At the End of the Day

I do realise that America is 5,000 miles to the left of us geographically speaking, but politically it has never been closer: a right-wing Government in office, a Media/Opposition Party movement flatly refusing to accept its legitimate power, and a strong desire by the secret/unelected State to thwart its every attempt to follow the policies it sold to the electorate….or had presented to it by serendipity in the shape of Contrick19.

Yet in the midst of this flour-bag throwing melée (which is rapidly turning into orchestrated violence) there is, on both sides of the Pond, that seemingly everlasting group in society that looks on while grinding its teeth.

They used to be called, in my youth, the “silent majority”, but that term has no validity any more. Today, they are the Decent Thinking Minority (DCM) struggling to battle through the daily rounds of social intercourse, during which people parrot piffle churned out by media ideologues, and others respond by saying “Yes, isn’t it terrible” but little else. In truth, the daily discourse can seem like going fifteen rounds with a cross between Keir Starmer and Tyson Fury, in which Keir throws the punches and Tyson drives the philosophical debate.

It’s hard to find any national medium beyond Fox News in the US these days that dares to deviate from received liberal Truth, and even they spoil the stance by being just a little too Tommy Robinson for my taste. I was searching this morning for something – anything – in the American media offering a balanced view of BLM/Antifa occupations and likely next events. It was like trudging through a desert and occasionally seeing signs that read ‘Oases coming up quite soon but gee, isn’t this fun?’

I haven’t read, in a long time, so much laudatory, wishful unthinking garbage about ethnic frustration, nobility, teaching the White House a lesson and The Struggle for Racial Equality since reading The Guardian during the 1970s on the subject of South Africa. The Nationalist régime there was brutal and iniquitous, but it was obvious the British media élite knew nothing about African history and culture. I get the same feeling now watching mainstream US broadcasters talk about the ‘auto-racist’ gene among White people, the ‘well-ordered’ cop-free occupation of Seattle’s traditionally gay/bohemian intellectual quarter, and ‘fake news conspiracy theories’ about George Soros helping to fund all this. The guy admits it for heaven’s sake, and Antifa confirms the donations….even at one point in 2018 admitting to ‘disputes’ with the world’s nastiest Hungarian on the subject of how the money might be used.

There is no difference between rich Saudi Nazis bankrolling ISIS, and the role of Soros in fuelling violent division. Both have an at best suspicious agenda; but you’d never bone up on it by reading The New York Times and The Washington Post.…or watching Bloomberg TV.

The same fire-blanket of bromides is thrown over the UK media coverage of Covid19, the search for a vaccine, and the management of serious cases of the virus where older/obese/other pathogens patients are at risk. In recent days, I was involved in a refreshing collaboration with France Soir on the subject of what is allegedly Professor Peter Horby’s ‘drug trials’ habit of economy with the verité.

These are the facts: Horby appears to have selective blindness on the subject of how to use the management drug Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) at the right dosage level accompanied by anti-toxicity drug cocktails. On the basis of that, he has dismissed HCQ as an effective drug. His dismissal is a disgrace to objective drug trials, and was made even more suspicious by the British media’s laudatory ‘Great British Breakthrough’ coverage of his preferred Oxford Group drug, Dexamethasone.

Dexamethasone is heralded by The Times today as, and I quote, ‘The world’s first coronavirus treatment proven to save lives’ a statement of near criminal bollocks given that HCQ has been doing that at twice the level of Dex (when properly administered) under the diligent processes of French professor Didier Raoult, the Chinese government, the Indian goverment and New York Health authorities since the virus appeared.

But as my favourite US President of all time Harry Truman would’ve said, “This is a lie that has gone round the world twice before the Truth got its pants on”.

The best drug cocktail we have to help struggling Covid-infected patients has been cynically (or incompetently, depending on your viewpoint) consigned to the trash-can by Horby and his Oxford team. I sincerely hope that future events in terms of death rates do not wind up suggesting that he and his supportive PR media campaign have a serious amount of blood on their hands.

It is in the nature of the illiberal liberal that somehow – when all the mess needs to be cleared up – they are nowhere to be seen. Where is Jane Fonda now that post-war Vietnam has turned into Orwellian brutality? Why did Peter Horby set up his first virology clinic there? Where is Peter Hain now that Zimbabwe is a human crisis, and the South African infrastructure is heading the same way?

Today, the Leftlib tendency in the globe’s White anglophone States is supporting downright racist anarchy without a second thought for the consequences. The goals seem to me utterly negative: getting rid of Trump, and getting rid of Boris….or just signalling virtue to their peers.

Are they really so dumb as to believe that Joe Biden, Keir Starmer and a rag-tag of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, celebrity, Rashford free school meals and cop defunders are any kind of solution?

To be honest, I don’t think they even think about it. They’re happy that their off-with-the-fairies belief system has triumphed: they couldn’t care less, because by the time the consequences hit the Poor, they’ll have moved on to other minorities they can cuddle from a safe distance…..involving town houses in London’s Muswell Hill, or Belltown Seattle.

Within five to ten years, these people will be the majority. How are they going to cope, I wonder, with bourse collapses, the implosion of the EU and its eurozone currency, a rampant African illegal immigrant problem from Italy northwards, 20% drops in gdp, 15% unemployment – and an Underclass newly convinced that it only needs to turn nasty in order to get its way?

Me? Chances are I’ll be gaga or dead. But I have a growing brood of grandchildren for whom, like all real people, I want the realisation of their full potential.

If that’s going to happen, then PLUs need to invade the media’s monopoly of opinion about which way is up. The world is closing ranks when we should be opening minds. This is not up to the person standing next to you: it is up to all of us.