OPINION: Now that our media have been weaponised, liberal democracy is no longer feasible


Covid19 is a relatively benign virus, but Murdoch20 is deadly


If you had suggested to me twenty years ago, on my retirement, that by 2020 I would be writing that headline to a serious article, I think I might have backed away from you slowly and muttered to the nearest bystander, “You keep him occupied while I dial 999”.

I remember my dear (and sadly late) American friend Judie Lannon saying to me in the early Naughties, “Kid, comparisons with the Nazis are risible….you have an overactive imagination”. By 2014, she was sending emails asserting that, “I have given up expecting anything truthful or honourable to emerge from the US Deep State and its unwitting lackeys in the media”.

Another friend for many years was the exemplary blogger Anna Raccoon (not her real name) who, I found out by accident, was based only twenty kilometres from me here in France. She and hubby Big Graham became firm navvying companions during the attempt to construct a by-pass around Perdition. She called her blog ‘A jaundiced eye on the mass media’. How we need her today.

I was late to the discovery of George Carlin, the American standup comedian who infamously said, “I have one rule with the Government….I don’t believe a f**king word they say”. He too left us just before O’Drama the empty Black suit became Uncle Tom in the White House.

That Boomer generation – much vilified by Leftlibs determined to blame their inadequacies on us – will soon be history. It is being succeeded by narrowly educated offspring who prefer fancy to fact. They are easy meat for State autocrats and their media-corporate allies.

But few are quite as brazen and vicious as the Murdoch empire.

Over the last few weeks, The Slog has posted about News International’s designs on the BBC, and the Digger’s campaign to rubbish every policy being developed by Boris Johnson and his close adviser Dominic Cummings….both of whom stand in the empire’s way.

Last week, I highlighted a foul piece in the Murdoch Sun quite deliberately exaggerating Chinese virus reinfections, while nurturing the myth of zero Covid19 immunity.

There has to be something sociopathic about any tribe of hacks happy to put forward dick-sucking as “news’. Today’s edition of The Times is the most ludicrous display of that to date.

First up, ‘Get Boris the disappearing Prime Minister’:


Second thing out there, “It’s serious – panic!’:

Start wearing face masks, Britain urged

Fascinating, is it not, that the author of the above piece did not point out the glaring mendacity of governments who told us only six weeks ago that face masks were a waste of time – so they could replenish stocks and thus save face.

But hey – chaos in the population and conformity with the State line….that’s how we get to take over the BBC, right? For instance, with cartoons like this one:


Mankind tries valiantly to push the all-conquering COVID19 uphill….but it is all in vain, for we are doomed. And look! Look!! See how that nasty piece of work Viktor Orban is using COVID19 to grant himself autocratic powers:


Nothing in this second lead to show the reader, however, that – clause for clause – Orban’s powers are a clone of those taken by Boris Johnson this week…..and far less totalitarian than the martial law declared by Emmanuel Macron in France

As we Sloggers are wont to remark – IABATO! – It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official.

But this is how the warped ambition of Rupert Murdoch plays: stay on the right side of NATO, back the right President, stroke Sir Mark Sedwill and destroy the rebels in Downing Street.

Investigation of malfeasance has been replaced by propagation of pernicious myth…. and Murdoch is, as ever, in the vanguard of this lamentable trend.

As I’ve written endlessly before, media mogul psychopathy has collided with the Wishful Unthinking Tendency at the worst of all times. What began with the installation of Cleggover and Scameron in 2010 has morphed with alarming (yet quiet) acceleration into the repositioning of Jeremy Corbyn as Jesus Christ, the wholescale falsification of the truth about who held the upper hand over Brexit, and people praying for the survival of serial dissembler Boris Johnson from a mild case of Covid.

Modern British politics and government after 1832 tried, with at least a degree of sincerity, to fulfil the possibility of mass media adding up to a mass informed electorate. As long as the media were in private and/or ideological hands, this was always going to be a struggle. But with the establishment of the BBC in the 1920s – and the accompanying thirst for education almost universal in the lower middle and working classes of the time – the BBC rapidly gained a reputation around the world for meticulous objectivity.

Although that was suspended after 1939 in the struggle to defeat Hitler, men in the Forces nevertheless attended sessions – organised on a bipartisan basis by idealistic MPs keen to have sophisticated voters ready to rebuild Britain once the war was over.

There was indeed an increasingly erudite public opinion, but it consisted of 27 million private opinions.

The electorate that wisely turfed out Churchill in 1945 was the pinnacle of educated universal suffrage on Planet Earth. People read stuff (my father who left school at twelve, devoured Mein Kampf in 1937, and volunteered for the RAF the following week). Men and women everywhere discussed and planned and vowed never to go back to privation. We became the first world power ever to give its heroes free medical care, free pensions, free education at all levels….and give back independence to its imperial subjects. The 1950s, for all they are despised now by morons who weren’t there, saw the lowest inequities of wealth and most widespread social mobility in UK history.

Sixty years on, the BBC and its competitor Sky have become colleges of conformity. While in the press sector, braindead tabloids powered an obsession with celebrity and materialism at the down and middle market levels – and weariness with Union power drove the top end further to the Right.

Hardcore Leftlib porn may be restricted to the Mirror and the Guardian, but political correctness in the other media is absolute. This closed shop is only ever challenged online, or by brave journalists like Peter Hitchens, Rod Liddle and Ambrose Evans-Pritchard.

What paved the way for this herd-politicising of The People was the staffing of our schools by teachers who emerged from the radical chic Left of the late Sixties and early Seventies.

Discernment has been ditched in favour of dreary acceptance. Questioning is condemned as, variously, racist, phobic or fascist. Creativity has been traded in for conformity. The left brain has been replaced by the jerking right knee.

We are one, gigantic lumpen proletariat being herded from one false alarm and counterfeit narrative to another by government, news and social media. And all the agencies that used to protect us from such a process now work directly or indirectly for the State.

The idea that liberal democracy can survive (let alone thrive) in that context is merely another triumph of fancy over fact.

Liberal democracy requires all of the following: the rule of Law, equality before that Law, bureaucratic accountability, free speech, apolitical civil policing, and a fully informed electorate.

I need only mention some names to respectively prove that those building blocks have all gone – or are rapidly crumbling: Julian Assange, Andy Coulson, Sir Mark Sedwill,  Tommy Robinson, Cressida Dick, and everyone who tells me Islam is the religion of peace.

Still, another day in the curfewed containment of quarantined codswallop, another attempt to keep a running tally on the Covid19 stats.

48% of all deaths so far have involved at least one other existing and life-threatening condition – what the medics call comorbidities.

For everyone in the population aged 0-50, if you die of COVID19, you will be 1 in 500.

Observe the graphs for confirmed cases and deaths, and you will see they are a 99.8% match:


Note the absence of leaps, surges, explosions and soaring stuff.

962,690 people are recorded as dead from COVID19, which is 0.000013% of the global population  – 13 people per million….and even this is controversial, because (a) comorbidity almost certainly overstates death from as opposed to with; and (b) upwards of 35% of the age groups concerned would’ve died anyway.

So our bottom line is this: we are looking at nine additional deaths per million humans here. You are the Prime Minister of Britain, the President of France, or the President of the United States. You can accept the homoaeopathic level of cull, prioritise the vulnerable and get frontline health workers tested asap: or you can lock everyone in their homes and shut down the entire global economy.

Let me tell you something: the member of that trio with the right ideas is the man vilified by Leftlib ideologues around the world.

The very fact that the media, wannabe dictators and Big Pharma have been able to pull off this caper – and get the full cooperation of the State in so doing – tells you why our electorates, legislators, leaders, civil servants, cops, media, bankers and globalists are unfit to nurture the values we are supposed to promote.  QED

I leave you today with just how profoundly superficial 99.9% of media output is. This from a PR Group that email me occasionally in the hope I’ll write something for a client:

‘Parents who want their children to grow up financially successful should call them Andrew or Anna, new research has revealed’.

So now you know.