OFFICIAL: World “not in good place” says blogchief in new insanity virus sensation


Planet Earth is having a Biblical moment.


We have Covid19 panicology, Presidential pc anti-ageism, Near Eastern border conflicts, plummeting markets, UK government civil war….but somehow, it wasn’t enough was it? Oh no: then it had to start pouring with rain by the bucketful and chucking the four winds in six directions. As the 1970s comic Mike Harding quoth:
Noah looked out to th’orizon
an’ saw it were gerrin’ dark –
‘e were not likin- look of t’weather like,
an were thinkin’ o’ buildin’ an Ark.
There are, quite clearly, biblical overtones in play.
For all the loons in Cruel Britannia trying to blame this on Brexit & Boris Johnson in terms of silted gulleys, streams & river floods, I would remind them that (a) it’s the same here in Aquitaine (b) it was an EU ruling that caused it & (c) Nigel Average voted for the ruling. But we all know how it is: the civil war continues between multivariate élites, and it will never end (as they say in the Irish jokes) “until all de old people is dead, to be sure”.
It seems to me an inevitable post-imperial crisis of splintering, division – and then rolling dice for who gets what of the former Empire homeland once called ‘Great Britain’. But in turn, it is also another stage in The Fall of the West. Throughout the countries of the NATO alliance, in fact, there is only dishonesty, lunacy, diversity, ideology, depravity and many other odious words ending in y.
Backing this up with contemporary facts is not a difficult process.
An almost incomprehensibly clever virus targeting the weak, the old and other enemies of the 3% has been unleashed by person, persons, Gods or species selection criteria unknown.
A mad Islamist dictator adored by NATO and Angela Merkel is demanding yet more money for ‘not’ releasing dysfunctional African migrants into that already dangerous brew…and getting  it.
A multi-nationality media megalomaniac has turned his attack dogs on a UK government of mixed blessings – which is however (if nothing else) at least offering some determination to stop the creeping progress of the corporacratic State.
The American Democratic Party is all set to nominate an ageing pervert and Alt State geopolitical imperialist as their Presidential Candidate in November. His task will be to unseat a childish, sexually crude twitter addict with the wisdom of a baby….but again, a desire to drain at least some of the numerous swamps turning the US into a totalitarian wannabe hegemonic world power.
In my own country, a selfish, philandering and globally-connected spider is the only alternative on offer to a bunch of wide-eyed pc Communists desperate (along with the Civil Service) to sell our souls to a European federalist Nazis.
As for the Earth we inhabit, it is running out of accessible and potable water: but fluffy Greens and thinly-disguised, rebranded social fascists ignore that real emergency in favour of ignorant CO2 predictions, ludicrous extinction fantasies, and the irrelevant ramblings of a severely maladjusted 17 year old Aspergers basket case.
Yet in the midst of all this, the US Alt State nutjobs and their NATO allies seem determined to demonise, scare or imprison…..wait for it…..Putin, a laboratory in Wuhan, and – for any other issue – the Jews, all men, white folks, democracy, Julian Assange and a free press.
We have had an Old Testament, a New Testament and a Qu’aran; but it’s hard to avoid the feeling that the Jealous God so many Earthlings worship has written a Last Will & Testament cutting Homo sapiens out of it entirely…..perhaps even including his only son – although there’s a paternity case pending on that one. 
For do not the ancient Greek myths say, “Those the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”?
Later this evening, Central European Time that is itself an illusion, I shall be posting a specific piece on just one of the insanities and inanities presented above. I ask American voters in particular, having read that post, to think twice (at the very least) about Joe Biden.