French Letter: Great Plague special


There are light and dark moments in this piece. Those of a serious or nervous nature should look away now.


Whatever history makes of Covid19 (if anything) it will without question go down in the annals as the Greatest Rationale Ever Attempted Terrestrially, or GREAT for short. So it will – even if only metaphorically – be The Great Plague.

Just think how many pimply and obese bottoms at the top of privileged legs treading red carpets will be amply covered by Covid19. A near-infinite list of incompetent tartan paint salesmen, ill-prepared bureaucrats and mercantilist accountants will be using the virus as a cover story for why:

  • The stock markets have imploded
  • Tesla cars are not selling
  • There is a run on Italian State Bonds
  • Deutsche Bank has collapsed
  • Interest rates have gone negative again
  • Extinction Rebellion’s predictions were wrong
  • Trump wins again (all the DNC candidates are dead)
  • The Euro has fallen 50% in value
  • Labour could win in 2024 (all the older Tories are dead)
  • Oil prices are low (China has shut down)
  • Oil prices are high (all the derrick guys are dead
  • Julian Assange collapsed and died in his cell
  • The Guardian went bankrupt < Insert excuse here.

The Great Plague has now invaded Italy. I have posted so many times over the last six years about the total collapse of Italian infrastructure, I can’t believe any regular Slogger will be surprised that Italy is now the worst-affected country from Covid19 beyond Asia, overtaking Iran in numbers of deaths and infections. The Italian government suggests a ban on all kissing, but remains equivocal on bottom-pinching.

Your correspondent will soon be in the Front Line as the “deadly killer” virus sweeps through the Riviera and into Aquitaine. France closed 100 schools yesterday, and this morning announced restrictions on being able to buy medicated hand washes and face masks. It says a lot about the Macron régime that their inability to either be prepared or stock up is being tackled by reducing the citizens’ ability to protect themselves according to the régime’s own advice.

My local shopkeeper here says if ‘bisoux’ are banned, then we shall kick heels on greeting each other. That should do it.

We are, all of us, governed by smug, lazy idiots and sensationalising sheisters with endless agndas. State advice – the Americans (“don’t wear masks”) the British (“wash your hands a lot”) and the French (“avoid crowded places”) are generalised claptrap of the worst kind.

Masks are needed not to defend against infection, but rather to reduce the infection by carriers who might sneeze or cough into your airspace; the British advice is amateur night of the Dunkirk kind….how do you wash your hands after somebody super-sneezed at you in a Tube carriage? And the French definition of crowds is ludicrous: have an event of 6,000 attendees, and you’re illegal….have one with 4,999, and you’re in the clear.

They are all over the place. This viral mutation (a) spreads very easily (b) incubates over a long period and (c) is much more of a killer for old people. It isn’t going to be the scourge of mankind, but the three key pointers are:

  1. Old people should stock up now and avoid all but the closest (partner) contact
  2. Isolation of infected and suspected must cover at least a month to be safe
  3. Anyone considered vulnerable should avoid all close contact in confined spaces – be that ‘nuclear family’ get-togethers or concerts and sports events
  4. State investment in immunity serums should become the No 1 priority.

Regular readers know my view: Covid19 is being ludicrously (and suspiciously) over-dramatised…..but bureaucratic incompetence and corporate ‘business as usual’ mania will turn hyperbole into high anxiety unless government minds are focused.

A month ago, I posted to suggest that ‘the one thing CoroNov19 is going to cut a swathe through is lots of obscenely overvalued stock markets around the world’.

That’s already happening. Of course the élites will use Covid19 as an excuse: but in the meantime, it is important, especially among the vulnerable, that business (as usual or otherwise) closes down.

Then we might all learn something else: if the emphasis switches from fantasy growth to citizen health, the sky doesn’t fall in.

Footnote: those who read the Slogpost about Covid 19 and Trump’s US virology centre cuts might also wish to view this post showing that October 2019, a Davos-inspired group met to discuss the likely results of a new Coronavirus outbreak. It had been 15 years since the last one; a month later, Covid19 appeared in Wuhan. A month earlier, Trump announced further virology cuts.

Get China and Get Trump…..the win double?