GEORGE FLOYD & BEYOND: an analysis of minority narcissism…a cancer of our Age alongside ideology


ID politics are being enabled & fuelled by a combination of self-obsessed victim cowards & monied intervention by those with most to gain from chaos.



Part 1: The unpleasant face of needy race hatred


Above is the British Peckham-born actor from Star Wars CXXXVIII: May the Jedi farce be with you John Boyega addressing the various dupes, Hard Leftist, Antifa, Momentum and cringeworthy radical chics in London last night, before the “peaceful” protestors went off to harass police and throw missiles into Downing Street.

Wearing cute, tailored black garb and brutalist mailed-fist designer gloves, Boyega posed to give Black Power salutes, having told his audience:

“Black lives have always mattered. We have always been important. We have always meant something. We have always succeeded regardless. And now is the time….I ain’t waitin’…..We have to show our black brothers and sisters around the world that we have got their back”.

I hate to be a cliché deconstructing the IABATO* as ever, but all lives matter. Further, “Important is as important does” as Forrest Gump’s mum allegedly told her son; as a white man who lived for seven years in Brixton, I’d like him to define “something” beyond Calypso, Ska, Reggae, Red Stripe (all of which I love) and Rapp, which is childish poetry that insults women; he claims negroes have “always succeeded” which, in every Western society, simply isn’t true….but maybe he should define success too; I further need to know what exactly he is impatient about having to wait for.

Here are some other things Mr Boyega has said on social media about white people recently:

“Fuck you, racist white people. I said what I said. And if you don’t fucking like it, go suck a dick”. (Instagram)

“White silence = violence.”

“If you’re a fan of me and you support my work and you’re racist and you’re arguing with what I was saying, fuck off. You fucking dickheads.” (Twitter)

Like his hero three-time armed robbery loser George Floyd, John Boyega is clearly an immaculate role model for ethnic minorities: aggressive, divisive and fascist.

What follows is but one of the many baffling things about soi-disant radical – by which they mean brainlessly violent – activist politics today: the MSM failed to question any of the fake assertions that turned George Floyd from being the violent, drug- taking, club bouncer and former armed robber he was to being Instant Nelson Mandela.

As for the film business and the Celeb chatterers, they are right behind this mawkish, concerted, utterly opportunistic and globally organised sobfest. Star Wars studio Disney enthusiastically endorsed what Boyega said to the London knee-jerkers and his critics on social media.

So here is my starter for ten before taking the helicopter view. As a British citizen, I should like to know two things:

  • Sir Mark Sedwill’s primary remit as a controlling, surveillance-mad spook blocist nutjob, is Defence of the Realm. Why did he and his cohorts make such a complete balls of protecting Downing Street on Wednesday night?
  • Given the indelibly clear – albeit constantly updated – nature of Britain’s race relations legislation, when is John Boyego going to be charged (under those clauses relating to inciting racially-motivated violence at public meetings and in the media) under the Race Relations Act 1976, and later amendments?

“Incendiary!” I hear the lunatics cry. Since when is asking security bigwigs to be responsible for their failures, and senior police officers to observe the Rule of Law, inflammatory?

Have to hurry you….

* IABATO – It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official. (For ‘bollocks’, American readers should insert ‘bullshit’).

Part 2:  Up in the whirlybird to see the bigger confusion.

Today is Friday. It’s ten days since George Floyd died.

Just to fill in the very latest details here, when Floyd turned up at the store where he tried to buy cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill, all the staff who had to deal with him were clear about the fact that he was off his face on something and “clearly not in control of himself”. The autopsy confirmed this in full, listing recent methamphetamine use – that is, speed –  under “other significant conditions” which help explain his unruly reaction to being told that his “money” was dud.

The staff called the cops, who eventually had to use armed threats to get him out of his car, at which point an altercation began, Officer Chauvin wrestled him to the ground, and thrust a knee onto Floyd’s neck.

Officer Chauvin had no way of knowing that George Floyd was high; however, his murder charge has now been upped from third to second degree murder – and the three other officers previously just fired have been re-arrested and charged with being accessories. None of this legal escalation had any effect on the rioters.

But it wasn’t until last Monday that copycat protests popped up around the world: from Minneapolis to Washington…and then Ireland, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Brazil and pretty much everywhere that Sky News gives a weather forecast about to fill the space it can’t sell in advertising.

The demos beyond America took part over a 35 hour period. In today’s world, anyone imagining that this happens organically is off with the space cadets in John Boyega’s formulaically wooden space movies.

Speaking with and writing to commentators and pro-am observers in all media over the last 36 hours, I sense two things: first, a sense of anger about how Floyd was treated – but also in relation to this clearly orchestrated weaponisation of one black man; and secondly, a growing unease about the trend of events in general over the last five years.

The key emotion in both cases is confusion in relation to who’s doing what to whom, and why.

For myself, I still can’t get anyone to explain to me what it is these downtrodden black people want, or indeed why not having the thing they want is somehow always somebody else’s fault.

They have the vote, but in the 2016 Trump election, two in five of them didn’t use it: had they done so, Trump would not be President today…..I mean really, he wouldn’t be.

It’s 155 years since Lincoln freed the slaves, and 56 years since the Civil Rights Act. No other ethnic minority in the US comes close to the social and economic underachievement of negroes during those periods. African-Americans are not immigrants at all in any real sense; whereas Jews, Italians, Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Latinos and more latterly Vietnamese are. Puerto Rican youth gangs have been associated with serious juvenile delinquency over time, and the Italians with mafia-based organised crime.

Varietal US immigrants have faced Xenophobic prejudice since forever, and the same is true of British imigrants since the 1880s. But the vast majority have integrated and overcome being called chinks, yids, spicks, Eyeties, Nips, Coons and Paddies to take their rightful place as law abiding citizens.

Throughout the Western world, only two groups seem consistently to want everything their own way, and to be constantly in trouble with the Law: negroes and Islamics. Call that hate speech if you wish, but it is an empirical fact.

This probably explains why the Radical>Leftlib>PC>media chic tendency flocks to their causes more than any others. But the real picture beyond even the helicopter one is infinitely more complex and disturbing.

Part 3: The view from the satellite zone        

For the first time in my seven decades on the Planet, it is now more confusing the better one’s altitude of perspective is.

The trick, I suspect, is to go country by country using a heat-displaying camera (as yet uninvented) and pick up the protest hotspots by social “issues”. They are only issues in the first place, one finds, because Establishment appeasement, political opportunism, media agendas, charity pressure groups, bourgeois ‘professional’ Leftlibbers, social workers but above all, money has been channeled in their direction.

The issues always glorify minorities, are always a means to an end, and go far beyond ethnic minorities. After ethnicity, the list consists of radical minority feminism, tiny minority sexuality groups, dubious religious cultures, and a miscellany of “injustice” causes celebres made “celebrated” by mendacious statistics and faked atrocities in order to create the illusion of grand-scale infamy. Recent examples of this would include the Antifa attack on a peaceful KKK march (in the US), appalling untruths perpetuated about the Grenfell Tower fire (London) and the so-called ‘Windrush scandal’ concerning roughly 78 West Indian immigrants…..only 23 of whom have ever been traced.

The best way to view the aberrant hypocrisy of these molehills is to compare and contrast the media/Establishment time spent discussing them with the disgraceful (and illegal) treatment of over three and a half million indigenous British women who have had their pensions withheld with the collusion of all three major Parties at Westminster….but ten years on, still await justice from a judiciary that is clearly biased in favour of both liberal and neoliberal thought. (The Waspi/Backto60 movements)

At one level we have the UK Labour, the US Democratic, and French hardish Left /Right Parties piling in to get their two-pennorth of votes from Minority ID narcissism.

At a higher level, we have the Brussels Commission federalists, EU Army enthusiasts and senior NATO bigwigs very happy to sit on their hands and watch chaos ensue in the eurozone, for such will both enable and justify their demands for Order as the only alternative to anarchy….and concomitant weakness.

And overlapping with those interests is the third level, at which the need for geopolitical bogeymen to hammer home the idea of citizen weakness comes into play. Of late, these have included Brexit, Russia, Covid19, and China. Aiding and abetting this highest level are the very billionaires who make up the human cui bono involved: Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Jamie Dimon, Elon Musk, Rupert Murdoch, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros and all the other BSDs making up the globalist Davos Megalomania Club.

It’s a club in the sense of a representing a privileged membership; and it’s a club in the sense of something you can use to bludgeon independent brain activity into non-existence – in the manner of a latter-day Bill Sykes.

So what we have here is a developing symbiosis in which the following behavioural emotions predominate:

  • Confusion
  • Fear
  • Helplessness
  • Greed
  • Inflated insecurity
  • Diluted resistance
  • Divisionist Hate

Part Four: Conclusions on the exploitation involved

If you are very poor, very stupid and already in chaos at a micro level, you no longer care: you are melded to the sofa, addicted to takeaway XXXL pizza and incapable of very little beyond breathing.

If you are very rich, jolly smug, on one of many gravy trains and already sure of being well-heeled unto Death, you too do not care: you are alright Jack, and incapable of any compassion beyond that for your venemously-farting Dalmation.

If you are a committed Leftlib or Neocon constipated ideologue, then you’re very happy with the paucity of Truth contained in the mass media and absolutely delighted that you can still read the NY Times, Wapo, London Times, Mail, Guardian and Independent in order to further solidify the cement in your head.

If you are confused, fearful and unable to make any sense of any of it, then you are entirely normal and should keep coming back here for more guidance. Advance Warning: we are outnumbered at what one might call the Alamo level.

These final parting shots may be too long for The Sun headline, but are nevertheless as close to the Truth as we’re ever going to get.

John Beyoga is just another Useful Idiot.

Black citizens need to look in the mirror.

A huge proportion of virtue-signalling 3% wealth is being invested in Big Brother protection racket obliteration of your freedom to express a contrary view, reproduce and entrepreneurially work your way out of serfdom.

Fear of Brexit,  Chinese, Russia or Covid19 has been hyped beyond any normal measurement criteria.

Corporacratic State dictatorship thrives on splintered opposition, powerful pro-Establishment media, intense social pressure to conform, and victories over those designated as The Enemy.

Bogymen are created to justify Stone Age inhumanity – NOT to protect the populace.

Follow the money involved in creating havoc….it tends to involve the usual gigarich suspects.