Covid19 & the wisdom of Herds

Monied sociopathy is prolonging the agony of this nothing-virus


Some of what follows may well shock you. Many of you will already have worked it out. The Slog did predict this outcome in relation to Lockdown; but I didn’t until yesterday start looking for the real numbers. Once you’ve read these stats, you may feel the need to stop calling this sort of data ‘conspiranoid’….and at last start to question whether either (a) our political and bureaucratic classes had a mass outbreak of madness last March, or (b) they were conned (and politically forced) into Lockdown by the slithering brain-tentacles of Big Pharma and/or (c) they knew it was IABATO* from the start, but chose to create a crisis to their own politico-commercial advantage.

*IABATO – It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official

To put some names to the guilty above, I would say that Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson fit in the category (a), Donald Trump and
Angela Merkel sit almost alone in category (b), while Wall Street, the Central Banks, the CIA, Bill Gates, Tony Blair, Emmanuel Macron, Joe Biden and Sir Mark Sedwill are happy thank you very much in category (c).

It’s the Herd Immunity, stoopid…..

Just to recap, Herd immunity (HI) is a general term for that point at which so many people living in a viral pandemic have gained immunity either through infection or vaccination, the virus lacks new victims and dies out. We don’t have a Covid19 vaccine: surviving infection is the only way to achieve full immunity. However, as 97.5% of all infected humans suffer only mild flu-like symptoms and the death rate has never exceeded an average of 0.045%, it would be far better to live with those deaths in order to reach HI as quickly as possible.

The complication is that C19 is a cull of the old: 77% of all fatalities are over 73 years old, and their vulnerablity (while still only 4.3%) means that special measures with very high Lockdown security are the duty of any caring and respectful governing class.

What the overwhelming majority of Western nations did was ignore the aged security issue, and keep the HI low. In short, the diametric opposite of what was required as best practice

Take a trawl through some serious medical sites offering papers on HI, and you will find that – with a few very statistically insignificant ethnicity differences – the target level of HI to make a virus like C19 history is in the range 64-69%. This is where we get to the shocking part.

No country is known to have more than 5% of its population in total with C19 immunity. But with lockdown and a good dollop of Whitehall/NHS/Care Home incompetence, the UK is average – at 5% HI. London’s HI, however, is 17%. With a far stricter lockdown régime, Madrid’s is at 11%. In New York city, it’s 21.2%

The interpretation of this by pro-Lockdown media is a classic of illogic and exaggeration. One EU mouthpiece says – and I quote directly – ‘at this rate of Herd Immunity achievement, hundreds of thousands more will die purely for the sake of brutal arithmetic. The obvious solution is vaccination’.

My interpretation is far simpler, and not remotely brutal: where Lockdown has been screwed up and/or population density is very high, then equally high levels of HI have been achieved. If one combines a “bring it on, let it rip” general approach in concert with strict Aged Care Centre isolation, the number of additional normal winter 70+ deaths would be minimal – and a higher case rate in other demographics is irrelevant if only 4 in 10,000 people die.

In truth, the obvious solution for everyone under 55 is, above all, be at work, don’t wear a mask, hang around in bars, stop hand-washing and engage in as much kissy-kissy and jiggy-jiggy as your convivial stamina will allow. Because the chances are 2,500-1 against you suffering any more than a few days in bed. Also, it won’t result in you losing your job.

…..and don’t forget the economy, stoopid

There have been moments while researching for this post where I got the feeling that the vaccinators will perform any and every reverse back-flip of opportunistic drivel in order to strengthen their “case”.

“This virus has devastated the global economy” states the Bloomberg talking head. No, silly person, Big Pharma’s Lockdown piffle has pushed an already wheelchair-borne global economy downhill towards the cliff-edge….because it needs Lockdown to delay HI…..and get its vaccine ducks in a row.

The apologist landscape of Covid19 debate is littered with hypocrisy insisting that everyone (like me) who says “Warp factor 9 towards HI” must be some kind of psycho-eugenicist cloned by the Good Doktor Mengele. But the reality is there at the end of every nose with eyes to see it: deaths caused by concomitant austerity and unemployment as a direct result of fluffy science and reputation-protection will be infinitely greater than just getting C19 over with and behind us.

And so to the obvious conclusion. The GSKs, Sanofis, Faucis, Paul Hudsons, Bill Gates and Neil Fergusons of this world stand accused of a heinous crime one could summarise as follows:

The lobbying, advising and misleading of national governance with a view to minimising Herd Immunity and creating social fear with a view to promoting sales of an unnecessary vaccine

I’m sorry if I sound like just another nutjob, but the approach taken by most Nation States to Covid19 offers little or nothing in the way of an alternative interpretation.

For sure, Big Pharma has natural allies in those desperate to find an excuse for their flawed ideologies. But the sole, bigtime winners in a reduction of HI are, without exception, the vaccinators.

If we had (apart from the vulnerable aged) accepted Covid19 and stared it down as a minor event, we would probably today be at 35% HI. By the end of 2021, we would be past it.

The willingness of people to ignore a radical reality solution has triumphed again. Many more people than necesary will die, and yet another issue has become socio-politically divisive.

I’d be willing to bet that George Soros is tucking into his Sunday lunch with a degree of relish.