At the End of the Day


Even in quarantine, one can’t get away from this bloody virus.

So we might as well laugh at it.


On Coronavirus Street this week…..

 >> Viewers urged to wash their brains in soap

>> Gemma kicks out Bernie after she buys pet bat

>> Yasmeen sneezes on Geoff’s cock

>> David Platt held at surgical knifepoint by mystery bug

>> Ken Barlow tests negative for acting talent

>> Nobody goes anywhere: dramatic lockdown scenes

Coronasteroid swarm surges towards Earth….


>> Nasa dismisses photoshop theory

>> Dr Fauci identifies swarm as adenoids

>> Guardian forecasts 114.6% death rate when it hits

>> Macron declares war on Outer Space

>> Biden accuses Vladimir Wuhin

>> Boris trebles recommended hand-washing time

>> Will miss Earth by only seven zillion miles

Jeremy Coronabyn tests positive for clap: nation mourns…


>> Keirona Starmer distances himself from Leader’s “old cock”

>> Experts fear Owen Jones “could mutate into something even worse”

>> COVID19 cost Labour the election says Lord Coronadonis

>> Gordorona Brown in bid to save virus from World

>> Boris orders 10 year quarantine for all Labour MPs

>> Khan accuses Tories of Coronaphobia

Entire Cabinet & Royal Family wiped out. Experts condemn “silly investments in stock markets”