Time to self-furlough…..

Just surfing across the internet yesterday, Monday 22nd June 2020, I found myself intrigued by eleven items – of which four struck me as particularly intriguing….and a cause for concern in relation to the degree of advanced mendacity we are experiencing daily now.

That these duplicitous accounts, versions, findings, and inventions from senior civil servants, politicians, media outlets, police, medical researchers and others with an agenda are proliferating is bad enough; for the ordinary citizen with a discerning eye for analysis, however, the obvious – or at least, dubious – disconnection between the real and the reported is hateful because there are no law enforcement agencies or investigative journalists beyond a tiny handful to bring the perpetrators to book.

One is a competent analysis by blogger Chris Spivey of footage and events surrounding George Floyd’s death. I find Spivey foul-mouthed and often insultingly aggressive – but his examination on this occasion places an enormous cloud of doubt over what we’ve been told about Floyd’s “murder”.

The second is a France Soir follow-up to their earlier piece about HCQ drug trials, and the very odd behaviour of Peter Horby in the whole business at the Oxford Covid 19 Recovery unit. There’s an obvious stench suggesting jiggery-pokery here, but no UK MSM title will touch it.

Another one is the multiple Jihadist murders in Reading, where no mainstream news outlet will print the blatantly obvious Islamist nature of the killer’s previous offences.

And finally, there is the vomit-inducing “celebration” of ‘Windrush Day’ – a caper that involved 87 West Indians being shabbily treated 70 years ago….and the failure of every last UK media aperture to comment on just how obscene the Left’s vote-garnering obsession with this event is…..compared to 3.65 million UK 1950’s born women who had their pensions embezzled by various governments in turn.

Lies, injustice, bigging-up, creepy Establishment avoidance behaviour, cynically faked news….and nobody among our multivariate “protectors” gives a toss.

Perhaps just as bad – at least, in the UK – is a growing cognoscenti unease with the fact that so much seems odd and even unconstitutional, but nobody from BoJo downwards will take the time to “come clean” about the obvious unreality – or at least, show some concern about applying the Rule of Law.

It would be good, for example, if the Mayor of Seattle said to those occupying the bobo neighbourhood, “OK, I’v heard your grievances, but I’m the mayor and the police run the city, so do as you’re asked and leave”.

But they aren’t even asked.

It would be good if the Government launched an enquiry into Sir Mark Sedwill’s blatant conflict of interest over the Halo Trust charity and role in the destabilising of the Brexit Ministry in general and three Ministers in particular.

But the problem isn’t even acknowledged. The few informed commentators have trouble spelling the bugger’s name; the vast majority have never heard of him.

We’d all be encouraged if Matt Hancock ordered Horby’s Oxford ‘Recovery’ HCQ trials to be independently audited and practices investigated by an independent BMA inquiry.

But Horby’s blatant bias isn’t even questioned.

It would be nice to get some explanations about why we’ve seen no decision on the plight of SPA pension reform victims, why the Elm House enquiry went nowhere (again), how we “know” there are 23,000 Jihadists in Britain – but not where they are, why Piers Morgan wasn’t further investigated about phone hacking activities, how we voted to control unstable immigration but are still picking them up in the Channel daily….and not sending them back [insert your own favourite confusion here].

But it all just bounces off the increasingly secretive State….and then turns up somewhere in the MSM under the heading “wild fake news conspiracy theory”.

There is no longer even an effort being made to address anything other than politically à la mode mob narcissism with a lot of vaporous blather about hearing and understanding and supporting…..aka appeasing.

There is no reliable Truth anywhere.

Some of the more observant among you will have spotted that, over the last fortnight, The Slog has been pushing much harder on the ‘Speak Truth’ pedal. Posts about Putting BLM on the back burner, more harsh words, less hedgy-hedgy drivel, the contrick that is Covid19, the rise and rise of unelected power, and ideological whoppers have been increasingly unapologetic – calling out the likes of George Soros, Sir Mark Sedwill, Professor Horby, the New York Fed, Piers Morgan, George Floyd, Boris Johnson and all the other False Gods out there.

But this is merely a reflection of one person’s frustration with the titanic size, bewildering complexity, irresistible stealth and depth of power infiltration that has taken place in a plethora of organisations right across the First World.

That stated, the most striking feature of this trend is not the oddly eclectic nature and beliefs of the people involved – from Soros the twisted dystopian via Common Purpose and the globalist neocons, psychopathic ‘Green’ billionaires, Davos, central bankers, Antifa Stalinazis, Media and Momentum Trots to Technocommie blocists.

No: the oddity lies in the commonality of their twin desires: to sow the maximum of confusing violence as a means of justifying total control by huge surveillance superstates over the lives, beliefs and destinies of roughly nine out of ten human beings.

It is, let’s get real here, classic Leninist Hitlerism: create chaos, then use the fear it generates to vindicate one central source of protective power: glorify the proletariat, sanctify Horst Wessel, find a mad person to torch the Reichstag, invent a bogeyman to poison and kill us – could be Jews, could be novochok, could be Covid19, whassadifference?

Some are consciously bankrolling, generating and actively exaggerating the fear – be it of climate change, Putin, national independence, Covid 19 or China. Others are pawns in the game without the philosophical or historical grasp to spot the phoneys – or the dire consequences of what they propose.

The people doing this already run (and rig) the currencies, asset valuations, economic power, organs of administration, the media, the police, the military weaponry, the technology and the means to buy and subvert every last legal, judicial and Constitutional protection the citizenry is supposed to get in return for its taxes.

They have the full set now – and the ease with which Lockdown was proposed, justified and enforced proves it. There is no detailed and carefully planned ‘New World Order’….but there are a lot of élites with the same inhuman goal in common. That’s even worse: you can smite Goliath of Gath with a slingshot, but you can’t lasso ether.

Lockdown will, I predict, be the initial catalyst for fiscal meltdown, widespread social disorder, interim ‘National Government’ coalitions, war with a number of “safe” weapons in use, and then techno-repression.

Anyway, I’m going on holiday.

Actually, that’s not entirely true: I’m going to take at least two weeks off from the grid that feels more and more like the rain’s fast route to the sewers.

No blogs, no Facebook, no Twitter, no telly. Just email.

Space to rest, rethink and reset. To plant, garden, talk to mates and ponder what best to do with the years remaining before Gaga takes hold.

If you’re genuinely curious – and especially if you’re an unattached female – then you can ask me more at the usual email address, jawslog@gmail.com. hohoh how we laughed (although part of me is serious).

I’ll be back. I just need a break.

Parting swipe: I’ve tried your new ‘block’ editing system, WordPress. It sucks, and half the buttons aren’t live. You now have some breathing space to make it better.