Sometimes, a picture’s worth a thousand words. At other times, some verse is worth a thousand essays

They stuffed half-empty ballot box,
their Pyrrhic goals to reach -
but Eton found another fox
who thought he could yet teach
the dogs to like the vermin
and desert the hunters all -
once they could just determine 
how to hear his siren call.

This won the Fox a Number Ten
but not the vote of hounds -
for many of the Hunting men
declared him out of bounds.
They rallied Hard protesters
to the cause (twas hid so well)
and so division festers
in the queue to enter Hell.

Antifa and BLM
now have the upper ground -
and media rush to offer them
more foghorns to hand round.
Authorities appeasing give
the sign all Brownshirts need: 
"Let's all just live and let live" -
to assuage their power-greed.

Enter now the Sedwills
all their hands awash with blood,
consigning us to treadmills
for the sake of our own good.
Crushed beneath their jackboots
are the Nazis they inspired - 
and all the clowns in black suits
are in prison - as required.

But there will be a price to pay
for everyone's protection:
traced and tracked through every day
to keep us from infection
by every last creative spark
of Liberty and Truth,
they'll keep us in the dark
away from every dangerous sleuth.