Black Matters

Pointing out obvious racial hatred is never going to make me – or anyone else – racist. All those involved in this divisive bile deserve nothing les than vicious satire.

Scientists bored with watching the Hadron Collider have decided that Black Holes matter. They matter because they have something to do with antimatter – not to be confused with Antifa…even if you believe (like me) that Antifa turd-throwers are antimatter. Black Holes also matter because they may well be the route to another Universe where ‘Black Lives Matter’ doesn’t exist: any escape from BLM, no matter the risk, would be a blessed relief.

Airline investigators went down on one knee yesterday to confirm that Black Boxes matter. Black Boxes matter because they help any plane crash inquiry to establish that black people killed as a result of the crash didn’t die because of a genocidal Honkey plot based on the unshakeable belief that Black lives don’t matter.

Black Beauty was a fictional character beloved of privileged White bitches using money made from the slave labour of black people in order to afford such brainless luxuries. Black Beauty no longer matters except when reasserting that Black is Beautiful.

Black Swans matter because they are unpredictable events that upset White Supremacist assumptions. For example, with nothing but the help of $100 million from radical and not entirely black folks like George Soros, they enable black activists to occupy areas of Seattle and then squabble about what the area is called before creating Blacks Only areas along the lines of the South African Nationalist Party which of course we all abhor because their apartheid was an abomination against human rights.

Black Sheep matter because they can easily be manipulated by White Boys who won’t give a shit about them once they have gained power and instituted the next mass-murdering Totalitarian State.

Black Mambas matter purely because they are aggressive serpents whose bite can render you lifeless quicker than a New York Times article can fake evidence against everyone who is a white Trump voter perfectly well aware that Joe Biden is a demented sex pest guilty of blackmailing senior Ukrainian politicians.

Black Widows are also be avoided, especially by male Black Widows who say thank you to their sexual partners by killing them, thus demonstrating a form of extreme feminism perhaps resulting from the misogynist bullshit of Black Rapper lyrics. (NB – Black Widows may also be negroid females left partnerless by Seattle gangs fighting each other – and yes, Black Wives Matter).

Black Ice matters because if you drive over it at high speed before a policeman can nick you for dangerous driving, you may well total the car, its smoked windows, and all the occupants.

Black Death was a form of bubonic plague, newsworthy because it wiped out vast numbers of humanity sufficent to almost decimate the European population without any help from Bill Gates. See also, black deaths at the hands of black leaders eg, Barack Obama, Robert Mugabe, Idi Amin, Jacob Zuma, Francisco Macias Nquema, General Sani Abacha, Omar Al-Bashir, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos and Mobutu Sese Seko

Black Magic is a Chocolate Box assortment brand marketed by Nestlé for the specific purpose of causing domestic arguments about who gets the Midnight truffle, Caramel heart and Almond crunch before the other gannets do. It is unknown in the US, and matters even less than ignorant BLM horseshit.

Black Fridays matter because they tend to mark days when bourse trader idiots finally grasp that the markets are standing on thin air in the manner of Wily Coyote stepping off a cliff. Very shrewd (ie dishonest) White Folks get out before the panic starts, but the damage to both White and Black lives is almost exactly equal – although Whitey has a lot more money to lose because BLMs never had any money to invest in the first place. But having said that…..

…..Black Markets matter because – once the banks have all collapsed again – most ordinary citizen artisans insist on offering their skills purely to those who will pay cash, and thus allow them to evade the inevitable tax increases that follow. BLMs react slightly differently by trashing their own environment and loudly declaring that are tired of waiting.

Black Gold is the generally accepted slang term for oil. It represents a tyranny of criminal energy protectionism practised from Texas to Tehran via Nigeria, and involves arseholes of every hue. Perhaps because of this, BLMs ignore it as a vital factor when it comes to inequality regardless of ethnicity.

Black Ties mainly matter when you turn up at a formal occasion dressed in a lounge suit, revolving pink bow-tie and sneakers. This is because the faux pas makes a person feel very stupid. Such data as exists suggests that whether you are black or white has fuck-all to do with it, apart from the blushing involved which is considerably more obvious on pink skin.

Black Books are things carried by the progeny of Robert Maxwell keen to show that any Rule of Law nonsense will be vapourised by horrific revelations of just how depraved the 3% are. (See also violence, torched cars and anarchy as practised by Antifa)

Black Looks of late have been chiefly offered to World Leaders by teenage sick person Greta Thunberg, who is not black. They have nothing whatsoever to do with climate data, mature analysis, specialist knowledge or indeed science. A similar affliction is, however, apparent in almost every bigoted assertion made by BLM leaders.

Black Ops are carried out largely by white social media moguls and their pinched goblin censors who – for instance – decided while I was on furlough to block my connection of Slogposts to Twitter. They have, in that context, nothing to do with anything very much except my blood pressure.

Black Comedy is a form of literature often associated with parody and satire. It is pretty much what this post is about.

It used to be something provided by radical black comedians with a genuine sense of humour like for example Flip Wilson, Richard Pryor, Dick Gergory, Whoopi Goldberg and Tony Rock.

But now, the dictatorial revolutionaries have pushed them to one side in favour of a hate-fest which as about as funny as a burning orphanage.

Whatever the blunt nature of my way into this is, please try to understand these Truths:

  • I am not a racist, I am an empiricist
  • Equality for one ethnicity is not obtained by slagging off the host ethnicity: rather, it is achieved by gaining the socio-economic respect of that host
  • The cynical exploitation of “poor me” self-indulgence by largely White interests is the last thing that negroes need.

We must start to accept and deal with awkward truths – and stop appeasing black narcisissm being driven by white billionaire megalomaniacs.