ANALYSIS: Absolute swine hammered by objective investigative journalism of our 4th Estate chaps. Thank God & King Harry for our media freedoms.

But remember….don’t mention the Sedwill.


Cummilingus: That concludes my statement ladies and gentlemen. Right – first question from Tora…

ToraTora Kamikazebird: Mister Cummilingus, do you have any idea at all of just how disgusted the British People are with your unforgivable behaviour?

Cumm: Well Tora, I’ve just spent fifteen minutes explaining my behaviour and….

TK: Do you even begin to feel their anger about how you seem to be above the law?

Cumm: Yes, yes I do…especially as they had little choice but to sit at home watching the televisual media saying I’m above the law.

TK: You got into a car without a thought for the 75 million people whose lives were at risk….do you regret anything at all you fucking arrogant bastard?

Cumm: Well Tora, you work in a sector where 90% of all livers are at risk, so I leave that judgement to your readers. Any more questions?

TK: You are a scumnazibigotleaverracist.

Cumm: OK…next question from Muswell Hill….yes Roberto…

Roberto Pesto: Raaaarght, now, you allege that you soooshalleeee distarrnst from your fameerrlee, but owwdenarree Bwitish people lacked the same choice? Ammeyeriiiight?

Cumm: Not really, because most people don’t have a severely disabled child and…..

RP: Yuuuurrrss, welllll, let’s not confuse the issue with details….you drove hundreds of miles in direct contravennnnshun of the Law of the Land…

Cumm: Well, that may be the view from Pasta y Pesto at 28-30 Islington Manor Roberto, but it wasn’t the view expressed to me by the Durham Police, who – as you know – have read the emergency Covid19 legislation in full and….

RP: I am forced to conclude that you are a Leave cultist with mad desires to run Britain as a merciless fascist dictator.

Cumm: Thank you Roberto….and now, next question from Biff…yes Biff…

Biff Rugby: I mean seriously, I cannot believe I am hearin’ these obfuscatin’ excuses for spittin’ in the face of the ordinary peepull like what I don’t come from on account of havin’ attended Beaconsfield High School, University of London, Fitzwilliam College an’ Cambridge an’ that, but I mean really – how can you defend yourself by draggin’ one innocent child into this when the entire word was strugglin’ with the worst crisis to face our species since our fish ancestors started jumpin’ outta the sea?

Cumm: Thank you for your robust words Biff, but I have given you my answer in the prepared statement I delivered, and you either….

BR: Stop avoidin’ my question and admit here and now in this Media Courtroom that defendin’ your actions is futile, puerile, infantile, mercantile and lots of other words with the same endin’, eg paedophile.

Cumm: With great respect Biff, I am not a paedophile…

BR: Aaagh! But clearly you feel the need to deny it… doesn’t that prove it?

Cumm: Prove what?

BR: Stop answerin’ my questions with devious questions of your own, and accept that your sensitivity is as good as admittin’ guilt.

Cumm: Thank you Biff, and now a final question from….yes….Adam…..from Sky News…

Adam Boltlunch: Mr Cummilingus, you are an unelected adviser and yet you are given free rein to slag off we, the stainless seekers after the Truth, from the hallowed turf of the Number Ten back garden usually reserved for Heads of State. Do you feel that is unprecedented, and how do you feel about the fact that – in my vast experience of troughing my way through London’s best eateries – this is the sort of privilege that makes ordinary people very upset?

Cumm: *Thinks* Well you obese pillock with piggy eyes retreating further and further into your fat head, my question to you is why don’t ask that question of Sir Mark Pigswill and his legions of Brexit Quislings? But being a smart bunny, I’m going to resist your pathetic, half-witted goading.

Cumm: Well Adam, all I can say is that I am flattered by the faith that the duly elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has in me.

Three days ago, a YouGov poll show 52% of voters thought Dominic Cumming should resign. Following his press conference, a Twitter poll showed that 93% accepted his explanation. This morning in the Times:This morning in the Telegraph:

On and on it goes. Suddenly, this is a ‘poll tax moment’ for Boris. But Mikhailova’s piece makes reference to a ‘mailbox rebellion’ and the usual Tory Remainer suspects sending every letter of “fury” they have received since the broadcast.

However, one Tory backbencher told me, “The flood of calls and emails within thirty minutes of the end of the presser had all the hallmarks of a concerted crowd-effort. You don’t have to be a genius to work this out”.

This one really took the biscuit: Bill Deedes’ son in the Daily Mail:

Did this “journalist” watch the same press conference as I did? Despite the ranting Remainers’ utter rudeness to him, Dom’s manners remained impeccable throughout.

Not a single press title pointed out the media’s guilt – mentioned on four occasions by Cummings during his intro – is printing fake news about hiis journey to Durham.

I’ve written about our ideologically Stalinist media on several occasions previously here; the two most recent examples might serve as telling reminders:

The harassment of Dominic Cummings is a multivariate but concerted Witch Hunt. Blocist MPs and Civil Servants, the Libleft and Globalist media are all hugely implicated. The last General Election comprehensively defeated the anti-democratic spolier minority. To let them win this crucial strategic battle in the War on Liberty now would be a tragedy.

Do I think the People will rise to the occasion? I think we’ll be lucky if they rise from the sofa.