Saturday Night Smile

Let us begin tonight with a brief parable on the nature of beasts of the field.

For those of you more at home in cities, the secret service, bourse trading and corridors of power, the sheep is the animal on the left, and the bull on the right has no horns because it’s a cow.

If you’re trying to live a life instilling the virtues of citizenship in others, enjoying your family and doing your best against all the odds to earn a living, what you see in this picture is the citizenry as viewed by The US Fed Reserve, the UK Treasury, President Macron of France, globalist business and the world’s tax collection officers.

From their pov, the purpose of the white fluffy thing on the left is to listen and obey at all times, be dunked in chemicals at regular intervals, donate its body hair to keeping the Herrenvolk’s upper bodies warm in winter, and have its children kidnapped for Sunday lunch. Whereas the larger more bovine quadruped on the right is to be milked nonstop until it gets too old and thus becomes itself something to be eaten in its entirety, having in turn donated its outerskin to keep rich feet warm and dry during inclement weather.

But for many other members of the tribe Homo sapiens, there is a great deal of subversion surrounding the subject of sheep, and confusion about the cow. Some people deplore the exploitation of the sheep for its wool, cheese and meat, and believe the Great Flock should be protected, preserved…and then radicalised. In return for which, they must forever vote for said people. Others still believe that the sacred nature of the cow means there should be no milk for other species – or indeed any meat – and therefore cows should be culled and burned in large numbers for their own good. (See N. Ferguson et al)

In short, Sheep should be politicised and cows killed, thus leaving government with no income and citizens foraging in hedgerows….which they would have to do, because if we take away all meat and cheese, it’s difficult to see where the iron and protein might come from….other than each other.

Which brings us to yet another group in our pack, who want us to believe that all cows hate all sheep and all sheep hate all cows, but both can be used to end slavery if we just start throwing statues away. So as all animal protein must be unavailable forever, there must be a bloodbath in which both species become extinct, there are no farts to destroy the ozone layer, all grass grows to a height of five feet, and those of us who remain go back up into the branches to live on nuts and berries.


The trees into which we’ll all climb again will of course be created by the long-predicted global warming that is now scheduled to turn the New Forest into the New Rain Forest three weeks next Thursday. From these vantage points, we last survivors of the Death of Empirical Reason will be able to watch the dead-end species Homo Saphead boxing up those statues not yet thrown away. This will, it is thought, placate Pusillanimus, the Roman God of Cowardice so beloved of all protestors, and feared by everyone from the Mayor of Seattle to PC Cressida Dixon of Westminster (Green).

So far, the portents are not good. BLM are already daubing nasty things on the boxes, and the Times is, as always, looking for its interpretation of what all this means:

This one was obviously given to a trainee robohack, upon which to cut his teeth. It shows that – as yet – his dentistry lacks that certain Great White cutting edge….but he’ll learn fast, and it wasn’t a bad beginning: ‘Murderous soccer Nazis join fascist scum to attack defenceless police officers and besmirch BLM Heroes’ would’ve been closer to the mark.

Meanwhile, back up in the trees and entirely Off Grid, we of the Great Evolutionary Mistake look down, befuddled, on the Samuel Beckettesque tableau unfolding below. It is, for us, the study of what is becoming isn’t, and what isn’t morphing into is. It is the removal of ne and pas from arrivé, and the substitution of présumé with actualité.

In that context, the staff at the Concise Oxford Dictionary (COD) are running around like headless chickens who have been operated upon by mad medical scientists in order to stitch other chickens’ heads on as a less than perfect replacement. Here’s just a couple of the syntax definitional dilemmas they face:

The Labour Party/Democratic Party: used to mean political alliance of all those against unearned privilege and unelected monied power. Now means petulant bunch of Useful Idiots feeding the narcissism of tiny minorities ranging from cross-dressers and transsexuals via supremacist feminism all the way through to misogynist religious Nazis, people who throw their own excrement at innocent passers-by and somewhat oddly designated billionaire ‘philanthropists’ who ask themselves every day, on awakening, “How many nationalites can I screw up/vaccinate/divide/confuse and fund petrol bombs for over the next eighteen hours?”

Police Officer: used to mean uniformed person charged with the thankless task of being the apolitical line of defence for the ordinary citizen against burglars, spivs, tax cheats, muggers, annoying drunks, corrupt pols and bureaucrats. Now means defenders of whatever the latest fasionable social moré might be, and inhalers of the pink oboe owned by any of the mafiosa they used to defend us against.


And finally tonight, a profoundly sensitive resonse from Our Deidre at The Sun:

Right then. We’ll do that.

Sleep well all.