At the End of the Day


How natural discernment was sacrificed on altars built from quicksand and conformity

The London Times may not wish to be the new barometer of madness, but whether it wants that title or not, it is backing at 5th Italian reverse-gear speed into being something in the hall with a needle pointing permanently to Bonkers.

In the Sunday Times today, Dr Sharoam Moalem on why Women are genetically the stronger sex, Caroline Criado Perez on why cars are unsafe for women, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg on the corporate Glass Ceiling, Christina Lamb on women snatched as children to be “comfort women” for Japanese invaders during the Second World War, Eleanor Mills on International Women’s Day, Nigella Lawson on how she learned to love exercise, the spotty dress, playsuit, maxidress and blouse that will update your look for spring, the best red lipsticks and how to find a shade that suits you, and those Sandals the Fashion Crowd want.

Surely I cannot be the only bloke on the planet observing that there is a degree of muddle in all this? “Women are strong, men are bullies…but here are some ruses to exploit their weakness while making yourself as attractive to them as possible”.

And yet and yet….not a single column inch in the Murdoch House Magazine on the subject of 3.65 million traditional British homemakers swindled out of their long-promised State pensions.

Is there any analogy anywhere that fits such a Cyclopian media viewpoint?

Actually, there is.

Imagine you are a mediaeval Saxon serf, and your hole in the ground therein for the pooing purpose is backing up alarmingly. And so you call in Guillaume de Montfort, the local Norman cesspit expert. He takes a sniff around, and opines that the problem lies in the nearby castle of the Sheriff of Nottingham. For a sum not exceeding the dowry on the serf’s voluptuous daughter, he guarantees to unblock said castle’s output, but he will need a sum in advance in order to secure the labour and hardware necessary to effect a clearance. The desperate Saxon agrees.

Guillaume goes forth to the Sheriff, and offers to clear his smelly drains free of charge, in return for a Knighthood, and a promise from King John to cede to him the development of the small Ham known as Rother. The Sheriff declares this to be a No Braining solution, at which point Guillaume calls in the Rod of Dyno and blasts every last Norman turd to places elsewhere.

Sadly, ‘elsewhere’ turns out to be the head, food, children and oxen of the duped serf and  his fellow hamlet dwellers. But when the hapless Saxon collars de Montfort and asks why before he was merely smelling of human excretia but but now he’s covered in the stuff, the Norman conqueror merely smiles and says, “Have you no sense of duty? The sheriff is your protector against wicked poachers abroad in the land who would steal your deer!”

Think of the sheriff as the State and Guillaume as the media, and you’re about there with the modern citizen-taxpayer’s lot.

Just let me put this out there…..

Every year, 23%+ of our earnings go to paying politicians and civil servants to protect us from enemies and disease, to run and update the infrastructure, and to educate us

The first lot have no expertise to justify their salary, and the second mob lick foreign multinationals all over with a view to their personal employment

For 23 years in a row, those in receipt of our taxes have spent more than the amount we give them, and during that period have run up £4.4 trillion in debt and future liabilities

Around 74 million of us give up £1 in 5 so that roughly 2.7 million of them can live in pensioned clover. The Spending Watchdog estimates that they waste £3 out of every 10 they receive.

The real income of the employed has declined 30% since 1995. Since 1970, Britain’s manufactured exports have shrunk from 22% to 9% of gdp. In the 48 years we were members of the European Union they were so keen to lionise, we lost money on the deal 47 times. In order to extract ourselves from Franco-German leeches, we have paid out £157 billion unnecessarily. We have the worst State Pension levels of any of the Top Ten EU member States.

And yet, the opposition Parties have fought the last four elections not on charges of fiscal incompetence accompanied by hard evidence, but rather on even more expensive policies offering not just zero evidence of likely efficacy, but also some disturbingly clear signs of rewarding dubious causes and tiny minorities for all the wrong reasons – aka votes.

My conclusion for some time now has been that we are paying for a tiny number of people – probably no more than 3,000 in total – to behave as if believing in the nonsense they learned at Eton or the LSE or Oxford is applicable to the problems of a complex après l’Empire State….and somehow represents getting a life.

It is a gigantic game of Let’s Pretend. A game that insists all women feel imprisoned and bullied, Islam is a misrepresented religion of pacifist and tolerant outlook, 0.14% of the population unsure about their gender is a bigger problem than 3.65 million who’ve been cheated out of their living, only white people are racist, replacing a £250K job with $5K a year part-time slavery is a result, we have a Special Relationship with Washington, perfectly natural emotions are to be disparaged, and Boris Johnson is a nice man really.

I have this sense that – although very few Leftlibs are bright enough to work this out – Keir Starmer is the perfect leader for a 21st century Labour Party that has lost the plot, but found some “progressive” policies that will render it unelectable as long as there is still the popular vote.

Why? Because his flat-screen, ice-cold persona is tailor-made for the role of Front Man in a post-democratic Britain – where the corporacrats increasingly play the role of Kingmaker, and post-election horse trading results in a neutered Master of Ceremonies who “leads” a Coalition, behind which are lots of Robbins and Sedwills negotiating with every Tom, Dick, Murdoch and Soros.

Variously thick, busy, disinterested, ill-informed, uncaring, wallet-obsessed, tired, angry, cynical and lazy voters do not make for the kind of electorate Platonic democracy requires.

After Plato came Roman leaders offering bread and circuses to placate the demos, as opposed to schools and media designed to make them aware, doubting cross-examiners.

The reforms put in place by the 1945 Attlee administration potentially paved the way for the World’s most sophisticated electorate. Wilson, Thatcher, Blair, Campbell and all who followed destroyed discernment based on a desire for the Common Good in favour of power over an Orwellian mob.

We are now dealing with the consequences.