GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi, Emmanuel Macron, Emma Walmsley, and the global drive for immunisation against all things natural

The sleaze behind the COVID19 hysteria

Some of you may recall the shot below, taken in London (and featured at The Slog twelve days ago) of Emma Walmsley, the CEO of the world’s biggest vaccine maker GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) sitting next to President Trump during a State visit last year.

COVIDGLAXO2 The visit took place in June…fully four months prior to the Wuhan outbreak of a virus that became known as COVID19.

The point in showing it was to ask how – when pandemics weren’t on anyone’s radar – the boss of GSK wangled a seat right next to The Donald.

In previous posts here, I have shown that Glaxo has by far the most to gain from a strategy of lockdown….because natural immunity will take place on a  smaller scale and more slowly than if lighter restrictions were employed….thus leaving time for any vaccine to still exploit a large potential market.

In a major development today, Walmsley has announced that GSK is teaming up with French rival Sanofi to develop a coronavirus vaccine and manufacture “hundreds of millions of doses.”

Glaxosmithkline is to work with Sanofi on a treatment that they hope to test on humans during the second half of this year. But the highlighted words above are key: only just over two million cases have presented worldwide. So we would be talking about mass vaccination on an absolutely unprecedented scale.

Ever the PR smoothie, Emma was keen to point out that GSK “does not intend to profit from this development during the pandemic emergency” which isn’t saying much given that (i) such never happens during development anyway (ii) the emergency is over when friends in high places say it is and (iii) the product wouldn’t be on the market until the back end of 2021. The truth behind this diaphanous veil of virtue is that the deal with Sanofi brings to seven the number of Covid-19 collaborations that GSK has with other groups.

Not much chance for any grass to grow under the feet of the folks at Glaxo.

But the choice of Sanofi is of particular interest, given the severity of the French lockdown ordered by President Macron. For Macrony and Sanofi go back a long way.

Five years ago, when Macron was economics minister, FranceinfoTV carried out an investigation into why then plain Monsieur Macron had let Sanofi off €137 million of tax in one year. The answer was a sort of low-pitched woffle.

He has known Sanofi President Serge Weinberg for many years: they are close personal friends who worked as colleagues first of all during 2008. Macron ensured Weinberg was made a Légion d’Honneur Commandeur in 2017.

It was Weinberg who originally introduced Macron to Rothschild Bank during 2010, after a spell in the ENA-dominated Finance Ministry….yet more of those ever-revolving corporacratic doors. Rothschild bankrolled the successful campaign to get Manny elected President. Weinberg became one of the five proposers of Macron’s candidacy, and Sanofi made several large donations to the campaign.

Once elected, Macron introduced the use of obligatory vaccinations for some 800,000 French kids annually.

In 2018, Assembly MP Francois Ruffin described himself as “revolted” by the corruption and protection offered to “Macron’s friends at Sanofi” including huge contracts, help with its US flotation, rises in drug prices, and immunity from prosecution following the Dépakine scandal – a Sanofi drug that left 30,000 children autistic.

After a dinner at the Elysée Palace hosted by Macron for Roche and Sanofi in July 2019, the French news site Mediapart splashed an aggressive ‘seven-questions for Macron’ article, the gist of which was why favouritism towards Big Pharma “has brought the French public health service to the point of ruin – not least because of rising drug prices”.

The piece quotes cases where Sanofi-branded drugs have been bought by the State in preference to the exact same drug in generic form that costs a fraction of the branded price.

The evidence of massive interest conflicts and downright corruption between Sanofi and Macron for over a decade is irrefutable. But now – with the arrival of the GSK-Sanofi joint venture – conflict of interest takes an intriguing new twist. For Sanofi makes a cocktail form of the anti-malaria drug Hydroxychlorachine championed by virologist superstar Didier Raoult. And surprise, surprise…..Macron has suddenly changed tack on Chlorachine, by agreeing to accelerate the scale and process of testing the Raoult cocktail.

So what happens when one division of Sanofi making the Chlorochine cocktail starts lobbying for its broader use in COVID19 management in preference to whatever the joint-venture comes up with in terms of immunisation?

No doubt Emma Walmsley and Serge Weinberg can come up with a win-double narrative.

The Unelected State is following several strategies by country – further support for my long-held conviction that there is no ‘New World Order’ grand plan. But they all have the same aim – sovereign control and power.

Rothschild has used a rising star of no affiliation in order to buy the Elysée and the Assembly. Zuckerberg harbours Presidential ambitions, but derives his power via data collection for globalist businesses and State Security. Gates is part of the drive to take over the job of Federal government departments in track, trace and citizen control; but he doesn’t give a monkey’s chuff what legislators think: he doesn’t factor them into his vision of the future.

The same is true of the European Commission in Brussels: they simply avoid election by inverting the democratic process, and then giving directives to neutered (and corrupted) MEPs. Boris Johnson affects the persona of a populist in opposing the EU way of doing things; but on his journey to Number 10, Boris used varietal brown-nosing tricks to ensure business success for everyone from taxi manufacturers and media owners to local government perverts and London property developers.

BoJo is onside completely with the aims of the Unelected State. He has allowed the Whitehall Spook Supremo Sir Mark Sedwill to remain in place as head of the Cabinet Office. Johnson I suspect senses that corporatocracy – what I’ve dubbed Totalitechnairianism – is the future. Whitehall, banking and globalist business revolving-door bodily-fluid exchangers may be wary of the new British PM, but they have nothing to be concerned about. He is one of them.

The overriding need since roughly 1985 has been to take the lobbyist-money element out of politics….to drain the swamp. It’s too late for that now. Somehow, thinking citizens are going to have to work out how to be independent of the State – at an ever-higher level until that State becomes irrelevant.

The swamp is already self-regenerating; that battle is lost. The fight to starve the beasts in the swamp is beginning.