At the End of the Day

Things invisible to the naked eye, things far too visible to the naked eye, and more satirically naked truth about what’s behind Covid19 for even the most myopic eye


There is something about the monniker Covid19 that makes it sound like a formulaic Hollywood vehicle that ran out of road. We used to have Jaws VII and Back to the Future IV, so today we have Covid19.

Covids 1 & 2 were a huge hit in the Naughties, although numeros 3-18 passed unnoticed in the form of influenza. But for reasons that have become all too obvious, the novel nature of Covid’s HIV RNA content has presented both an opportunity for Big Pharma, and a challenge to those Hollywood Moguls trying to fashion a name out of NOVELHICRNA.

I understand that President Trump loved the anagramatic Evil Chan Nor as the Chinese Patient Zero culprit, but Dr Fausi felt that Covid19 suggested something far more advanced and thus infinitely more terrifying.

It has made the movie COVID19 into an international smash hit, which is some achievement given he is microscopic. And yet, something invisible to the naked eye has  (we are asked to believe) changed our World forever.

And that’s another thing: what’s the difference between a naked eye and any old common or garden eye? I thought there might be some insights into that question yesterday, when I discovered on Twitter that Saturday May 2nd was Naked Gardening Day. But all I found was lots of shots of grinning (largely bearded) folks tending the garden with nothing on. And that was just the girlies: it was not a sight for sore eyes, naked or otherwise.

Twitter is just another barometer of how unfailingly daft most people are today. Naked Gardening Day is a daft idea invented by daft people with little to offer the culture, and taken up by daft people who have not considered the slings, arrows, weed allergies, bramble scratches and other myriad disadvantages contained in the daft idea of gardening in the nude. May they all have their appendages clipped by rabid followers of topiary.

A propos of not a lot, I am a firm fan of Billy Joel’s music. His ditty Allentown is a particular favourite, and so as a tribute to the Piano Man, I offer you now this bit of doggerel satirising Contrick19:

So we’re living here in full lockdown,
Need permission just to go to town –
with the media hyping Covid uuuuuup
and the People being sold a Pup.
Yes we’re living here in full lockdown.

And they tell me that there’s gonna be
a 10 per cent levy they will take from me
& the bastards think it’s all for fuuuun –
but with me they’re gonna need a gun,
need to break out from the full lockdown.

Billy Gates, he wants to vaccinate
so that none of us can ever mate –
wants to cut the population doooowowooowwn
so that he can wear the global crown….
til we live in permanent lockdown.

Whitehall’s tearing up our Civil Rights
got our freedoms lined up in their sights.
Dr Fauci wants his pound of fleyeyeyesh
& a vaccine team in every creche –
til there’s no one left to be put down.

So I’m dyin’ here in Aquitaine
and the people have all gone insane
while Macron, he serves the living deayeyeyead
with Big Pharma tucked up in his bed –
And we’re dyin’ here in Aquitaine.

Under house arrest in Aquitaine
We need more hydroxychlorochain
but supplies they seemed to disappearyeyeyear
Because Fauci wants Remdesivir
So we’re locked up here in Aquitaine

To those still locked down in Michigan
Let’s hope this is where the end began.
Covid kills just 0 point 0 three percenyeyeyent
And though Wall Street deems it Heaven-sent,
there’s a mass breakout in Michigan.

So we’re living here in dull lockdown
But you cannot keep the good folks down –
There’s a feeling now, a whole new buyuyuzz
that’s it’s time the fuckers worked for us
or got locked up in their own lockdown.