Murdoch candidate Hunt leads the Tory rebellion against Cummings as Civil Service sources reveal Sir Mark Sedwill’s plan to take out Brexit negotiator Frost


(Left to right – Sedwill, Frost and Hunt)

The three elements of the creeping coup d’état first identified by The Slog last year – Sir Mark Pigswill, last-ditch Remainer MPs and the Murdoch media Empire – are now out of the woods and backing into the limelight. The Slog updates.

The Slog can reveal this morning – via three entirely separate sources – that the next target for the most unaccountably powerful Whitehall grandee in British history will be David Frost, the rock-solid Boris Johnson appointment to take Britain out of the EU on time, and in total.

Jeremy Hunt – the man I have always said is the Establishment’s Chosen One to lead a National Unity Government including Keir Starmer – has finally admitted that he is the de jure leader of the 39 largely Remainer Tory MPs now demanding the Head of Dominic Cummings. Hunt judges this to be a safe move given that his Number 1 fan Black Prince Rupert has almost completed (in alliance with Pigswill) the pounding artillery barrage of Cummings’ last redoubt.

Unsurprisingly, Hunt this morning enumerates all those ways in which BoJo’s closest advisor “broke” the Lockdown rules….but doesn’t mention the four lies told about him by the Murdoch press….two of which came from News International.

Pigswill has now engineered the neutering of Gavin Williamson, the crippling of Priti Patel and the removal of Dominic Cummings whose demise, I am very sad to observe, now looks inevitable.

I received an astonishing email last night from a well-regarded Left-of-Centre journalist who accused me (and I quote) of “making things up in your head and then pretending they’re real”. Self-weakness projection onto others is a well-known phenomenon, but I do wonder if the journalist has been reading Jeremy Warner’s Telegraph column of late. Last May 12th Warner revealed from sources how Pigswill and his Fifth Column tried – while the PM and Cummings were disabled by Covid19 – to broker a deal with Brussels whereby they would ask for an extension to the “handover” period, and the UK would grudgingly accept.

Cummings returned to work in a hurry and vetoed the plan.

It’s important to understand just what that means. A senior civil servant who knew perfectly well that the Prime Minister has staked his reputation (such as it is) on leaving the EU on WTO terms if necessary by December 31st deliberately tried to sabotage that promise while the PM was indisposed.

I really don’t care if wet folks don’t like the term: it is treason. But the media chose to crucify the man covering the elected British leader’s back, and ignored the most recent example of Pigswill’s casual undermining if our elected State. He brought in Robbins to do the same over the original Brexit deal. He buries every elected politician who opposes him. And now he has the Chief Brexit negotiator in his sights.

The Left’s Remainers – and the Tory rebels – along with Whitehall are so dedicated to killing any meaningful form of Brexit in general and Borisism in particular, they no longer give a damn for British Rule of Law or our Constitution. Yet these sleazy, arrogant hypocrites have the gall to pick up on Cummings as an advisor “breaking procedural rules”.

Equally, I know many will object to my use of the nickname Pigswell. But if the cap fits, then the buyer must wear it.

Meanwhile, the Murdoch pressure on the Johnson-Cummings partnership gets every heavier:


Rupert Murdoch is a far more infectious bacillus than Covid19, because he sprays cultural cancer wherever he goes.

This is a war for the soul of Britain. Those without the stomach for it should repair to the bedchamber and hide under the duvet.