THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Covid 19 is mutating into Covert20 – & the Resistance so far is laughable.


I wonder, does anyone have a better descriptor for the place (wherein dwell the spin doctors, Establishment bottom-feeders and technomedia corporacrats) than “swamp”?

The question is largely rhetorical, as I have one already handy: sewer.

Every week, more stools glide proudly past on the surface of the murky waters. Some are there displaying corruption, some to continue exaggerating the threat presented by Covid19, some to represent the quiet creeping of the State as it passes yet another batch of illiberal legislation…and of late, more and more excretia are engaged in expectation management….almost as if they were saying, “You think the last lot were smelly, well wait til you get a whiff of this little doozie”.

The only way left to tackle the shit-shower is simply to list the components of The Dump in some vaguely connected order.

The most overt liar of all – and still the best weather vane of élite intentions – remains the Murdoch press.

They gave space six days ago to Ed Conway (economics editor of SkyNews – who else?) for him to dig up this UXB:

‘Has the time come for a one-off wealth tax?

Capital levies are the nuclear button of economics but might be just what Britain needs now’

Mr Conway concluded by asking, of his own rhetoric, ‘… the simplest, boldest, most radical way of solving the coming fiscal crisis such a terrible idea after all?’

Um, there is a far simpler one that doesn’t involve stealing from the innocent citzenry: it’s called a Debt Jubilee. Now I wonder why the 3% don’t fancy that idea. Anyway, Conway was ahead of the game in asking the question – although the first one to float this particular turd in 2018 was our dear old convicted felon, Christine Lagarde, who now runs the European Central Bank (ECB) – of which more in a paragraph or few.

Perhaps some folks at the Times felt he’d gone too far; so four days later, Ed was back again, saying what a tragedy the whole virus thing is, and why desperate times call for desperate measures.

“The data,” he began, in the tone of Job having a bad day, ” is almost overwhelmingly depressing….the total number of people who died in England and Wales in the 16th week of the year, the one that began on Easter Monday was, at 22,351, the highest number of people to have died in any week since comparable records began.”

It was also the week that 3,981 beds (out of 4,000) at the Nightingale Covid19 Centre lay empty and unused – even though Neil ‘FundGates’ Ferguson had earlier said that such a number was woefully insufficient. The use of legerdemain by Conway – simply taking every single death as if it must be down to Covid19 – took even my stale breath away. In the week he was writing about, 4,200 hospital deaths from C19 occurred…..just over 18% of all deaths in that week.

But still the narrative didn’t seem powerful enough, so this week the media have jumped on another bring-out-your-dead horror. The rumbling of the cart on the cobbles began on April 14th; today, the noise is deafening. Once again, Ed was the Town Crier sans pareil:

“….a glance at the data on how many people are dying in the UK certainly feels like a glimpse into the heart of darkness for this country….”

The overwhelming conclusion of the media pack, in fact, is that Boris Johnson left it “too late” in applying lockdown, and thus he is to blame. I like blaming Boris when he deserves it – he usually does, but not this time.

The first thing to grasp is that the “understated deaths” story is a reheated version of the one about care homes not being included in the numbers. Leaving aside the fact that Johnson was fighting for his life at the time this was discovered, I must again ask: whose job is it to get these numbers right? And the answer is, Whitehall and its NHS/ONS specialist statisticians.

In turn, in a previous post I demonstrated the utterly shambolic reaction of NHS Big Hair people when a personal friend of mine – a carehome worker – went to a testing centre in Southern England and was told “to come back when you feel ill”….even though C19 was raging through her workplace at the time.

I have yet to discover anywhere data on (a) what other countries do about care home deaths (b) how reliable these home death diagnoses are and (c) whether any part of our lackadaisical Civil Service has yet quantified a figure – it will be vastly greater than these care home additions – for the numbers who have recovered from Covid19 without bothering to present themselves as a statistic. Earlier this week, America’s CDC once again repeated their view that, as 97% of all cases we know about displayed ‘mild symptomology’, it is likely that the real case numbers are ten times greater than those recorded so far.

If we don’t know that, then media exaggeration and jibes aimed at the Government are just so much agendered mumbo-jumbo. But it is spooky, is it not, that when one factors in the Unknown Survivors here, we arrive at that same, hoary old number – C19 is killing 0.03% of us, and the “us” involved are overwhelmingly – as in 85% – in their ninth decade.

So why is Downing Street floating this boat today?

What’s all the fuss really about, and why are we crashing the global economy? Time for us to turn to what’s becoming a regular feature at The Slog.


There is an old saying, “Money talks”. The 21st century is proving that, these days, money’s chief job is to hide. It’s effect on our media around the world is not only palpable, it has to all intents and purposes abolished the practice of investigative journalism: it exists only as a form of lackeyism we saw earlier in this piece – what I tend to call accusatory journalism.

How else could Bill Gates get away with a vaccination track record that suggests we need to add a charge for the International Courts? We hear much about War Criminals, but not a lot about Peace Criminals. A week ago, RFK Jr – the lawyer activist fighting the cause of those who do know the the harm done by vaccination – wrote this piece for Instagram recording in full Big Bill’s twisted philanthropy. I urge you to read it.

One extract, however, stood out for me:

‘In 2010, Gates committed $10 billion to the WHO promising to reduce population, in part, through new vaccines. A month later Gates told a Ted Talk that new vaccines “could reduce population”. In 2014, Kenya’s Catholic Doctors Association accused the WHO of chemically sterilizing millions of unwilling Kenyan women with a phony “tetanus” vaccine campaign.

Independent labs found the sterility formula in every vaccine tested.

After denying the charges, WHO finally admitted it had been developing the sterility vaccines for over a decade.

Similar accusations came from Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines.’

Bill Gates is committed to controlling freedom of movement, steering the entire direction of Homo sapiens, and reducing the world population dramatically. Whether there is a grand Bilderberger/Davos Plan to do just that, I have no idea. But the Covid19 saga (while in no way proving it) has given us a glimpse into what some of the megalos up there in the top stratum would like to do.

The networking web of statistical charlatans and Big Pharma is not so much tangled as strangulating every attempt to provide a counter-narrative. This news has been bouncing across the globe over the last 48 hours:

‘A drug has been shown to treat coronavirus for the first time, cutting the number of days patients take to leave hospital by almost a third. Remdesivir, an antiviral originally designed to combat ebola, had a “clear-cut significant positive effect in diminishing time to recovery,” said Anthony Fauci…’

It’s a pack of lies – Hydroxychlorochane not only speeds recovery from C19, it also reverses the down-spiral into death that typifies this virus. Earlier, this article from China cast huge doubt upon Fauci’s claims:

‘….experimental antiviral drug Remdesivir appears to have been unsuccessful in treating COVID-19 in a late-stage study conducted by the Chinese government’…remdesivir was not associated with clinical or virological benefits.’

The World Health Organisation (WHO) was impressed enough by the study to post the results on its website. But last week, WHO hastily removed the post, later describing it as ‘inadvertant’. Doncha love that way these people have with the euphemism of evil?

In fact, the founder of the company behind Remdesivir, Michael L Riordan, is a firm favourite of that spurious organisation, the Rockerfeller foundation:


Gilead describes its speciality as ‘A focus primarily on antiviral drugs used in the treatment of HIV’.   

There are 4 unexplained spikes of HIV in the RNA of Covid19. And Dr Anthony Fauci continues to sit on the approval of Hydroxychlorochane…despite its proven C19 management record.

In the last 24 hours, more expectation management has been apparent in the media. This relates to freedom of movement and travel across borders….an obscene volte face by the EU given their ever more bonkers commitment to Open Borders was at one point in danger of derailing Brexit.

Yet again, the Times led the charge (my emphases):

‘Air passengers could face four-hour waits to board planes, inflated ticket prices and a dramatically reduced schedule in the future, analysts have said. The flight experience would be “very uncomfortable” after lockdown, with pre-pandemic levels of service unlikely for up to five years, they predicted’.

Why four hours? Why an uncomfortable experience? Why five years to fix it? Er, because “analysts have said”. So there you have it. IABATO*

Here in France, leading tabloid La Dépeche took the same doom-laden line: ‘Will Airbus ever take off again?’ its headline demanded to know. Don’t ask me mon copain, I just clean the windows here.

In the final analysis, however, few institutions are laying the doom on thicker than Our Chrissie, now fully in charge of her new toy, the ECB.

“Eurozone economic output is in free-fall,” Lagarde observed, “It is a recession of unprecedented speed and magnitude, and GDP could easily contract by a disastrous 12% during 2020”.

Nothing like talking up the outlook – especially when you don’t have a solution. But I have long suspected that this ghastly woman’s real view is “bring it on”. She was, if you recall, the person who said last year, “Surely it is more important for people to have a job and an income rather than assets they can no longer afford”. The impudence is mind-boggling. A Citigroup note opined that ‘Mrs Lagarde had done her level best not to answer any question and left confusion over what exactly the strategy is supposed to be.”

I just gave you the strategy: “bring it on”.

Can you see all the things that it is yet?

But some – at long, long last – are fighting back….and not surpisingly, the lead resistance is coming from America. Last Thursday, armed protesters surrounded Michigan’s Capitol in Lansing. They had come to protest against Lockdown, and the outcome was not dissimilar to the London Mob besieging the Houses of Parliament to get the UK Reform Act passed in 1832.

Inside the chamber, elected officials wore bulletproof vests, while protesters holding guns looked on from the gallery.

The demo was organised by Michigan United for Liberty, and drew in hundreds of residents who carried pro-Trump banners.

Not surprisingly, the Governor’s request for 24 further days of Lockdown was denied. Governor Whitmer will be unable to veto the resolution.

But if the Mother of all Parliaments spent much of the 19th century extending civil rights and making the country more democratic, it has spent most of the 21st century making our voting system more and more indirect, while cutting a swathe through everything from Magna Carta onwards.

The use of that glorious EU invention ‘statutory instruments’ has so overwhelmed those trying to keep an eye on our rights, in the year 2020 passing flagrantly illiberal laws is a piece of cake. Tony Blair’s administration passed 37,000 of them in eight years, and the practice continues to flourish.

But the revised 1984 Control of Diseases Act (Amended) that has emerged from Contrick19 is in a class of its own.  The Regulations were made using a statutory emergency procedure, meaning that they were not subject to Parliamentary scrutiny at all.

So effectively, the Rule of Law was ignored on Day 1, and a clause forbidding any Englishman to leave his home on pain of heavy fines came into being. There is little or no difference between that (and several other amendments therein) and the lettres de cachet used by the Bourbons to bang up people they didn’t much like.

Lord Anderson of Ipswich QC concludes that “the impact on personal liberty in Regulation 6 goes right up to the limit of what is permitted under its parent statute, and arguably beyond”. His point is entirely valid: you cannot amend an Act with clauses that defy the Civil Rights boundaries of the original.

His Lordship’s observations are especially worrying, given that the original 1984 Act itself was bad enough: it allowed the Secretary of State at any time to toughen up a few clauses if he or she thought fit. But the 1984 Act expressly prohibits the Secretary of State from imposing certain restrictions all of which would amount to confinement or a trespass to the person – several of which are in the 2020 version.

After further amendments in early April, the revised Bill “became Law” on April 23rd; but it isn’t a Law in the constitutional sense – it’s an edict. The part I find odd is that, rather than bring in a batch of temporary Emergency Powers, the Government chose to take an accepted, properly passed law from 36 years ago, and hide draconian measures in it. I very much doubt that the nastier bits in it will wither away once this nonsense is over.

The illegality of these new measures really hinges on whether it was lawful for the government to describe our current situation as an emergency. For most thinking people, a virus that kills three people in ten thousand is not an emergency: if it was, then on that basis all MMR vaccinations would be banned by law (as would Gates and Santofi works of the Devil) because they have disablement and death rates far in excess of that.

But other specifics are rightly attracting tough opposition from the legal community with better things to do than chase ambulances. The police right to force people back into their own homes amounts to imprisonment without trial, and other restrictions amount to a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights, in particular Article 5. (That hasn’t, of course, stopped the Boy King Macron from passing far tougher clauses here in France).

Everything about the State’s reaction to Covid19 – be it commerce, control, civil rights, media hype and economic trashing – raises the same question in me day after day. Why? Why? Why??

Those of us who find ourselves outnumbered and framed as contrarians face insults like ‘conspiranoid’ and ‘extreme’.  Such things bounce off me these days, but they are a concern because they reflect, once again, the average citizen’s inability to balance those legal and ehtical elements in a culture – effectively, to excuse the inexcusable, and parrot back straplines like ‘Stay Home, Save Lives’.

Just as the vast majority can’t grasp that a relatively benign virus is not worth trashing £3 trillion of gdp, so they seem unable to see the definition of ’emergency’ and ‘war’ as utterly bogus. They flatly refuse to accept even the idea of a hidden agenda – despite being presented with hard fiscal, commercial and medical evidence for them.

I find now that the only way I can cope with the C19 farce is to shrug, wait for this round of the takeover to end, and in the meantime start writing about what some of the consequences are likely to be.

Either way, enjoy your weekend. Bon courage.