‘Global stock markets suffered their worst day since Europe went into lockdown in March yesterday as concerns about a second spike in Covid-19 and a slow economic recovery spooked investors’. (The Times)

The only possible way to get through this is to laugh. Concerns about something that a majority of virologists doubt will happen is hokum even by MSM standards. But hey – you’ll never guess – traders just noticed that there’s going to be a slump that not even the shovers and makers can hide.

This is giganews, sports fans: so completely lacking in anything resembling cerebral matter is the ear-to-ear space of the person yelling obscenities on the trading floor, he has only now been guided by an article in Trading for Morons that suggests recovery from sitting at home writing out grounds for divorce might delay growth by some time…..and features the Fed’s Powell saying yup, that’s about it.

“Hayee Joe – you fockin’ seen dis shit? Jeez, dezzan ardicle heeyerr sayin Powl ain’ gorna pay der fockin Corvid bill. Whaddya tink, Buddee?”*

“Don’t fockin ask me Jason, I jess do de fockin winders heeyar….Waddafock is dis Covid anyhow, Jeff?”

“Durr, soich me guyeez but sheesh, it’s a fockin spikey mudda….”

Fast reverse to last Tuesday, and this latest Slogpost showing just how tall the shit-twister heading our way like some giant Antifa incontinence victim is going to be. Then type ‘paying for Covid19’ in the search box to view 20+ other posts in the same vein.

Just to put this into some kind of realistic world here, imagine the ribaldry that would rain down on me, if I led this morning with

So: this is what really happened.

First up, the evil Doktor Fauci yesterday released a statement saying Covid19 is his “worst nightmare….it is not going to just burn itself out, and we are going to need vaccination supplies at the level of billions”. You don’t need to go to medical school for seven years to work out Fauci’s agenda here. Boy, was he piling it on: The New York Times reported him as saying, “In a period of four months, it has devastated the whole world. Where is it going to end? We’re still at the beginning of it”.

It’s risible infodung.

If you go to the Covid stats by State in the US, there have been some rises and a couple of big spikes. There remains, however, no correlation at all between heavy and zero lockdown States and rising cases. In turn, the idea that a vaccination programme is required for such a continuing low death-rate is purely a reflection of Fauci’s corrupt relationship with Big Pharma.

Predictably, the media played their usual role of exaggeration; three days ago, it was ‘spikes in at least 20 States’. the next day, ‘Spikes in some States’. Yesterday, ‘Spikes in nine States’. (And nowhere to be seen? Minneapolis)

Secondly, the day before Jerome Powell went onto primary media and said the recovery would be slow, hinting darkly that he wasn’t in the business of endless bailouts for bourse firms and bankers. The Fed boss said recovery would be “a very long road indeed”, adding – and this is important – “the disproportionate loss of jobs among women, black and Latino workers” was especially disturbing.

Hold those thoughts for a second, and ponder on why no commentator anywhere has pointed out that – you know, call me conspiranoid – right now a terrorist organisation controls a third of Seattle, local authority panic is setting in, and Trump is quite clearly saying “enough is enough”. I would’ve thought that the smell of anarchy just might be getting through the masks on the nostrils of the bourse traders here and there.

“Say Oiving, you know whatdefock a blrrm is, huh?”

“Whaddizzit wid yooz dese dayeez Skip, you swallow a fockin Encyclopedia or sumptin?”

“It saeez right heeyah Oiving….down in Seeaddle dey got big pwarblums wid dese Bee-Ell-Emms….

“Durr…Bee-Ell-Emm? Pwarbobly, I dunno, mebbee issa new Tesla model, fockin kidzz drivin too fast, whaddya expect in Seeaddle….dat fockin shrink Frazer Crane lives derr…”

Last but not least, this is election year, Trump’s ratings are tepid, and he’s been hyping every last green shoot of recovery. The Unelected State wants him out, and their visceral hatred of the bloke has given something approaching permission to rioters – egged on by monied anarcho-revolutionary elements. So in his speech last Wednesday, in both bemoaning the destitution of blacks and painting a long-haul recovery, Mr Powell was as good as saying, “The President is a jerk”.

Fauci’s bleak but largely BS alarmism about Covid Waves and billions of vaccinations was an obvious attempt to revitalise the New Normal vision being handed out daily by clammy understone-life like Tony Blair and those around him on this side of the Pond. It too suggested that Donald Trump is a super-optimist grabbing at straws in a desperate search for reelection.

Quite possibly, both men are right, but what we’re seeing here is a third-rate sequel to the February disaster movie. There is still a financial class in search of a Patsy, a Bourse class in search of a Sugar-Daddy, a Big Pharma class in search of a plague, a uniquely eclectic bunch of Hoods in search of a manipulable President…..and as ever, a military-industrial complex in search of bogey-men.


*I apologise as a Limey to US readers if my phonetics on the subject of mythical bourse traders are a little off. They’re based on the wonderful riffs of Bill Burr – whom I do find a refreshingly funny push-the-envelope standup