to October that the US is heading for a serious debt to liquidity to demand to output slump has, since December, turned into an avalanche.

The Q4 2019 Cass freight Index showed Its Worst Collapse in Annual Freight Activity since the 2009 recession. In that very same quarter, manufacturing and production contracted year on year, and even more quarter on quarter….showing an accelerating slowdown, if you follow; retail sales declined for the first time since 2014; worker earnings contracted at an accelerating rate; inflation grew faster; and in a Christmas quarter, payroll growth was homoaeopathic.

But apart from that, Mrs Trump quite enjoyed the play.

No matter how much deliberately silly data are around at any given time, there’s still enough being independently collected by commercial research companies and various trusts/educational establishments in any First World State to even up the balance. But while the Leftlib media witter on about ‘fake news’, they are of course highly adept at both creating it themselves – and ignoring a far bigger problem, fake data. In turn, they somehow forget to publish data supporting any person, policy or Party considered to be ‘off-message’.

I still dine out well on the entirely true story of an Italian weather centre  which, in 2017, lied about the next day’s weather forecast in return for bribes paid by senior coastal resort officials. But their crime cannot exceed that of Bill Clinton’s introduction of the “unemployment assumption” in his first term, which decreed that every unemployed American who went past the benefits time limit (and thus couldn’t claim any more) had in fact found a job. Amazingly, thirty years on, Slick Willy’s little wheeze is still in place.

And yet, it seems that men of high repute came clean on the Clinton Catch years ago. The unlikely form of Ben Benanke hove into view in a speech made in 2012, in which he said the reported unemployment rate of 3.5% was statistically impossible (as in, far too low) based on Okun’s Model – a long-held and highly regarded law of economics. The US mainstream media blanked the explosive speech content. It was an election year. Obama needed a Second Term.

Then in 2015, Jim Clifton, the Chairman and CEO of Gallup Poll published an article showing how and why the reported unemployment number issued by the U.S. Government was “The Big Lie.” Once again, the MSM blanked it. Obama was by now pushing Hillary as his shoo-in replacement. Hillary was the State Department’s gal, and hot favourite to wipe any Trump declaration off the map. As most of you will well recall, right up to election night, America’s establishment media pack declared The Donald to be a no-hoper.

It took the detection team of Pam and Russ Martens at Wall Street on Parade to dig up the speech and the article concerned. The Martens are a formidable couple, and their site is nearly always worth a visit. Trouble is, there just aren’t enough Martens to go round. But there are plenty of corrupt powerplayers working every dodge in the book (and some) to ensure they retain their allegedly legal privilege.

One such – sad to relate – is The Donald himself….who is clearly up for the New York Fed’s scam of making the Dow look healthy while the economy is blatantly going backwards. Perhaps he spent so much time in the First Term swimming about in the swamp, he just kind of grew to like it.

The swamp that was supposed to be drying out as a result of global warming may well freeze over before it becomes something we can believe in. You may well not know this, but much of the data on global “warming” that has been “seen” since 1990 is based on faked data from computers.

Incredibly, 61% of all temperature data over the last 30 years is based on computer models compiled and fed in by committed warmists – not the actual weather experienced by real people, and measured by sensitive thermometers. Split the 61/39 data out and comparing the two reveals the extremely bigged 2% in the modelled numbers, compared to nothing at all in the observed stats. 

One of those feeding in the IABATO* was the alarmist NASA climate scientist boss James Hansen, who had already predicted the US would heat up 4-6 degrees by 2020….as in, now. Well, here we are, and guess what…..the heatingupness is zero.

To be fair to NASA, in the post-Hansen era the Space organisation has moved on, revealing among other things (via observed movements around their own satellites) that the escape of CO² from the atmosphere is seven times greater than the level modelled previously. In short, not only do we not know how dangerous (if at all) CO² is as a greenhouse gas, we don’t even know if the Earth itself is a greenhouse in the first place.

There is no such naturally occurring construct as lies, damned lies, and statistics: there are only members of our supposedly sapiens species rigging the data to make a case for something. Often it’s motivated by money, equally often it’s to mislead electorates on the big occasions, and at times it is to win a Nobel Prize. In the 21st century, even the most trusted sources need watchdogs checking their methods, and detectives to sniff out the falsification motive.

This is a subject to which I intend returning at more frequent intervals in the future. In the struggle for the survival of empirical Truth, every little helps.

*IABATO – It’s all bollocks and that’s official