NEW VIRAL SHOCKER: Slog self-isolates in desperate bid to contain Hysteria-20

mekitchen2 Is it a bat, is it a ball, is it a flu, is it a fake, is it a wobble, is it a weapon, is it Chinese or is it American?…, it’s, er, um, actually we don’t know whatTF it is.


A brief riddle-me-ree  to act as un petit digestif for Sunday lunch….

I fell out of a Wuhan lab

my mother was a bat

I’m partly made of AIDS rehab

or not at all like that.

I’m either son of ’64

along with LBJ

Or mutant bio-dog of war

made by the CIA.

My deadliness is one in ten

if you are 93

or Black Death raised from way back when –

let’s have some certainty…..

for as you quiver in your beds

and shrink from every sneeze,

washing hands and taking meds

to still the knocking  knees,

it’s time you worked out what I am

by giving up on theories

and screened out all the processed spam

to view the data series.

Scourge of mankind or Superflu,

grown wild or manufactured –

have I arrived to murder you

or keep the plebs distracted?

The answer is “I am COVID19, naturally.” Or not. With reservations.

Well, in the interests of containing viral fear, from here on The Slog resolves to isolate the site from infected people belting out droplets from open mouths fronting up closed minds.

There will be no further COVID19 content here until somebody or something without an agenda offers some cast-iron evidence that clarifies the prognosis as opposed to muddying the waters still further.

I’m quite happy to discuss and post about the purely social, economic and political side-effects of this virus, but 100% unhappy to engage in debates based on quadraphonic medical ignorance and epidemiological guesswork.

Longstanding argumentative and serially wrong Slog threader Ian Batook is the first confirmed casualty of this, a despicably censorious attempt to silence criticism of my Universal Mastery of All Things. To be precise, Ian is the first person I’ve banned from The Slog for more than three years: he knew the rules, he broke them on several occasions, and he had the usual collection of identities, IP addresses, email accounts and insults which make up his sort’s retinue.

Thus, C0VID19 has joined Climate Change as a subject no longer fit for civilised debate. Any O/T comments about either topic will be vapourised on sight.

Enjoy your Sunday lunch; I shall be back later.