COVID19 EXPLOSIVE: the 3% virus (Part II)


Why the goal for the Totalitechnarians is overt and unquestioned State sovereignty…and how Covid19 has become the best chance they’ve ever had to achieve it


When the American Medical Association says it is worried about the FDA “covering salary costs with monies from large Pharmaceutical companies” and “allowing such companies faster routes to market based on less data” you have to realise that something is rotten in Denmark.

At the start of the Covid19 saga, the US liberal pressgang blasted President Trump for having, in June of last year, closed the CDC. What you may not realise is that The Tangerine One closed it on the basis of AMA advice saying that it too was and is a creature of Big Pharma.

Trump has another problem: his top medical adviser Dr Fauci has access to the same gravy train. On his watch, the FDA has sat upon clearance for hydroxychloriquine – the management formulation which, in a cocktail of drugs for C19, has been found nearly 100% effective in halting a decline into death. There seems to be no discernible reason for the delay.

As for the UK’s ‘top Covid19 adviser’ Neil Ferguson, his virology advice centre is based at Imperial College London. The Gates Foundation has been making regular large donations to ICL for many years.

The polite term for all of the above is conflict of interest.

Rubbishing competitive (and far cheaper) drugs is one way in which ‘sponsored content’ (aka bollocks) finds its way into the media. Overstating the death rate is another, done chiefly in two ways: first, using C19 as a trash-can into which all death causes can be lumped – either through lack of time and experience, or pretty obvious corruption; or – and this is something The Slog has banged on about from Day 1 – willfully ignoring the unknown in the algebraic data equation viz, patients who got infected and never presented at a GP or hospital.

From the outset of media hysteria about Covid19, death rates of 7-10% were bandied about. Given we now know that 95% of all cases are symptomatically mild, such ‘established facts’ as percentage death rates shrink by up to a factor of around 18 times. Move below the age of 70, and the factor goes up to 30.

US Senator Scott Jensen is also a medical practitioner. He told Fox news that he had been asked to falsify death certificates. French Chloroquine advocate Didier Raoult is visceral on the subject of the suppression of the Chloro cocktail, and alleged in private to have serious doubts about how the World Health Organisation (WHO) is funded. Reports have come in to me from here in France (as well as Ireland and the UK) where pretty much everything except death from gangrene is being called a Covid19 fatality.

Some of this is incompetence; some of it clearly isn’t.

Applying this climate of doubt and fear-induced action, the test “Cui bono?” must once again be applied….and it always points in the same directions: those who invest bigtime in track, trace and test surveillance under cover of ‘medico-tech’ advances; and those in the immunisation business.

These groups above I have now decided are where there is a concerted strategy to increase sales and expand markets. I think of them now as Grade 1 misanthropes – for reasons I’ll expand further about below.

There is a second group of interests who, I’m now pretty convinced, are simply cashing in opportunistically rather than running the show. These would include the Central Banks, the bourses, the MSM, Brussels bureaucats, crypto-fascist politicians out to crush opponents, compliant media barons and national politicians keen to cover up a woefully low investment in public health infrastructure. They’re all by nature misanthropic, but Grade 2 by comparison to the first group.

The Grade 1 gargoyles get their status for three outstanding reasons:

  • They have form as pernicious lobbyists
  • Their behaviour in the run-up to Covid19 is profoundly suspicious
  • They are central not just to ‘who benefits?’ but also to ‘who pays?’

The ‘whoTF is going to pay for the economic damage done by lockdown?’ issue is the one that had most puzzled me in relation to the pandemic-panic: the cost per life saved on that basis is ludicrously unaffordable…..even the thickest politician realises that. So why go along with it?

But since last weekend, I’ve had something of a Saul at Tarsus moment about what’s at stake here.

At the core of this is one single question: who is bailing out what here?

Events since summer 2019

June 2019: Having cut the CDC’s budget three years running, Trump makes a State Visit to London, and finds himself seated next to Karen Walmsley, CEO of the GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical conglomerate. GSK has a broad portfolio and innovative pipeline of vaccines to protect people of all ages, supplying over 735 million vaccine doses per day to people living in over 160 countries.

August 2019: The US military team sent to the Games in Wuhan last year trains close to the army’s germ-warfare laboratory at Fort Detrick. Immediately after their departure, Fort Detrick is abruptly closed. Over many decades, it has been found guilty of exposing US citizens as unaware guinea pigs to its products.

September 2019: The US team arrives in Wuhan and stays at a hotel eighty yards from the market identified as the location of C19 Victim Zero. Within days, several team members complain of feeling ill, and three are hospitalised.

October 18th 2019: World Economic Forum meets at Davos, and is treated to a modelled “coronavirus catastrophe” sponsored by the Gates Foundation and hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. It predicts deaths of 65 million worldwide. Gates in particular is voluble about the lack of preparedness among sovereign States.

November 2019: First rumours of “a killer virus” in Wuhan being covered up by Beijing. Three key US CDC advisors removed from Wuhan.

December 2019: Alarmist Western media reports of ‘millions dead’, ‘Chinese being welded into their homes’, ‘death rates of 10%’, ‘no immunity gained and high rates of reinfection’. President Trump confides to an aide that he thinks the virus “is a hoax being perpetrated for commercial gain”.

February 2020: Bill Gates starts to take centre stage, says the key need is for more testing, tracking and immunisation – in which, spookily, he is already heavily invested. Trump says Hydroxychlorochine has a strong track record of C19 management. Barrage of press fake data scoffs at his claims. Didier Raoult in France claims excellent results, US FDA rubbishes his claims. Other medics produce similarly positive results. Trump asks White House meeting why the FDA is still sitting on Chlrorochine approval.

Late February 2020: Long data series analysis shows three big ‘leaps’ Corona has made through C19: it is incredibly easy to become infected by it, it has a long incubation period, and is infectious while showing zero symptoms. If one wanted scary infection rates and a central need to track and test, this would be the perfect virus to bio-engineer. Several US, French, German and Asian researchers beg to point this out. They are ignored.

Early March 2020: Le Monde reports on a massive robbery of Chlorochine supplies from the French health-drugs warehouse. La Dépeche follows it up, including sensational interview with Didier Raoult. The site worldometer keeps a daily tab on cases, recoveries and deaths, all of which contradict the models produced by Davos and Ferguson.

March 2020: Neal Ferguson delivers alarmist report on COVID19 threat to UK Cabinet, produces abrupt change of strategy to that of Macron in France: lockdown. Significant numbers of senior medical ranks attack lockdown in favour of Herd Immunity, question media ignorance re Chlorochine. Sweden rejects lockdown in favour of herd immunity.

April 2020: Bill Gates hogs the media limelight and talks of a “new normal” in which everyone will have to prove immunity through implanted data, and have their movements traced 24/7. Emmanuel Macron announces new G5 phone App that will trace every movement of every French citizen. For once, the French media express alarm at the idea. British ONS and AMA seasonal death-rate data show no spike in fatalities versus previous years.

The timelines I’ve shown here are contested in some quarters. But the general thrust of events has been one of coincidences that are incredibly kind to the potential commercial beneficiaries, alarmist modelling that isn’t being borne out by reality, media-promoted fear-mongering that never checks out, plus unexplained closures, suspicions, thefts and opportunities that give means to those with motives.

Is there an end-goal for the beneficiaries?

There may not be; but either by design or opportunism, it looks increasingly hard to deny that the end-goal is more power and more control for the Totalitechnarian Class.

And so to the final question: who’s going to pay for the economic consequences of lockdown?

The standard response of most worldly and informed contrarians is ‘us’ – the taxpayers and depositors. But no amount of tax hikes or electronic theft could come near to replacing, say, 35% of global gdp.

I don’t think we’ll pay for this mess in terms of abject poverty, because without disposable income and jobs, the State would be well short of the consumption levels needed to reignite economic growth and produce tax income. We are, however, going to pay for it in terms of our liberties of movement and thought – unless enough decent people wake up. Sadly, I’ve reached the stage after 15 years at this lark of almost losing faith in that outcome.

I think the beneficiaries’ end goal is State sovereignty.

One only has to survey the degree to which the media, our legislators, the bureaucrats, the police and every State-owned former citizen asset has been bought by globalists, with the transactions expedited by bourse banking.

The vast majority of lay people still think that, with a name like Federal Reserve, the US Fed must be a government owned and funded institution. It isn’t, of course: it is a slippery, wriggling snake run by and for the benefit of the Gigarich 3%. Since the mid 1970s, there has been a massive shift in power from the elected State and the mass labour force to private capital. Money talks; that it would eventually talk itself into becoming the Sovereign State was always inevitable without enough good men to oppose it. We are a little short on the Eliot Ness count at the moment.

Good health and longer life has always been, along with food, water and shelter provision, a central core of big business. My late employer John McCormick used to say, “The greatest product claim in the world is ‘buy me or you’ll die'”. Somewhere in the celeste, John is wetting himself laughing.

As the CDC, FDA, medical research sector and even the WHO are now examples of bought institutions, private health will replace the public sector, low altitude satellites will do the job of GCHQ and the NSA, censorious social media will stifle and then one day gag all contrarian and creative thinking, and neocon foreign policy will continue to create bogey-men (as it is doing with china now) who act as the excuse for invading every last energy source, raw material supply and personal privacy.

We won’t be bailing out the corporacrats, they’ll bail the State out.

The price will be Sovereignty for them, and zero Civil Rights for us.

There will be a reset. Fiat currency makes this a comparatively easy stroke to pull off. Debt will cease to exist….as will non-electric money. Great shall be the rejoicing.

And President Zuckerberg will be on his way to the White House.