CUMMINGS & CHINA: the rise and rise of the virtual Hate Rally.

Me9719 In a world where global military ‘hot’ war is no longer feasible, victory goes to those who capture minds rather than territory. The internet is the only area left where resistance to mind-closure can thrive, and it is only a matter of time before the truthbenders drag us all into line. The campaigns against Johnson, Cummings and China are the thin end of the club.

Like every book predicting the future, some parts of the George Orwell classic Nineteen Eighty-Four seem a little quaint in parts – the old washer-woman singing a traditional melody, microphones everywhere instead of cameras, and the Hate Rallies rising to physical heights of loathing for this week’s enemy.

The hardest bit of science>politcs>freedom fiction is spotting how media might change; Orwell could never have imagined anything quite as braindead as Rap music, or indeed global television melded with electronic satellite communications. Even his justified fear of social control could not have envisaged Lockdown as the solution to a non-problem – so no undistanced hate rallies for us….but then, he didn’t see social media coming. Who did?

But the use of media was pretty much the only thing Eric Blair got wrong: he even saw Tony Blair coming, and wisely changed his name. He would have recognised the social, information and news media Sunday shitstorm against Dominic Cummings yesterday for what it was: a virtual Hate Rally….and of course, the Big Brother motto ‘Love Not Hate’ running alongside it. ‘Strength through Joy’, ‘Work Makes Free’ and so on.

There is an old saying that would describe what we’ve been through since March as ‘the thin end of the wedge’. We need to update it: the last three months have represented the thin end of the club. In Wuhan itself, the élite almost literally bludgeoned people into their homes. But the Chinese reaction to a novel coronavirus was instructive not solely as the PRC’s default Tianeman Square mode; it represented powerful behavioural evidence that the West’s growing Sinophobic Hate Rally is a fiction.

Consider: one of your top Germ warfare sociopaths spills some Covid19 onto his shoes, half-heartedly wipes it off with a grubby cloth, and then toddles off uncaringly to the local market where he buys a couple of giant bats for supper, pausing only to kick-box some pleb in the face. Just to show him who’s boss. The way you do.

Patient Zero is born. Or rather, dies.

And so what happens then is hysterical panic on Speed. Right? Wrong: that’s precisely what wouldn’t happen. There are a total of eleven biolabs in Wuhan. Once the intimate mutual sneeze-fest starts a week later, it takes the boffins about 48 hours to identify the virus – you invented it ffs, so why is that difficult? – trace the contacts involved and isolate them. You know how Covid19 works, you know it’s not that big a deal. You keep internationally mum, shoot a few local officials and forget all about it.

What actually happened was that the Party Army moved in bigtime, built five pop-up hospitals in three weeks and – albeit late – did tell its neighbours and WHO what was happening. They locked the entire city of Wuhan down by force, curfewed Wubei in total, and began spraying every street and pavement with unspeakably nasty stuff to disinfect everywhere. They confiscated Western cameras. And they ran about like headless chickens not entirely sure what they were at because they were unable to see – the head thang being missing.

To be brief here, they behaved like people who thought they were dealing with the natural unknown and/or under attack from a fangwoi viral weapon.

Indeed, it was the sense of panic leaking out from Westerners in the region at the time that played a large part in providing a credible Doomwatch scenario – such that the rest of us wound up falling for a load of baloney from ‘experts’ like Fauci and Ferguson, and being told by Macron that we were in “a war for survival”. All three people in that sentence have heavily monied relationships with Big Pharma in general – GSK, Sanofi et al – and Vaccination Man Bill Gates in particular. All governments in the floundering EU (especially France), Wall Street, Britain and the US, all Big Oil and the neocon diplomats benefited from the Fear Narrative.

Having passed through its OhMyGod period, the Bejing politburo then began a more thorough investigation of Patient Zero, and discovered that Covid19 was present among the US team taking part in the Military Games and said team was staying in a hotel 800 yards from Wuhan market. The team had trained in the US at a miltary base close to a major Germ warfare lab. The lab had since been closed abruptly and without explanation.

Two PRC scientists and one American were later arrested, during January, at Kennedy Airport, and charged with trying to export virology samples.

So the CP sent a sarcastic cable to Secretary Pompeo, asking for clarification. The response from the NATO alliance has been…..the ratcheting up of yet another Hate Rally.

I am not a Useful Idiot Sinophile. I don’t claim to know who did what in this saga: and such footprints as there were on the trail have long been brushed away. I make one point only: the case for pinning the blame for Covid19’s “escape” on America is every bit as strong as that to be made against China. China the Bogeyman as a project is already under way – and the motives lead back to all the usual suspects.

It is the responsibility of agenda-free media observers to point this out. Trump was pissed off at getting nowhere with the Chinese trade talks. Having created the panic, EUNATO Governments now look for a fall-guy. Dominic Raab in the UK has already started badmouthing Chinese ‘motives’. He was turned by Sir Mark Sedwill during the PM’s Covid infection, and the Government is backing away from the 5G Huawei deal that neither Sedwill nor the US wanted in the first place. An emerging theme in the Cummings Hate Rally is that Dom “spat on the very Lockdown he’d created” – it is a lie: he opposed any such plans until the last possible moment.

Yet nobody is stopping to ask why a China gagging to unleash a killer virus on the West would start the process off in its own country…and produce a virus that kills mainly old and economically unproductive retired people, thus culling the global population by a mighty 0.004%.

Every prediction is a hostage to fortune, but I give you one to keep an eye out for: the narrative legerdemain that has been trying to pin global fisco-economic blame on Covid19 will now be quietly changed to lay culpability at China’s door.

The age of the Hate Rally is upon us.