REVEALED: the three-time loser “expert” who persuaded Bojo to adopt lockdown


Why was a proven failure allowed to drive UK policy back into containment?


Sorry….I don’t usually post this often in a 24-hour period, but Covid-Crash things are moving at such a pace now – fuelled by a heady mix of incompetence, subplot distraction and treasonous cunning – that without updating every feint and red herring, most of us will be in a fog by Monday.

Our old friend Neil ‘Evverrong’ Ferguson is today fingered as the looney “expert” whose calculations about the ‘devastating’ impact of  COVID19 persuaded the UK Prime Minister to adopt a national lockdown strategy last week.

This gentleman has form in the area of being badly mistaken… a consistent manner able to make weatherman Michael ‘Hurricane’ Fish seem to be the Delphic Oracle on Kryptonite by comparison.

Ferguson was the man behind alarmist research that sparked an unnecessary mass culling of farm animals during the 2001 epidemic of foot and mouth disease – a gaffe that cost Britain billions of pounds.

Ferguson was the man behind the barmy prediction that up 150,000 people would die from bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, or ‘mad cow disease’) if it made the leap to humans – and even worse if the same thing happened with sheep. In fact, fewer than 200 died from the human form of BSE and none, nul, zero, diddly-squat resulted from sheep to human transmission. He was a mere 750-fold out. Jokes about sheep in the fold may be appropriate here.

Ferguson was the man behind the bonkers idea that 500,000 Brits will die this year of COVID19…..and not surprisingly, terrified the bejesus out of the Cabinet & its advisors.

Our Neil is a modeller. Of his previous attempts at superceding Nostradamus, he says “certainly the models weren’t 100% right”. As a rationale, this is up there with the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore sketch about Mr Spiggot the one-legged Tarzan auditioner.

As you can imagine, my struggling agricultural mates have an undying affection for the Mad Professor.

neilfergusonreal Ironically, bungle-prone Ferguson (left) tested positive for C19 ten days ago, and has been in self-isolation ever since. I would recommend a quarantine period of not less than six light years.

But on a marginally more serious note – given the COVID19 context of Establishment advice being largely uncorrelated with sensible strategy in relation to the virus, one is left asking why on earth this narrow mathematical modeller was wheeled out yet again by Whitehall?

Incompetence? Or just another attempt to keep The People cowed in their homes while the Unelected State is given a free hand to turn Britain into a Corporacratic State?

Time and again we are told by the Green gurus that Earth is on the brink of a climate crisis, but time and again they are proved wrong and almost always, modelled data is at the heart of the flaws.

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