Britain needs to get a grip: completion of Brexit, dealing with Crash2 and reining in Whitehall are more important than one murder 6,000 miles away

Every English Premier League soccer club is going to wear ‘Black Lives Matter’ on their shirts for at least the remainder of the season. Some pillock at the FA put out a release affirming that every last player stands together on this nonsense ‘with the singular objective of eradicating racial prejudice wherever it exists’. 

This headline appeared at the Times front page yesterday:

Even I am running out of words to describe the craven ability of money, media moguls, MPs and big business to crawl on their bellies in the face of the most audacious reverse takeover of a culture since the Saatchi brothers made a bid for Midland Bank in 1987.

Let’s just establish something here: 11% of the UK population are West Indian/African/Indian/Pakistani “black”. Over the last ten years, this roughly 1 in 10 minority has been used as a crude and dictatorial battering ram to assert that:

  • Islam is the religion of peace
  • All Black failure is down to institutional British racism
  • Only whites are racist
  • Staying with the EU CoHR would protect Blacks
  • British involvement with slavery demands an apology
  • UK Whites should ‘take the knee’ on behalf of a US negro with a long criminal record
  • All veneration of British imperial leaders should cease
  • All Statues in their honour must be destroyed
  • The police should not interfere with any of this destruction
  • Everyone must recognise that the ethnicity issue is far more important than any other.

Islam has been responsible for more slaughter than every other religion put together this century. The educational failure of male negroes cannot be put down to educational racism when other ethnicities (and female West Indians) do not fail. The Chinese and Indians both look down on those with darker skins – indeed, the Indian caste system incorporates this in its social structures. The European CoHR can pass as many codicils as it wishes, it will not stop Spanish and Italian racist chants at football matches that no longer exist in the UK. Britain was the first European country to abolish slavery in 1807, although Asians and Africans (and even Native Americans) continued the practice long afterwards. Admiration for George Floyd is based entirely on Antifa propaganda and naive ignorance of his past. The British Empire made many mistakes, but was the only one to give all its possessions back without a fight….and maintain a closely-linked Commonwealth. Statues are part of history: trying to erase history is pure Soviet Stalinism. If the police don’t want to maintain order, then they are no longer a civil police force…but rather, a politicised Gestapo that does what the privileged Establishment wants. And finally, if you really believe that minority ethnicity is a bigger issue than approaching econo-fiscal disaster, the antilibertarian nature of Covid19 policy and freedom from the NATO-dominated EU bloc, well……what can I say? You probably voted Labour last December.

“The Far Right is on the march!” declared the Left’s leadership candidates before the Party decided to appoint Keir ‘Flat Screen’ Starmer Labour leader this year.

Let’s put some more facts on the table:  the English Defence League has 181,000 Twitter followers, and Britain First has 816,000. Not a single EDL, BF or National Front candidate has ever been elected to Parliament.

The Hard Left Trotskyite Momentum movement supports an overwhelmingly anti-Blairite collectivist Labour Party that polled 10.3 million votes and won 202 seats at the last election. Antifa is asking you to believe that they need to violently attack a Far Right with 90% fewer followers than the Left, and zero access to the legislature. Even more surreal, the vast majority of the UK press media and both the BBC and Sky News seem to think they have a case.

I, like most people, would like to end racism. But I have bad news for the Pol Pots of the 21st century: it can’t be done. What’s more, as the decades pass, it has less and less to do with skin colour, and more to do with tribalist human packism – which is wired-in at the factory, and contains a software package that says ‘Be wary of strangers until you trust them.’

Symbolism, violence, Molotov cocktails and using people of colour as a means to an end will never succeed in ‘eradicating racial prejudice wherever it exists’. It is a Utopian aim typical of the hubris always shown by ideologues who see themselves as the architects of social perfection….but are in fact just navvies smashing the foundations of pragmatic peace in society.

To get anywhere close to the aim of harmonious cultural relations, the following things will need to apply to a greater or lesser extent:

  1. Black citizens – be they Muslim or West Indian or both – must accept the laws and fundamental mores of the majority culture – and make more effort to integrate, rather than all-too-quickly accuse. Only the last few nazi- tattoed saluters among indigenous Brits would then object to minorities celebrating their culture. Ask yourself – when’s the last time the National Front charged the fa-choi celebrations in Chinatown?
  2. Eradication of socio-cultural history is a form of controlling madness that ignores the basic tenets of social anthropology. It is practised by fanatics and moves us further and further away from acceptance of the Truth. The Brownshirts burned books, Antifa and BLM pull down statues, the Communists airbrushed out their Unpeople. There is absolutely no difference between the three.
  3. The use of a form of slavery abolished by the British State 213 years ago as a cudgel with which to bash the UK is an obscene action that has no relevance whatsoever to ethnic harmony today.
  4. That part of the Establishment still capable of seeing beyond short-term, cynical appeasement of violent iconoclasts needs to step forward immediately, spit the mealy out of the mouth, and say – with no equivocation whatsoever – that we are all British first….to which everything from colour, gender, sexuality, fake nationalism and Remain sentiments through to intolerant ideologies and religions come a very poor second.

It’s bad enough that all this frenetic symbolism and kneetaking drivel will achieve precisely nothing. The key problem Britain faces at the minute is that its hierarchy of priorities is being blurred – at times by the well-meaning, and equally by those hitching a ride on George Floyd’s corpse.

Open-minded media-literate thinkers sense that the Opposition, Big Business, Whitehall, a third of all Tories, 95% of the press, NATO and both major TV news stations in the UK are (variously) infected by irrational pc, pushing a neo-marxist internationalism or gagging to stop both Brexit happening – as well as badly needed reform of the senior Civil Service.

At the moment, the Prime Minister is trying to please everyone. This strategy will lose everyone.

If Obersturmbannfuhrer Sedwill gets his way, the Johnson administration will resign in chaos once the economic hurricane hits, a Government of National Unity will be formed, headed by either Jeremy Hunt or Keir Starmer…and it will split both major Parties just as the last one did in 1932. We will ask Brussels for an extension. There will be talk of a Second Referendum. Millions will be spent on scaring everyone to death. And we will be back to 2015.

Eventually, voters in the fringes created by this madcap “plan” – Momentum and the Brexit Party – will turn nasty…..and, very probably, on each other. It will be at this point that the Useful Idiots of BLM and Antifa will feel the full force of Unelected State repression.

That repression will be “justified” by the need to quell social unrest in the light of an economic disaster likely to be the greatest any Briton has ever known.

None of this doom needs to happen. But it will if we keep on being side-tracked by Black Lives, Second Waves, the alarmist models of politically motivated Pharma-whores and bourse-dominated financialisation working hard to blame its failures on Covid19.

Boris Johnson needs to be buoyed up by clear evidence of a backlash against the Establishment in general, and Sir Mark Sedwill in particular. Can the online thinkers, bloggers and alternative free press work in a degree of unison with that aim in mind?

I wonder…..