At the End of the Day



Post-Lockdown freedom to observe insanely divisive ID nutters? I may retreat back under the duvet.



In France, the Boy King and his directrice the fragrant Brigitte have now decreed that we can not only leave our homes without permission, but also drive as far as we like, and eat in restaurants and bars. Those that survived, that is – the restaurants I mean, not the customers: five months of data series show that 99.996% of the eaterie troughers who still know what species they are made it to the New Normal.

The only problem with the driving thing is the utter anarchy that was once the immutable EU Open Borders policy Brussels used to bash the British into a heavily diluted Brexit. For Open Borders as a policy has now turned into Borderss vill be obeyet at all timess. Funny how the rabid fear of death can change everything….even when the fear of it is only 0.004% real at any given time.

But we mustn’t complain, because being out and about again leaves us free to appreciate the importance of not just how much Black Lives Matter (BLM), but also how appalling life must be for the billions of Locked down FBPE LGBTQ BAME BLM radical feminist Islamics we never hear about.

However, new reseach commissioned by Slogpoll Focus Groups (2020) Ltd suggests that the reason we never hear about these people is because they are a person. She is in fact Aa’bidet Al-Kolic Arsenal Disso Nancy Herbert Fatima Verycross Nhazi of Flat C, 79 Solidarity Avenue, Brent-on-Message.

Slog journos immediately decamped in order to shout into Aa’bidet’s letter-box. And so, freely without pressure consenting to an exclusive interview, this is what Aa’bidet (who, as it was a Tuesday, was self-identifying as Herbert) told us…

“My main fear is being interviewed by that depraved pederast Owen Jones, who really needs converting to the joy of camels…..we women must joyfully subject ourselves to the superior desires of men while remaining loyal to our sisters still struggling under the feeble appeasement of stupid infidel Amazons by their spineless, effeminate husbands….better a lesbian velvet-tipper as a fulfilling lover than a closet uphill-gardener….Herbert is my neo-Nazi cultural Marxist alter ego, and as such represents a protest against Western decadence as typified by the disgusting idea of sex between adult males, versus the more pragmatic C’Ran solution of sex with little Arab boys who let’s face it need to make a living somehow….I am perfectly comfortable in my own skin, although to be honest squire – while I like the Darth Vader image that the black woollen burqa bestows, it dun’t arf get a bit fuckin’ itchy at times an’ no mistake.”

Anger at yesterday’s ludicrous events in London involving police knee-stealing and racial hatred incitement left me with no alternative but to post this brief bit of vicious satire tonight. When I have calmed down a little more, I shall be offering my verdict on the protests for your approval or otherwise.