Clapping the Men in the Shadows


Sir Mark Sedwill still hopes to lead the secret synchronised clapping for the destruction of Dominic Cummings

Have I been too pessimistic about the fate of Dominic Cummings? I doubt it – it feels a little bit this afternoon like the Mob-handed noon tide went out….but then came back in again when nobody was looking – perhaps to accuse Dom of spreading Covid19 by picking his nose in public or something. You know, like the famed Coronavirus Second Wave….the one that’s coming, but nobody predicting it can explain credibly why they should be any more right about that than they were about the number of cases, death rates, efficacy of lockdown, and the state of war that exists between the Human Race and a deadly killer that has so far killed precisely 0.00458296153% of humanity.

That is, in round figures, 5 dead per 100,000 – 77% of whom were over 75, and among that lot, at least 45% had other pathogens contributing to death. So rounding more figures up and making an arbitrary cut-off at 60, the figure is 2 dead per 100,000. Thus, based on a 50,000-1 against death chance, the entire global economy was shut down just to protect the unlucky obese 59 year-old who scooped Life’s Death Lottery after ticking the ‘No Publicity’ box.

Lockdown, we were not told, was there to protect The Unknown Patient – ‘Let’s Protect the Covid19 1’ they never said. Except that in the UK – they chose to “protect” the 4.5% vulnerable over 70s by pushing all the infected NHS oldie patients into…..Aged Care Homes.

The only protection the responses to Covid19 have achieved is that of élite reputation: the New York Fed, Stock market liquidity, the French President, the eurozone fisco-economic disaster, Brussels ability to shoot Brexit with silver bullets, the Central Banking system, neoliberal globalism, bureaucracies everywhere, the media, Health-budget slashers, Vaccination salesmen and legislative cockups.

Most of those groups have, so far, managed to get away with it. Supplies of Hydroxychlorocine & Zinc were suddenly found to have disappeared in France, where local bureaucrats were still burning masks left over from MERS in January of this year.

The EU reassured member States that testing kits would be handled on a joint Union need. No they won’t said Merkel – Deutschland über alles Klar – and so the Germans turned out to be more equal than others.

Italian anarchy – plus a large older population alongside health cuts – created a panic. The Brussels response was to send them a bill for breaking austerity rules.

In the UK, while doubtful of Neal Ferguson’s doomwatch drivel, Dominic Cummings bowed to pressure and accepted Lockdown…..Boris made rather more of a fool of himself about this, and Matt Hancock more than both of them put together.

But by and large, C19 fearmongering acted as a distraction from the wheels coming off the credit-fuelled gravy train known as neoliberal economics and fractional reserve banking globalist bourse monopolism. Yes, quite a mouthful. And quite a mess.

Macron’s “Nous sommes en guerre” bollocks helped him survive, and effectively silence the Gilets Jaunes. The Whitehall Putschists in Britain gathered more power in the name of ‘security and integrity’ haha. And Brussels still hasn’t given up trying to put off Brexit Day….nor indeed have the British Left>Whitehall coalition stopped trying to help them.

Three groups have come out of Covid19 very badly – the media, the experts and politicians. In turn, the UK’s fundamental weakness as a social culture has once more been put under the microscope.

The media have bashed Boris, clobbered Cummings, torn into Trump and (predictably) accused Viktor Orban of a power-grab – while completely failing to recognise just how much they have lost touch with ordinary citizens throughout the Anglosphere. But although Trump has again proved them wrong in most cases, those who oppose EU blocism and NATO Hate rallies – last year Russian Novochok, this year Chinese Corona bats – still do have a solidly moronic following. While they have shown conclusively that all genuine investigative journalism is now more or less beyond the MSM’s perceived remit, this is only apparent to an informed minority who probably number no more than 15% overall.

The media continue to steer clear of the shadowy Unelected State and the 3% gigarich, because the media’s owners are members of the same club. Yesterday at the Times, Dan Finkelstein brought forth 1500 words on “advisers in the shadows” but omitted the three most important words of all: Sir Mark Sedwill. The emerging Britischer Führer is still unknown to (I’d estimate) at least 90% of the electorate.

The experts brought into the mix – the Fergusons, Faucis and other assorted Lockdown-keepers – have been shown to be owned by vaccinators, serially wrong about everything, and hypocritical – or even ideologically doubtful. But they too have been given a relatively easy ride by the media scriveners, by far the most gobby and idiotic of whom has proved to be The People’s Champion Carthorse, Piers “Hercules” Morgan. This and the peer pressure of clappers and duvet-coverers has given herd instinct status to a Lockdown that cannot be justified on the basis of either medical stats or economic realities.

The politicians have shown themselves yet again to be mediocre generalists with no judgement and even less common sense. The fact they they are forced to rely on the Cummings, Sedwills and Fergusons of this world is, in and of itself, a damning condemnation. Worse still, they appear unable to deflect any of the blame attaching to them in the direction of the Mandarins – whose admin follow-up to the testing, tracking and NHS response has been worse than abysmal.

Matt Hancock lacks the critical faculty to look at numbers. Even Boris at times seems to be blind to the Fifth Column in his midst. And the Leftlibs – well, their political sniping is seen as childish at best and teacherous at worst. But….and there’s always a but….to their own rigid adherents, the Starmers and Hunts of this world are still worth applauding. In short, fractured political Britain is still on display.

My view is increasingly that this is what drives Sir Mark Sedwill: he is the sort of anally retentive Asperger who can’t bear the idea of his power in the USEUNATO stratosphere being diluted by a Britain bedevilled with the curse of dissidence. He is so absolutely certain that globalist monopolism in concert with surveillance technocracy represents the peak of our species achievement, he is doomed to see it as his Earthly duty to shut up that part of Britain I regard as The Decency Tendency.

Before, that is, he ascends to the Deity.

Meanwhile, today the Tory rebels jumped from 39 demanding Dominic Cummings’ resignation to first 44, and then 61. It’s still a Roman blood and gore circus, and the diehard blocists will never let go until they are forcibly decommissioned.

Which would not be terribly democratic….even if they are themselves unpardonably supremacist censors.