Astract fantasies are the new Reality. Get Real – before you get sectioned.

Right from the outset of the Trump impeachment fiasco, all voting in the Congress has been on partisan lines. It now ends the way it began, with the Senate set to acquit the President tomorrow in something of a formality. It was predictable, and it is going to leave the Democrats, just as with Labour in Britain, all over the place – unprepared, and unable to field candidates other than geriatrics, those with dodgy credentials or those who look too young to vote.

Is anything real (or reliable) any more? Last night’s Iowa Democratic caucus failed to declare a result, a farce rationalised by the local Party as follows:

‘We will be manually tallying the data to make sure that the results can be reported with full confidence.’ 

Two possible explanations are ballot stuffing and yet another failure for AI. Spookily, the Democrats chose the latter implication. An implication is something you put out there when you don’t have an explanation for your own screw-up.

Everything within and between political Parties is now partisan. In Britain,  Labour activists use the Second World War definition of the term: they buy sheepskin jackets and kalashnikovs, becoming 24/7 snipers and/or saboteurs in order to expel the invader. Trouble is, the Labour Party in 2020 is nothing but invaders – be they privately educated Momentum Sovyets, media-spawned Blairites, misandrist wimmin or LGBT narcissist whingers. The odd remaining working class male with the same DNA who voted for Attlee in 1945 simply becomes a victim of friendly fire.

The partisan nature of the US impeachment process this time is in stark contrast to previous occasions. ‘Get Trump’ always was, and remains, a phoney use of media bias, smear and dogged inability to accept defeat.

In those senses, it has been a near-clone of the 2016 onwards neverendum process in the UK – a fake from start to finish, in which the invented fears, economic chaos and promised emigration of the Remainers in the end proved illusory, and the arguments used to thwart populism cut no ice with the majority of thinking voters.

The lesson in this is so obvious, only a US liberal and a UK Leftlib could fail to learn it. The moral of both tales is “If you poo on the People, they will throw it back – and there are tens and hundreds of millions of them, but only a few hundred of you”.

The result on both sides of the Pond is going to be one helluva dry-cleaning problem for the Opposition.

It’d be lovely to thus record that that all is well with the reality thang, but nothing could be further from the Truth.

Trump’s SoU speech yesterday bordered on the outright silly in terms of the progress he claimed and the outlook for the future. It was almost (but not quite) as big a scam as Boris Johnson’s claim to have delivered a qualitatively different Brino WA with the good burghers of Brussels. The ability of electorates to discern when they’ve been had is, as ever,  in a Lost Property suitcase somewhere in our DNA. The hunt continues for both the ticket and the key.

The hunt for the truth about NovCo19 also continues. With 490 people now dead and 24,324 known to be infected, the death rate remains almost exactly 2%. We also know that “the great majority” of fatalities are people with pre-existing conditions of hepatitis, heart failure, reduced lung capacity, maleness and oldness. Without even looking at the RNA spiral of the virus, I think NovCo19 could well be Jess Phillips. She pulled out of the Leabour ladyship race suspiciously early last week, and is now “on holiday”. A likely story.

‘Foul nasty wrinkly scumfascistbigotfarRight blogmeister compares Jess Phillips to bacillus’.

In other medical news, a new study has just “found” that 1 gram of alcohol reduces your brain’s ability to function by 1 week per year within a lifetime. Using my age, DNA and consumption longevity/regularity as appropriate variables in this four-dimensional construct, I now discover that my brain expired on 14th August 1987.

While many will be delighted to concur with that version of reality, there are a few problems with this study. Is the gram’s-worth we’re talking about potteen, meths, Harveys Bristol Cream, Absinthe or lager? What if one drinks a wee gram (gerritt??) 15 times every day during January, and then nothing for eleven months? How did Churchill remain the right side of doolally for 93 years having consumed a bottle of Champagne and Cognac every day from the age of 19?

Our entire attitude to medicine is one-size-fits-all, when every last shred of social, familial, genetic, weight, gender, height and racial evidence proves that we are a planet overcrowded with 7.8 billion unique individuals – give or take a few clones the military haven’t told us about yet.

Anyway, I’m braindead. Or as Rebecca Long-Bailey would say, a vegetable. Heartless little shrew.

Meanwhile, if I’m extinct from the neck up, are you ‘woke’?

To be woke, you need to believe:

  • That liberal BAFTA showbizz luvvies didn’t give any votes to the black folks this year because they’re all racist. Prince William is woke.
  • That everyone who voted to Leave the EU is a Xenophobe. The Labour Party is woke.
  • That only white people are racists. Dianne Abbott is woke.
  • That black men start shaving at the age of eight. Yvette Cooper is woke.
  • That Nigel Farage directly caused the death of MP Jo Cox. Baron Adonis is woke.

I’m glad we’ve cleared that one up.

Reality is a relative thing. The more relatively mad you are, the more you believe that cutting your toenails twice a week will render you immortal.

IABATO! – It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official